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  1. florida tinter

    how to get a entry level job as a window tinter?

    thats it.......just go in and let them know your ready to start!
  2. florida tinter

    side windows put on no shrink

    shrink sides are rare for me like highplanes only specific cars Camaro mustang, sometimes and vetted and the 1982 AMC pacer miss those cars.......🤣
  3. florida tinter

    Mercedes coupe with double glass

    thats correct mate....just use the heat gun to form the tint before install and place ....if there are fingers you can heat from the inside....that glass does not like to transfer heat from the outside to the inside....put on your bag of fruit and hit the frog and toad 😉. cheers
  4. florida tinter

    Matching Prestige 70

    perfect70.com hosting has been suspended ......
  5. florida tinter

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    I take a bead of black silicone to the edges on those after they dry
  6. florida tinter

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    receipt book ! # tool I use everything else is just used to install film.
  7. florida tinter

    Florida does it again!

    I see the issue here! using that crate instead of a OSHA proved ladder to hop up on that trunk! makes us Florida tinters look bad !
  8. I am unable to respond on this. ...love global for autos but use other films for flat glass
  9. florida tinter

    Anyone Else Have This Issue??

    automotive film? die streaks ?
  10. florida tinter

    How did you get your start?

    early 80's construction dies and a friend had a tint shop and I asked to help .he said yes and started slapping paper on cars , not very good. but a bunch of practice I think I have it down now....been a good career ! strictly mobile service so I can make my own hours and spend time on more important things....
  11. florida tinter

    Tesla Model 3

    cars like this make me glad I'm retiring soon !
  12. florida tinter

    Bubbles on defroster

    heat and push ....or shall I say MELT and push
  13. florida tinter

    Bubbles on defroster

    I melt it on the inside with the heat gun
  14. florida tinter

    Bubbles on defroster

    anyone ever heat them up from the inside ?
  15. florida tinter

    Bubbles on defroster

    plankton ! thats what my kids call them