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  1. tint bandit

    Best way to remove film?

    I still have the steamerI bought in 2001 when I attended school in Martinsville VA..wouldnt know how to do any different..key to it lasting is distilled vinegar run through it once a month !!!
  2. tint bandit

    Global supplier for North Carolina

    k thanks!
  3. tint bandit

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Old Trans ams and corvettes and restoring V4 motorcycles,and the Gym twice a day,big gym rat to help with the stress pf automotive engineers that think its funny to put a slanted back glass in a car with 2 inches of room to work
  4. Wanting to order some film from Global,who is the supplier for North Carolina now,been a few years !Thanks
  5. tint bandit

    What did you tint today?

    A nasty Toyota Tacoma with the rear end about gone,and he still wanted it tinted.
  6. I have been tinting since I went to school in Martinsville Virgina in 2001 and every few years I still fill like Im Tinting my first car..Those Videos would be gold to a someone wanting in the business!
  7. tint bandit

    Been gone a while Site looks great!

    Dang GH u look like a 4 star general..Need to figure out what all those merit badges are!LOL
  8. Loved the site before a nasty split from the misses.Bought a Harley went wild ...dont remember much from 06 til yesterday...LOL Hope to do a lot more posting now Im grounded again!!