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  1. Fusion hybrid, blue max, or orange crush???

    I’ve used a blue max for years but just ordered an orange crush and clear crush to try out.
  2. Towels

    Looking online they are roughly $100 for 450. One box will last me about a year maybe more. Not trying to thread jack but I wouldn’t be surprised if these aren’t rebranded. I never knew how many products were actually made by zep until he told me. They buy chemical companies all the time but don’t change the names.
  3. Towels

  4. Towels

    It’s a white box of 500 is all I can tell you. I have a friend that worked for them and got me a couple boxes from their internal store. I’ve looked for them online and never been able to find them. I’ll look again. Honestly these may be the same thing, just rebranded.
  5. Towels

    I’ve got some good towels from Zep that sounds like they are similar to these. I use them over and over until they get dingy. By that point they are starting to shed lint anyway
  6. Pic of the Week #578 Winner

    Hey look at this. All that cussing and aggravation turn into something positive. Thanks!
  7. Benz no start and now air bag light.

    Man that sucks. I haven’t had this problem but hopefully it’ll dry out tonight and be good in the morning.
  8. Stickers on windshield with tint

    I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve done this on a truck that I tinted the night before. Irate would be an understatement
  9. Last one to post #861

    Is the Milos restaurants the same people that make the sweet tea in grocery stores?
  10. Pic of the Week #578 Submissions

    tinted in Express HP 30%.
  11. Quick story need advice

    Having peace of mind is a valuable thing. When I starting tinting I was either too hard headed, stupid, or crazy to let it beat me. I’m glad i stayed persistent, but 12 years later I don’t know if I would have had the same determination if I started tinting today. Kinda like golf, I enjoy it but I would never try to learn today if I didn’t have a long history with it.
  12. Quick story need advice

    Sounds like they put more faith in you than you do yourself. I'd go in and do the job and get paid. Especially since they are being so cool about it.
  13. I’d just trim around the defroster but that circle thing looks rough. Will it come off?
  14. How do you cool your shop in the summer?

    Today I told my ac man to get started as soon as possible. Going with a central unit as opposed to the mini splits that I wanted. Hopefully tomorrow will be my last day working in my shop when it’s 15 degrees hotter than outside.
  15. File or olfa knife for shave?

    I always shave with the blade. Never used a file.