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  1. Guinness World Record for Auto Window Tinting Set!

    Really cool video! NOW MY TURN!
  2. Tint company recommendations

    Onn many occasions it's fake film and pure crap.
  3. Lost a fellow tinter

    Sorry to hear I wish his family the best
  4. 2018 Audi Q5

    Hey midtown, I really appreciate all your help. Thank you
  5. 2017 civic hatchback

    I tried this when the car was just released and it was no lie 800 bucks, but I guess they must have a ton of other brands making them now
  6. Towels

    The photo is plenty enough detail, thank you very much, i'm gonna look for my local ZEP dealer to see if they can get it for me to try.
  7. Towels

    Which towels does zep make? I want to try it.
  8. Towels

    I usually use 1 or 2 per car
  9. Benz no start and now air bag light.

    I've had this issue on a CLA and reprogramming didn't work
  10. Llumar PCS thoughts?

    Xpel and premiumshield studio are the only ones that have been designing there own patterns and testing them for a very long time. Most other companies purchase the pattern from a third party and resell the pattern not knowing how well it fits, Preciscion cut just started making and test fitting there own patterns recently. Currently at the moment Xpel has the best software at the moment.
  11. The difference we charge is quite a bit. We charge almost double for stratos. what i charge wouldn't be the same with every other region either. I live in Canada so it wouldn't be accurate to where you live most likely
  12. Llumar PCS thoughts?

    currently at the moment not so good, but some of us are on a new beta version with full test fitted kits with full wrap as of right now not the best, but hopefully soon will be
  13. Here are some photos with stratos 70 and air80 so u get a good idea of how it looks, overall performance i would say the 70 is much much better, if you plan to keep the car for a long time then its worth it. if not then just get the 80 Above will be a ford focus with stratos70 Genesis g70 with stratos70 Genesis g70 without tint on windshield Stratos15 on all sides and rear of same g70 (this is what your car will look like) Stratos 70 on all sides and rear windows of m2 Air80 on front windshield of m2 Air80 on all windows of golf
  14. i've used quite a bit of the stratos 70 on full vehicles. i also did a windshield yesterday with it. I will try to post photos when i can. A little busy today. The 70 does outperform the 80 by a long shot. the 70 also has a real nice blue hue like the 80 does.
  15. Best Ceramic Tint

    The plus side with the stratos is it comes in many different darkness and it shrinks like butter. Much easier then the drei and the the crystalline. You should definitely give it a try! @DynamicATL