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  1. Speaking of Sunguard, they won't stop calling us even though we have told them we are not interested in using their film.
  2. Do you think there is anyone claiming to sell a name brand roll of window film but its really just cheap film in a name brand box?
  3. I have still not solved my problem. Using SunTek Film. Shop is spotless. Cleaning car windows 2-4 times. (Scraping and squeegeeing) Have used water from 6 different sources. Have used 14 different sprayers. (6 different brands) Using a peel board. Once peeled, put on car very fast. Not letting film touch door. Not letting film touch my fingers. And yet somehow I still have specs under the film that don't cure and you can feel them. Help?!
  4. Yes and your correct. I meant to say we usually use FX-PM which does NOT have the 3M logo. Even if the film you get has the logo, it can be taken off easily.
  5. I have been dealing with 3M for a while now. The FX line does NOT have a watermark on the film. I was recently ordering more film and they ran out of the FX line so I was forced to order the hp line. That DOES have the 3M logo but it is easily wiped away with some rubbing alcohol.
  6. We are still moving in & putting in the new floor. Will have pics in about a week
  7. Uh no. It said: I understand that I can use all SunTek logos while I am a dealer/tinter/installer for SunTek Window Films Name: Business Name: Phone Number: Sign Here:
  8. Older woman and younger man
  9. That's what I was thinking! But they were saying they loved the place and this was a stop they were making. I asked if they visited all dealers and one of them said and one of them said no.
  10. Ya, we are having a warehouse custom built so maybe that's why they came by? And they said in order for us to use their logos, we must sign the logo release form. They also checked our inventory and took a look at the warehouse and offices.
  11. Just had two SunTek reps fly in and visited the shop. Our shop is in High Point, NC and they came from Martinsville, VA. They came in to see how the shop was coming together (because we are still getting it ready to open), to congratulate me on my first order, and to tell me I need to sign a logo release form to let me use their logo on my website (Which I am not doing at the moment) Has anyone else had SunTek come visit your shop?
  12. Got a sample today. Have yet to try it out. This is a VERY cheap film ($--- for 40" X 100') and it is just something I would use on customers who want the cheapest film I offer. (I currently offer SunTek and Johnsons in my shop) Has anyone else used it? Do you like it?
  13. Have checked water and now run it through brita water filter. Its EVERYWHERE is random places
  14. I scrape and squeegee, scrape and squeegee and somehow I still end up with specs under every single piece of film I put on a car! BTW - You can FEEL the specs, not just see them. How can I prevent this?
  15. So there would be no way for us to keep them in stock and install same day in our shop without stocking EVERY single HID bulb for every car?