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  1. So I have a question I tinted both of these cars and I was wounding if any one had trouble with the I8
  2. Agies window film 35% front 20% back
  3. Aegis window film 35% and 20% back windows
  4. No to hard
  5. I was able to get my hands on this classic very happy customer
  6. Wet one half and the other side and leave like I line of dry in the middle .. roll real tight not losses and you should be fine
  7. Pro series hp They have some great film Just call and they can explain more 561-292-3248
  8. 5% in economy film from agies
  9. Hack Shop to me is they don't fix there mistakes and poor film you know the purple stuff
  10. Outside or inside a Crack is a Crack ... just be careful and when you the shrinking the film give it like 10 mins to cool before cleaning the inside for instilling