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  1. Life is good ... I've totally stepped away from the industry. Left the side job around the same time leaving the forum in Oct and have turned down a couple job offers from film makers. No stress feels good as I enjoy retirement. Peace man.
  2. Llumar has free plans for this ... They call it a bow guide .... Heck, I'm pretty sure it's been shared on tintdude a couple times if you search for it.Smartie posted it June 26 2012 search ' BOW--GUIDE '
  3. As long as you buy the original thin blue blade material it works wonders in slip solution extraction. You get some knock-off blue thin blade and there will be trouble keeping it from shifting, though the Unger handle teeth should still bite into the blade material. That was the last tool concept brought to me for investigation a year ago. All those sent one to sample for feedback, loved it's performance over the Unger channel that curves upperward... this one is straight across solid. Don't know if it ever made in as I was let go before completing the task.
  4. Driver's the cool one, passenger's are just ride along baggage.
  5. You know ... as opposed to a bygone era, I don't care what people think of me. I am a simple man who listens to interesting information and stores it. Do I research in to the nth degree, oh he11 no? Telling it the way it was told, wrong or right, old news or new, brings out the opposing viewpoint to a degree that possibly everyone will learn something ... even at the risk of egg on one's face. The difference is I don't find a need to tear down the person, I tear down their idea much the same as what has been done here. Reputation ... who gives a flip about my reputation in regards to the film industry or an internet forum, because it has no meaning outside this place or the industry that, paraphrasing if you will, 'I'm retired from'. The world is full of opposing view points and always will be ... no one was dissin film product or brand as a whole, simply pointing out that it too has flaws same as the next film product or even a piece of paper. It's okay that you had to come semi-publicly humiliate me for the innocent belief in something that made sense back when told. If editing a post in order to wipe some the egg away or to save face is a crime of humanity, shoot me now. At least I will not and do not revisit another person's post to see how many times they have edited what was said, so as to become concerned about some underlying disturbed behavior. Nor will I incessantly ensure a person is quoted (so as to not give opportunity to save face) each and every time a rebuff needs be penned. Thanks for sharing thoughts, good information and the fact that anyone is capable of character assassination. Peace man.
  6. Stay away from microfiber... they are nothing but carriers of dirt after first use. http://www.tintdude....tamination.html
  7. TBA-60-Auto SSF.pdf 4-mil (dyed) can be used however, 6 (clear only) or 8-mil (dyed) is best for side glass on cars. BG is usually done with standard film to match the sides. Rare for break and enter through back glass plus it is difficult to shape safety film on extreme curvature glass.
  8. Every couple weeks? Is that the norm? I've had the same blade for almost a year! But I don't tint every day. I've got one that I used for a long long time. I finally bought a new one and thought omg the difference. I don't clean with mine but you can see the water streaks left behind. If it's doing that is time to replace it. Ever heard anything on the orange crush? And, eraser marks needing iso to remove. OC is pure junk. Blue Max (original) in an Unger or Fusion (short handle) always.
  9. As I remember, election years and entering the holiday season always impacted sales back when owning me own shops.
  10. Make a call to 800.2llumar and ask to speak with Daniel Chong (he is the Western US Tech Rep). You are better off speaking to him since most sales peeps have no background in film (or just a lot of fluff talk). Daniel has experience dating back 20+ years and being a tech rep he has gained much more from pal 'in around with installers like yourself. He can be the lead-in to the sales guy. Tell him Dave sent you. Edit: And to input on topic, I used SG from 1980-93 and bailed to LLumar when warranties and slow drying film was killin' my biz. From 93-96 I used LLumar and had zero issues. 96 is when I went to work in sales at LLumar, so you see where my loyalty really is. The shop I am working at today switched from another brand to LLumar back when I was their sales rep and they still use it today despite sharing my knowledge of other great potentials that are spoken of here..
  11. Word had it that Suntek did not protect their brand well in Asia. The consequences of this is copy-cat (counterfeiting) and proliferation of the brand in the marketplace, more specifically in Asia and possibly into South America. It may explain the non-descriptive packing.
  12. From Equalizer: