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  1. Good afternoon, colleagues! I have one 60 ”Xpel Stealth roll! I bought it in the year in Xpel corp. u luke! I will sell or exchange for a roll of Xpel Ultimate Plus 60 ”, sending from Russia! As far as I remember Stealth is more expensive than Ultimate ... this is not a joke !!!
  2. Dear colleagues installers, can you recommend a premium shield Elite ?! What film will be in your opinion better than Premium shield or Xpel Ultimate ??
  3. Thanks sir! sorry for my bad English and difficulties with the translation, however we understood each other, your answer was useful!
  4. For example, a lexus on the photo and its uneasy front bumper! How can I install Stealth without a docking?
  5. Good afternoon, colleagues! I install basically Xpel Ultimate, I use a plotter! and with Ultimate questions no! Acquired Stealth, it's polyurethane! only matte! If you use a plotter to cut Stealth, are obtained on complex geometric surfaces of body parts, the developer of the templates provides cuts and docking, where gaps that are not covered by a matte film can be viewed, the gloss of varnish in these places is not matte! hence the question; Does Stealth have the characteristics of a vinyl film, is it able to stretch well in difficult areas? Simply Stealth should make the body dull, accordingly it should have good elasticity for installation on any complex relief surface of the body, polyurethane is not vinyl, and heat shrinkage with a high temperature of the hair dryer will not force to take any shape, and plotter cuts and joints are obvious and can be seen in them glossy native color, that on a general matte background is not perfect! How to completely make complex bumpers, what are the features in the installation of Stealth, whether you need to use a plotter, does a vinyl film resemble? I will be grateful for the tips and nuances with the installation of Stealth. For understanding, imagine a new Mercedes G class in frosted varnish from a factory whose owner does leave a matte effect, but protect! But this car has a difficult terrain and docking that is unavoidable, which I do not like ?!
  6. Hello colleagues! Despite the political disagreement between the bosses of the governments of states, I offer my base for representing your interests, products and their promotion on the Russian market, in the field of automotive films! My account; or contact through private messages ...Thanks!