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  1. Shops always ask me to resell film. Always a no no since it will come back and bite you. Against our contract. I think this may be dependant on the region and area.
  2. Sedan vs Crossover pricing

    same goes with difficulty level, lets say i charge 495 for 7 windows on an audi s4 which takes me 2 hours to do , I also charge 495 for a kia optima which takes me 1hour to do and much easier. I win some and lose some. Hope most the time I win.
  3. Bad job or normal issue?

    to be honest It would fool me as well. The name sounds badass
  4. Bad job or normal issue?

    I dunno if they can replace a made in China film with a worse made in China film
  5. Madico Black Pearl Ceramic

    I used to carry black pearl NR in 2012. I've got customers comming back with completely purple windows. I hope the new BP ceramic wouldn't be the same
  6. Bad job or normal issue?

    Yea one section of the defrost lines already come off. Even if they are worried its gonna damage the defrost line removing the film. It probably already doesnt work anyways so what difference does it make. just kindly ask them to remove it and have it reinstalled.
  7. 2019+ Silverado 1500 (new body style)

    They hook over but I feel it's the hooks over quite far. Would be a pain to hook it back over. I tried then gave up.
  8. 2019+ Silverado 1500 (new body style)

    I did one of these last week. I'm kinda sad that I can't just pop the top anymore
  9. Places to tint

    ok thats sweet! i'm gonna look into purchase one of those
  10. Window Tinting Gift Cards

    I'm looking to make some new gift cards. Do you guys have any photos or examples if what you got for gift cards. I'm looking for ideas and what u should put for fine print ect. I've had people come to me to return gift cards to me before because my gift cards didn't say non refundable for cash value.
  11. Looking for a new tint.

    technology has changed many new products now are thicker and easier to use and shrink.
  12. New Ford Explorer back door wings

    JAM some window bones and wedge tools inside the seals. leave it for about 1 hour and then come back to it. Loose as a goose after and no need to trim. I learned this from another tintdude member
  13. Avoid it happening

    i've seen these issues occur in some brands of film not because it wasn't post heated but the glue would stay on the car and the film itself separates from the glue. Kinda like delamination.
  14. Llumar PPF Question

    Yea I think sunset and Llumar ppf is definitely the nicest to work with, i haven’t found another one that i like