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  1. 3M Color Stable Legal for North Carolina?

    I had a few dealerships in n.c. one Honda place was my busiest and when it came to inspections.....32 %was bottom line they would pass ....a car came in reading 31.8 % and they would not pass it...total re-do I'm no longer there tinting in that state! also tinting in the snow ? cool at first ...but I love south Florida !
  2. Pic of the Week #595 Submissions

    new mobile tinting company in town
  3. Options for sub 5% tint?

    have your distributer make a roll of 1% for ya.? special order.
  4. Florida medical exemption

    I have medical exemption forms from the state of Florida with me at all times....I do many windshields.....the forms need to be signed by a doctor with the reason and it has to go thru the DMV and goes on your drivers license .....it is for skin diseases and no longer valid for eye problems ....some customers truly cannot go out in the sun! I feel bad for them.....
  5. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    I do either .depending on the vehicle
  6. Tint goes on the outside??

    I black out the small tight quarter with vinyl on some cars....I did it on my Mercedes metris and it looks good....
  7. also...for future reference: a dark strip on top will eventually (burn ) and lighten the material between the layers of glass on a laminated windshield ....saw that happen a time or two....
  8. Tint goes on the outside??

    I just tell them I don't feel like crawling in their back seat today and want to see if this will last.
  9. No more beemers

    no Beemers for me either ! I find that the majority of the Bmw owners are anal ! not all....just enough to make me cut them off my menu
  10. What other hobbies do you have?

    my hobby now is collecting homes and renting them out ....should have started this years ago !
  11. What other hobbies do you have?

    quality tintz that what I had! and they all grew up and tint windows.....I had the youngest girl, tinting at 10 years old ! its great to have all the rugrats
  12. Porsch 944

    turn that customer down! make tinting an enjoyable career .....move onto the next job
  13. Halp! Boat tinting.

    clean the glass with alcohol before you tint it...there may be wax or silicone on it
  14. Crystalline on Class A Motorhome Windshield

    I do them with cr 70. it is illegal unless you have a medical exemption here in Florida.....just takes a lot of practice...
  15. Cars full of sh*t