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    Ive been tinting windows for 19 years. I have had several other jobs like busing tables and directional boring. Window tinting is by far the best thing that ever happened to me. About me: I speak a small amount of German, enough to hold a conversation. I enjoy listening to music and watching classic movies, customizing cars, and taking my dog to the beach.I hold an AA degree in general studies, and am currently working on my bachelors degree in business management and supervison. If anyone has any questions about tinting please feel free to message me on here.
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  1. Blackwolftinting

    Bottom Loading/ Top Loading

    Top loaded this and taped the felt on the front and back edges.
  2. Blackwolftinting

    Range Rover Glass Coating

    I had to redo a driver door 3x on the last one I tinted. That means the price of the next one went up.
  3. Blackwolftinting

    What did you tint today?

    2019 Jeep Glad he ate her. It was really nice on the inside. Owned by an older lady. I tinted the front two doors to match the rear and installed CXP 55% on the windshield. Plus a couple other vehicles.
  4. Blackwolftinting

    What did you tint today?

    Today there was a glitch in the Matrix.
  5. Blackwolftinting

    First time tinting question.

    Agree 100% with @highplains
  6. Blackwolftinting

    Bottom Loading/ Top Loading

    I top install everything and tape off any doors that have felt edges(Wranglers included). I never tinted at a shop that pulled sweeps or panels, so I never learned how to do it. I have zero issues with felt since I tape it off.
  7. I will normally use some wet sand paper and sand a tool when I see any slight scratches. Once it’s past a certain point, I order a new one. I’ve never used any tape. And with the tools normally costing under $5, I don’t see a point in anything past sanding it a few times. But try amazon, they usually have everything.
  8. Blackwolftinting

    Cordless lighting for film patterns

    I’ve been tinting for about 24 years. I’ve used every sort of light there is(aside from the tubelights I’ve seen on here). I’ve finally found one that does the trick. It’s like a second sun when you turn it on. The base allows you to position it to shine up, down or level with the floor. Angling it up makes cutting around windshield mirrors/electronics much easier.
  9. Blackwolftinting

    Is it time to move on?

    Start your own thing. Rent a shop next door to the dealership you’re leaving. Put a sign outside the door that says “Full Tintz Fo $89 Yo!” Sit back and rake in the dough. If someone opens up next to you, get a new sign made that says “I’m cheaper than that guy ➡️“ and bring your prices down to $79. The only way to truly make money in this business is to be the cheapest person on the block. . . If you believed any of the above, don’t quit your day job.
  10. Blackwolftinting

    What did you tint today?

    The new BMW X-3’s have an 18” heavyweight subwoofer mounted on the front door making installing film suuuuper fun. J/k. It’s a tweeter, but it’s way worse than the Lexus IS models.
  11. Blackwolftinting

    What did you tint today?

    A couple cars and these doors in Naples.
  12. Blackwolftinting

    Custom Heat Box

    I made a custom IR box as well.
  13. Blackwolftinting

    I finally got my pouches

    This is his info on here if anyone is interested in getting some pouches made. These are 100x better than the standard ones I’ve used, very durable and big pockets for pretty much any tool you could want to carry. I’m just not sure if he will respond if you send him a message.
  14. Blackwolftinting

    I finally got my pouches

    I was trying to find Shady for almost 6 years to get more pouches made. I was finally able to track him down. Just got them back from the embroidery place yesterday. I’m not sure what his name is on here, or if he even checks this site. Anyway, here’s a picture of the pouches after embroidery. I bought 5 total. One tan and another cream colored one aren’t pictured. These are perfect for me because of the center pocket for Olfa placement, and each big side pocket that holds my Blue Max and any other tools I need for installation.
  15. Blackwolftinting

    What did you tint today?

    Some glass.