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  1. florida tinter

    Tint school?

    I think 20k is fair price to learn to have a highly profitable business !
  2. anyone want to take over my business ? retiring .... email me at tint4you@gmail.com if interested
  3. florida tinter

    average time it takes you to tint a vehicle?

    under an hour......ive been tinting since 1980 and tinted over 40,000 cars......and if you want to take over my business we can talk .....
  4. florida tinter

    My new goal

    almost 62 and still working 7 days a week!....cant stop....just trying to slow down....tinting since 1980. I do take a lot of vacations tho 😉 love the career!
  5. florida tinter

    Xpel.. great product, poor stock/customer service

    I am going to agree with the poor customer service! terrible !
  6. florida tinter

    Ceramic tint, waste of time?

    go to a shop that can show you with a btu meter......there is a difference
  7. anyone interested in taking over a south florida mobile tint business? www.tint4you@gmail.com
  8. florida tinter

    Injuries while tinting

    I got a paper cut counting 100 dollar bills once......
  9. florida tinter

    Is this tint job acceptable?

    👎 not a quality job
  10. florida tinter

    Rear Window Distortion

    sounds like it is time for a new car 🙄 with new tint issue solved 👍
  11. florida tinter

    Filtering Tap Water and Cleaning Spray Bottles

    distilled gallon jugs from publix ! $12 dollar a month tax write-off!
  12. florida tinter

    Rear window

    all over from Marco to Punta Gorda and also take care of Fort Lauderdale area ...I pass your shop often 🙂 I do a couple dealerships also.....but trying not to work that much anymore.....
  13. florida tinter

    Rear window

    looks like the customer left the car out in the sun.....not good! I tell my customers not to park in the sun and only drive at night otherwise the warranty is void. j/k
  14. florida tinter

    First Cracked Window in over 25 years !!!

    Tesla windows are defective from the get go....they need a better window supplier
  15. florida tinter

    Paper towels