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  1. McCoyH

    How many cars do you tint?

    My shop (myself, and 2 employees) we try to do one car per hour (whether it be front 2 doors, or a whole car)... Ideally (no way to control it really) would be if we could just do 4-5 whole cars per day, that would put us at our daily revenue goal... But a typical day usually consists of: 2 or 3 whole cars A back half or two and a couple front 2s... so somewhere around $1,200 / day or so.... BUT... we also have a commercial building, payroll, insurance, marketing (about $4k / mo), etc etc Here's this weeks schedule (we're open Tue - Sat)
  2. McCoyH

    Educating clients.

    Our whole car plus visor is $250. We get most of our customers from the capitol city (about 20 mins away) so I've only increased prices a little over time, since our core customers have to drive a little ways to get to us.... 3 years ago our whole car plus visor was $200, so I'm on the right track I think haha
  3. Thanks guys. It turned out to be an A7 Prestige. Got her done.
  4. Got an Audi A7 coming in for PPF in an hour and I looked through our plotter software to get the patterns pulled up and theres like 10 different trims levels. How am I supposed to figure out which one it is? It doesn't normally say what trim level it is on the little sticker inside the drivers door does it?
  5. McCoyH

    SOLAR FX which line do you prefer?

    We used to carry Ultra, Vintage and Carbon but now we just carry carbon. Has a great color