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  1. JJAWS

    Pic of the Week #592 Submissions

    2018 Audi RS3 QDP-C 42%
  2. JJAWS

    Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    welcome to jackass my names rick tallman
  3. JJAWS

    Sole Proprietor vs LLC

    yes 100%
  4. JJAWS

    Sole Proprietor vs LLC

    go S-corp
  5. looks like they gave you Huper Xtreme 40 lol
  6. i just fill my tank with hot ass water and flush it that way
  7. JJAWS

    Tesla Model X door panel remova

    Never had finger issue on tesla's. Next time once you get film in place. Squeegee the very bottom of window left to right. Swipe below seal with blue tri. BAM no more fingers on framless doors
  8. JJAWS

    SolarFX film

    Awesome product. Check out the carbon & ultra series
  9. JJAWS

    SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    eagles for the win today
  10. they wont last long. i ask people if they're more worried about price or quality. if they say price there not my customer