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  1. cnes926

    3M Film Identification

    You don't have to be a dealer to sell 3m film that would break that company. You have to meet a minimum to be listed as a dealer. Plenty of shops carry it and are not dealers it doesn't affect the warranty, that comes with the box. If they can give you a warranty card just make sure you get right warranty card. ...and also just check how long they been around.
  2. cnes926

    Fighting contamination

    Now a days i just squegee and apply. a while to get to that point
  3. cnes926

    Help Needed from Tint Gurus!!!

    Why don't you just find a shop to install it. You obviously have the money. Just pay someone to install it.
  4. cnes926

    Plotter question

    Im looking around as well. I think Graphtec is big because of the name....
  5. Never used flex. I use cb ewf and so far so good..
  6. cnes926

    Markup on tint

    Simple phone call wtf can tint dude please ban this guy.....
  7. cnes926

    Markup on tint

    Wow. I hope no one was stupid enough to answer this because obviously hes not a tinter....I sure some idiot opened his mouth