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  1. Bad job or normal issue?

    Kinda looks like old tint to me
  2. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Is it rigid enough to squeeze in the top of a rear glass and hold itself up for the top cut?
  3. Should I get this redone?

    1/8”... are you serious?
  4. That’s a really bad job. I don’t believe someone charged 295 for just rear windows and I really don’t believe you paid for that.
  5. Frankenstein or reverse roll ???

    Frankie on normal windshields and half and half on big windshields. I reverse roll half of it to make it easier transporting and getting the film onto the glass
  6. Got the Clear crush and pink clean

    I bought a pink clean and put it in the hand job too. Clever marketing by fusion but I am much quicker and cleaner by cleaning with a side swiper. It’s in the back of my drawer now not being used. Got the orange crush too for a handle. It’s a little too soft, just personal preference.
  7. 2018 Accord back window warning

    After reading this I wrapped a paper towel around that harness on two different cars. Came back after I was finished and they weren’t wet. My floor is slightly sloped, must be just enough of an incline for the water to go somewhere else.
  8. Pic of the Week #584 Winner

    I know first hand what kind of day you had there. Looks great
  9. 2017 Ford F-250 windshields

    I’ve always fought those by adding extra slip down there. Now I use a soakshield and it pushes it out of the way.
  10. Frost across doors

    I didn’t think about it sagging in the middle. That’s a high possibility. I like the masking tape idea. I’ll probably do something along those lines. I just figured it’d be quicker to do it all at once, although It’d probably be aggravating to try to handle all that film.
  11. Frost across doors

    I’ve got a job coming up and was wondering how you guys generally apply frost across door seams. It’ll be a 48” privacy strip approx 12’ long. Would you apply it across the door seams and cut it afterward or precut each piece? Was thinking tinting Across would be easier to keep straight. Anything to look out for?
  12. I have no idea what I just read. I did enjoy the part about slamming the 302, haven’t heard that phrase in years.
  13. 17 F-250

    Yea I see the “squeeze” things on the sides that they’ve been using forever on the xl trucks. That’s usually an easy one to get off. Not today apparently
  14. 17 F-250

    You sure that’s a 17? I thought the 17s went to a set screw. Regardless they suck, some just worse than others. I’ve broken two out of 100 or so.