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  1. Tesla Model 3

    HOW THE HECK LOL how do u have space for that glass? where do u store it? @Midtown Houston
  2. Issues with Film Design software.

    YES! FVD is very versatile and allows alot of customization
  3. Over 100k impressions a day in North Americas Largest Mall. Brand recognition. We did this for 4 days.
  4. Casper Cloaking Film

    i would put this on my living room windows at home so i dont have to be embarrassed when an adult scene starts. especially when i live right by an elementary school
  5. Issues with Film Design software.

    i ended my FVD subscription this year. I know DAP is the god at ppf patterns but what about tint?
  6. I think the brand recognition is depending on the different regions. Llumar is huge in Eastern Canada and much smaller in western canada.
  7. Having a high end brand name film was the best move we did as well. Easiest way to poach a customer is to tell them to google the products they are purchasing. Then wham! They pay triple
  8. Casper Cloaking Film

    very nice install!!! Howmuch did you charge for the job and can i ask you what you had to do differently to make it work
  9. Can i get a 24inch or 30 inch plotter for sides only???

    my first plotter i got was a 48" in the end it wasn't large enough once I started to a bunch of full PPF packages. I ended up getting the 64" in the end anyways. if you do window film only then i would atleast get a 40" plotter so u can do back windows. Cost difference is most likely only 1000 bucks if you plan on doing ppf I would say 64"
  10. Dry application of PPF

    its ok to say no No means No haha only reason is say no means no is because this is when the customer say "why not? its an easy job."
  11. Prices

    I always promote my brand of product. usually people will pick my brand over the other installers. (dont bash the competitor) They will then think of the competitor as shady/cheap
  12. Dry application of PPF

    try application doesnt work, if you're not comfortable then i would decline it. otherwise it needs a little mist from a bottle.
  13. Prices

    No way to fight it. Let it be there loss and u do the S and X
  14. Other then Quick Books

    u can search by phone number or vin. I do this often using the search on the top. it will find the phone number or the vin you typed into the old invoice.
  15. It shouldn't matter when your shrinking since it's only the release liner you're scratching anyways