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  1. 2007 - 2013 Chevrolet Silverado

    I always pull the whole panel on those
  2. Flat glass film removal

    Got ya. I used them before just never on glass. It doesn’t look too bad I just hate to get myself in a bind from lack of experience in removing film on flat glads
  3. Flat glass film removal

    Hey guys. I rarely ever do any flat glass but i have an opportunity to do a pretty large job on a bank in town. Problem is, there is already film there that could possibly be from the early 80s according to the guy I’m dealing with. My question is, what tools are you using to strip this much film? Obviously a 1” razor isn’t going to cut it. The film appears to have withered away to nothing. I took my pocket knife and scratched a small spot to get an idea of what I was in for. Seems like the glue is gone and the film turned to dust almost. How would you guys go about this removal? There are 20 windows 36”x7’. it’s hard to see in the pics but the film looks cracked kinda like a desert floor.
  4. Side swiper for roll ups??

    I use a side swiped all the time. Occasionally the blade will slide out but not enough to improvise. I usually just jam it back in the slot
  5. Scrubby pad contamination??

    Yea I use mine on several cars. May rinse it out once before I trash it.
  6. Last one to Post #822

    If I read right that guy had three daughters affected by Nassar. I don’t understand how he had so many victims and it took so long for it to catch up with him. I hope to see a lot of people that covered it up to go down as well. For me, I probably would have been in the bushes with a Gilley suit waiting for him to leave the courthouse.
  7. 2016 2500 Crew Cab with Service Bed

    Clips are tight on the doors, no shrink, and it’s a 7mm behind the door handle.
  8. Back windows causing peanuts?

    “Peanuttin”. Man I’m glad to see someone more country than me around here. Great tip!
  9. F150 windshield mirror

    Yep started in 15 on the 150s and 17 on 250s up
  10. Florida medical exemption

    Even though I think 15 on the shield is ridiculous and I wouldn’t install it. I agree with everything you just said.
  11. Installing windshield tip!

    Did my wife’s Tahoe this afternoon using this method. Tons easier getting film inside car. I did notice the film dried out a little faster, I guess because half of the slip solution stayed on the liner. This will be my new go to. Thanks for the video.
  12. Installing windshield tip!

    You make it look easy. I’d have 40 beard hairs and and enough lint in it to make a sweater. I’m gonna try it on my wife’s Tahoe shortly nonetheless.
  13. Ford mirror removal. Short video

    Where is the pick in relation to where the spring loaded clip is split? Seems like one side of that clip would be released and the other lock, then vice versa. I love that strategically placed air freshener btw. Go dawgs
  14. Last one to post #811

    Glad I’m not the only one working today. Also Glad I’m not hungover.