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  1. florida tinter

    My new goal

    almost 62 and still working 7 days a week!....cant stop....just trying to slow down....tinting since 1980. I do take a lot of vacations tho 😉 love the career!
  2. florida tinter

    Xpel.. great product, poor stock/customer service

    I am going to agree with the poor customer service! terrible !
  3. florida tinter

    Ceramic tint, waste of time?

    go to a shop that can show you with a btu meter......there is a difference
  4. anyone interested in taking over a south florida mobile tint business? www.tint4you@gmail.com
  5. florida tinter

    Injuries while tinting

    I got a paper cut counting 100 dollar bills once......
  6. florida tinter

    Is this tint job acceptable?

    👎 not a quality job
  7. florida tinter

    Rear Window Distortion

    sounds like it is time for a new car 🙄 with new tint issue solved 👍
  8. florida tinter

    Filtering Tap Water and Cleaning Spray Bottles

    distilled gallon jugs from publix ! $12 dollar a month tax write-off!
  9. florida tinter

    Rear window

    all over from Marco to Punta Gorda and also take care of Fort Lauderdale area ...I pass your shop often 🙂 I do a couple dealerships also.....but trying not to work that much anymore.....
  10. florida tinter

    Rear window

    looks like the customer left the car out in the sun.....not good! I tell my customers not to park in the sun and only drive at night otherwise the warranty is void. j/k
  11. florida tinter

    First Cracked Window in over 25 years !!!

    Tesla windows are defective from the get go....they need a better window supplier
  12. florida tinter

    Paper towels

  13. florida tinter

    Paper towels

    microfiber 12x12 for me paper towels only for removals and Holy Moly's wrapped with a black card for final push
  14. florida tinter

    What tint job do you have on your personal car?

    toyota camry = cs.20 all with crystalline 60 windshield toyota prius = cs 20 all with crystalline 70 windshield mercedes =crystalline 40 with 70 windshield...
  15. where is your shop Kiwitint ?