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    Ive been tinting windows for 19 years. I have had several other jobs like busing tables and directional boring. Window tinting is by far the best thing that ever happened to me. About me: I speak a small amount of German, enough to hold a conversation. I enjoy listening to music and watching classic movies, customizing cars, and taking my dog to the beach.I hold an AA degree in general studies, and am currently working on my bachelors degree in business management and supervison. If anyone has any questions about tinting please feel free to message me on here.
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  1. Guinness World Record for Auto Window Tinting Set!

    Tint Town Dave could do twice as many, in half the time. 😏
  2. To the OP. If you’re not happy, go back and tell them. Ask them politely yet assertively to redo it. But don’t tell them your 3 year old kid could do a better job. That type of attitude won’t fly, even though you have a legitimate reason to return. Just my .02.
  3. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Omg. Why wouldn’t the installer just redo that. Ugh.
  4. Tinted a friend’s Miata hardtop

    Thank you sir!
  5. I save them and use them to sword fight customers or other people that happen to randomly walk by on the street.
  6. Tinted a friend’s Miata hardtop

    This was the first time in about 15 years that I’ve done a chrome cut out. My friend loves No Face, a character from some Japanese anime show. She had it tinted by another shop, and they left dirt EVERYWHERE and about a 3/4” light gap on the top. Retinted it with Suntek StdPro 5% and SDS-20 as the cut out. She was really happy with the final outcome. I thought it was cool.
  7. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Make sure you slop it all over the door panels and interior fabrics!
  8. What did you tint today?

    They’re not worth it. Kick them down the road to someone else. Or charge $500 to make it worthwhile.
  9. What did you tint today?

    Not to brag, but I was able to get it in one piece. Only once though(I’ve tried 2 other times and failed). It was the original line of Formula One. I can’t remember the exact line. But there was Comfort, Premier and XXXX(don’t remember the name). It was the XXXX upper line that had an almost gold reflective appearance. Now I just pass on the car any time someone want it tinted.
  10. What did you tint today?

    When you take the bottom wing off, the ghost emoji appears. Lol
  11. What did you tint today?

    Whelp. I finally did it. I popped my 2018 Honda Civic Sport cherry. Holy crap. This definitely isn’t a beginners car. Suntek CXP 35/18.
  12. Why do I get little dot bubbles?

    Use filtered water in your bottle with the slip solution. Make sure you scrub every window throughly. Make sure you squeegee off every window correctly. Don’t wet the very top edge of any window, as it can pull dirt down. Wet film more than the glass you’re sticking it too. Spray both hands thoroughly before handling any film that’s had the release liner removed.
  13. Has anyone heard from Shady? I so badly need a few of his pouches.

    I’m currently using the apron you linked. And it pails in comparison.
  14. Has anyone heard from Shady? I so badly need a few of his pouches.

    Those aren’t the same. Trust me I’ve checked. The one Shady made had two small pockets in the front, just wide/deep enough for a pair of olfa blades. Left and right side pockets just big enough to fit a blue max handle squeegee(plus other tools). It was very well built, and with the olfa location it made it super easy to grab a knife to cut film when you’re laying it across the glass.
  15. Has anyone heard from Shady? I so badly need a few of his pouches.

    This is the best I got. No window tint suppliers have them. I’m about to take my old one to a canvas shop, let them cut it up and use it for patterns. And make 3-4 for me.