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  1. florida tinter

    Rear window

    all over from Marco to Punta Gorda and also take care of Fort Lauderdale area ...I pass your shop often 🙂 I do a couple dealerships also.....but trying not to work that much anymore.....
  2. florida tinter

    Rear window

    looks like the customer left the car out in the sun.....not good! I tell my customers not to park in the sun and only drive at night otherwise the warranty is void. j/k
  3. florida tinter

    First Cracked Window in over 25 years !!!

    Tesla windows are defective from the get go....they need a better window supplier
  4. florida tinter

    Paper towels

  5. florida tinter

    Paper towels

    microfiber 12x12 for me paper towels only for removals and Holy Moly's wrapped with a black card for final push
  6. florida tinter

    What tint job do you have on your personal car?

    toyota camry = cs.20 all with crystalline 60 windshield toyota prius = cs 20 all with crystalline 70 windshield mercedes =crystalline 40 with 70 windshield...
  7. where is your shop Kiwitint ?
  8. florida tinter

    Influx of installers in the industry?

    im trying to retire.......wonder if someone wants my business ?
  9. florida tinter

    White specs BG. Help!

    whenever I do rear windows...I remove them. ..take them out then tint them and install let dry....that way I don't have to get in the rear seat!
  10. florida tinter

    Wierd rainbow streaks

    yes I have ! streaks in the film. only see them when the light is right.......once with llumar and another time with max pro ...dye streaks they called it...also....some windows already have that in the glass and that also may be the issue....... hard for me to make the call here without being there.....want to drive down so I can look see ? I'm not too far from Fort Myers beach.
  11. florida tinter

    Llumar curling

    that is a film I used years ago.....can no longer get a hold of anyone at the office....and...I refer quite a few warranties to a shop down the street ....
  12. florida tinter

    Xsun Window Films

    great customer service? seriously ? not for this guy !
  13. florida tinter

    Every window tinter can relate

    yup !!!
  14. im thinking about moving over to that part of the world..?????New Zealand is beautiful!
  15. florida tinter

    how to get a entry level job as a window tinter?

    thats it.......just go in and let them know your ready to start!