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  1. What other hobbies do you have?

    my hobby now is collecting homes and renting them out ....should have started this years ago !
  2. What other hobbies do you have?

    quality tintz that what I had! and they all grew up and tint windows.....I had the youngest girl, tinting at 10 years old ! its great to have all the rugrats
  3. Porsch 944

    turn that customer down! make tinting an enjoyable career .....move onto the next job
  4. Halp! Boat tinting.

    clean the glass with alcohol before you tint it...there may be wax or silicone on it
  5. Crystalline on Class A Motorhome Windshield

    I do them with cr 70. it is illegal unless you have a medical exemption here in Florida.....just takes a lot of practice...
  6. Cars full of sh*t

  7. How do you cool your shop in the summer?

    I'm in sunny south Florida and go to my customers .....outside or in garages....no air conditioning........most of the time I have some shade.......its hot and I do change shirts after each job....but one benefit is that the tint dries fast...no need to tell customer not to roll windows down.......its dry when I leave.....
  8. Police in Canun are checking your tint

    majority of tint down there is limo ! totally illegal......and.......poor quality tint jobs there !
  9. Hanging Film you Hate!

    some dude called me asking for me to tint his car with some tint he purchased......AND.....he even got tools I can use ! how can I turn that down ?
  10. Bulk 3M Window tint Question

    bogus post !
  11. Seeking Opinions/Advice

    great plan ! I had 5 kids and would take them to the shop after school to hang out and work , had my Youngest girl tinting small windows at 10 years old.....all the kids still tint and are set up all over USA tinting and making a GOOD living !
  12. black vinyl is darker
  13. Health Issues? 12 year glass tinter

    not this guy
  14. Pic of the Week #574 Submissions

    A year ago with 3M HP 20
  15. WTF! First bad review!

    left you a 5 star review!