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  1. Mr. Micro Edge

    2016 Ford F250 Door panels

    Hey all, I have a 2016 Ford F250 coming up and haven't done one of this year or late model. Owner was wanting the entire truck done as its untinted/plain glass. I was just wondering about door panels as I'm a panel puller. Specifically what mm bolts and locations if anyone knows of the top of their head. Do these have clips or are they hooks like some of the early 2000 Fords? Solid rear I believe has the ceramic edge and is not set in rubber like previous F250's. Seems pretty straight forward otherwise. Any help greatly appreciated.....
  2. Mr. Micro Edge


    Thanks for the responses, I realize film type, vehicle, and years of experience all factor in to the price. I just assumed a price for say one model of vehicle might vary across the the country with all other variables remaining the same.
  3. Mr. Micro Edge


    Hopefully I'm not stepping on toes by asking.....but... I was just curious the price ranges you guys charge when tinting for say a 2016 or 2017 Ford Explorer all windows (excluding the windshield of course)?