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  1. Best way to remove film?

  2. Whose at fault

    Your story brought back this recent event: The last snow we had here in Roanoke (16" few weeks back) broke my Jeep windshield. It was the reverse of pouring hot water on a cold windshield whereby, residual chunk of snow slid off the roof onto the windshield at a stop light. It was sunny that day and the glass was warmed and when I stopped the snow slid and I heard this pahtink sound. Oh fudge!! Turned the wiper on and there it was, right across thedriver's view and half way across before heading down toward the passenger side wiper. Those black border coatings will have the edges hot in the sun. Dammit. I didn't run it through insurance.
  3. Clean Room Questions For New Shop Build

    Overkill can be costly. Case in point: Years ago BMW was installing safety film as an option on their car glass at the factory. They wanted better percentage of material use; they were only getting 20% use of each roll of film. They built a clean room as a solution and found the percentage went lower so, they went back to the original installation practice and found usage went back up. Conclusion: Installers adapt to the surroundings and the surfaces they are working with. If you truly want to move forward with this plan, a good particle filter at the intake and the vent outlet should suffice. Just remember this will run up operational costs due to the drag placed on air flow through a standard HVAC system. I do know that the misting idea works very well because, 1) all film installers love the rain to keep the air particles down and the cars rinsed and, 2) I visited a shop in Plano TX that had a misting system for window tinting and it worked extremely well considering they did body modifications for stereo installs and sound proofing at that location. It was more along the lines of what you'd find at a grocery stores fresh produce section. They had rigged it to mist the perimeter of the work area. Sorry, I am no help in any recommendations as to air filter systems.
  4. Shame the job has square footage requiring more than a single roll otherwise, I'd do a layer of standard 20% reflective and piggy-back that with a 20% exterior reflective product from Hanita. Seal all edge and done.
  5. Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    Blue Teflon, Olfa, heat gun, and a sprayer.
  6. Whose at fault

    How long did it sit inside before work started?
  7. Removing top layer of tint

    Worst case scenario would be the layer pulled could take the scratch coat off the original layer. Simply fingernail prick an edge of the second layer and pull; save a buck or two.
  8. If there's a point to the video, which I just slid through to the meter reading, is that dyed film does nothing for NIR (Near Infrared). The Sunscreen blocks 95% of the NIR, which makes up 48% of solar energy from the sun. All of the sun's energy converts to heat (far infrared) once striking and is absorbed by an objects surface. Law enforcement agencies use Dyed limo tint on vehicles they use to do their IR camera surveillance after dark for the very reason that dyed film does not block IR. Dyed film is antiquated film technology that still serves some purpose out there.
  9. Lost a Pioneer of the tint industry

    My Bill Rest In (a) Piece (of film).
  10. Blade disposal

    I'm allergic to those type. Every time I put my hands on one of those bottles I break out all over in a drunk.
  11. Exterior Commercial Film

    LLumar once made an exterior film with kynar (known as RK20) which, required a cap sheet to be able to install the product without scratching it. They have since developed an exterior coating once called Helios that replaced the RK series. In my last year at the manny I was commissioned with film analysis, aka taking them apart and seeing how they are constructed, confirming published performance values and accelerated weathering tests for longevity. This is basis of my concurrence of Tom's assessment of Hanita exterior films as well as my suggesting the OP look into them.
  12. Blade disposal

    Twist-top drink bottle 16.9 - 34oz does the trick, too.
  13. Heat display questions

    Some really hot stuff right there
  14. Nanoflex vs CTX and Crystalline

    Shouldn't this discussion be under rice burner thread?