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  1. smartie2shoes

    Am I tripping?

    ~ The speckled look in the back glass, between defroster lines can be attributed to air-borne contaminants. Some are better than others in avoiding these. The black border lift is natural since film generally does not flex well enough to eliminate that type appearance (similar to laying a sheet of paper over the edge of another sheet. It creates an air tunnel at the overlap point where its unable to touch the surface). The dots do the same. The thickness of the material comprising each dot leads to suspending the film over the glass areas between each dot. The dash line close to the bottom of the window in the one picture may be from a minor crease in the material during installation and may come out with a simple touch up. If not, it's a redo.
  2. smartie2shoes

    Tint Concern

    Yes, those bumps around the glass ID marker is contamination and needs be redone. If the scratch is consistent and running in the same direction of the film fit to the glass it is installed on, chances are pretty good it came from the razor knife used to cut the film to shape before the install; if they used a knife and not a plotter cut pattern These are things better dealt with by return visit to the installing shop.
  3. smartie2shoes

    Llumar curling

    That was their plan even before I left. I guess they didn't get the whole two-tier marketing approach (e.g Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infinity). Remember, EMN never sold products to a dealer level and on to the end consumer before buying into LLumar. They only sold large company to large company.
  4. smartie2shoes

    Llumar curling

    The last time I was inside the plant at Martinsville EMN had all kinds of engineers on the curl problem that has plagued LLumar for years. That was 3.5 years ago. Ya think maybe those high dollar engineers have earned their money? I'm not much of an engineer but I do listen, observe and learn. I know LLumar has always been very selective about their polyester when it comes to location on the massive polyester mfger roll (I want to think their rolls are 28 feet wide). I also know many of the coating and dyeing processes can stretch the polyester more than it's original state when bought from their supplier. Then came 72 inch film availability and with that a serious uptick in curl issues. When film was returned because of curl, the likelihood it originated from a 72 inch roll of substrate was exponentially higher than those originating from 60 inch substrate. It was cast aside for training supply. That's what I did for close to 16 years there. But hey, what does a guy like me know about the engineering of window film. LLumar's scratch resistant coatiing (SRC) is also a contributor. It is hyrdrophilic (has a strong affinity for water); absorbing and causing the SRC to expand like a sponge as it sits on water for longer than a couple minutes. The longer the SRC is exposed to water the more curl it can produce in the product. Curl at LLumar is the indisputable and the epitome of a 'gremlin in the machine'. It comes and goes without warning.
  5. smartie2shoes

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    Good luck.
  6. smartie2shoes

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    Not harder to apply however, you will see a difference in heat forming. Straight dyed film shrink faster.
  7. smartie2shoes

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    Sputtering is simply another way to metallize film; it is not superior or inferior to vacuum (or vapor) coating metal processes. In Solar Grads case, yes I have heard their sputtered film can be difficult to shrink when compared to say, a LLumar sputtered film. Eastman owns the LLumar brand (among others) and is the largest mfr'er of other private brands and components to make one's own brand. A supplier will not divulge who actually makes their products or components unless it is one of the major players. Edit: to clarify. Only the major players will state they make their own film. Very few private brands will divulge which of the major players might in fact put their film together (non disclosures protect that info). SolarFX is another solid film brand to go with.
  8. smartie2shoes

    Need new tint !!!!

    PMX Coatings (UK) Ltd. 36 Mitchell Point, Ensign Way, Southampton, Hampshire SO31 4RF, United Kingdom Tel : NA Web : Email :
  9. smartie2shoes

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    If those are the two you have as alternates, may I suggest Solar Gard over ST.
  10. When I tested Photosync back in 2015, it did not live up to published performance values. The idea that it lightens and darkens was found to be minimal and had little impact on its performance values despite their published numbers. Also found was the fact that the lighten and darken concept was not consistently found across all shades. Crystalline on the other hand did have tested performance values that matched published numbers. It is also a 3M product, one of the founders of the industry so, I would rather have my warranty covered by someone in the good ole USofA. I 'worked' at LLumar window films for years and currently have Crystalline 40 on my Jeep. It has been there for over three years with no sign of color change, color fade nor, is there signs of adhesive distortion compared to day 1. Edit: You might also want to consider a Global Films' product with IR performance characteristics. They have been a strong competitor to all players in the industry with solid customer reviews. You may save a buck by sacrificing a couple of points in solar performance. After all, we are talking about a poorly insulated metal container moving down the road.
  11. smartie2shoes

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    As I do far too often ... a quick glance and I thought metint was resurrected (only old time members will get this). Any tint shop reselling film without a distributor agreement with the mfr'er of the film product, voids the mannies warranty and thereby becomes solely responsible for any warranty given to the buyer (another tinter or shop) and likewise for the consumer.
  12. smartie2shoes

    AS-1 Line Expert Needed

    Old thread but, I'll bite. AS system is used to identify the federal testing standard the glass meets. I believe there are about 13 standards to which you rarely if at all would see above AS-3 on passenger vehicles. The location of AS-1 on a windscreen has more to do with marking critical viewing area than being in alignment with the rear glass. The area below AS-1 is considered critical viewing area.
  13. smartie2shoes

    # Jessica's Law

    Karma bit me last month when I only half azz got the snow off my car's roof. The remainder slid off onto a hot windshield (from basking in the sun before driving) and the glass snapped from thermal shock. $300 lazy azz mistake.😬
  14. smartie2shoes

    Suntek or solargard?

    Pm 4U
  15. smartie2shoes

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    CA does not recognize NCC ... Years ago a film manny I worked for attempted to hold up a non-compete on someone they had let go who resided in CA; court said, no can do. More recent was same manny going after another ex employee who had started working for another manny who wanted his expertise. The other manny said he was not employed for his knowledge covered under the non-compete. Ex-manny's burden of proof had to show he was sharing his knowledge. It started to get ugly and eventually was settled. Moral of this example; you need deep enough pockets supporting you in court for some states. When I was let go from a major manny under a non-compete, my employment at the time was under tech support however, I could have gone to work for any manny as a sales person. I could not work as a tech support person for a period of two years. Had sales offers but, turned them down due to physical limitations.