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  1. Ridler

    2019 Jetta

    So I would agree that pulling the rear deck makes it worth the extra time to get a good clean install. I found it hard to try and get anyone of the tools behind the rear brake light. Worth the 10 minutes to pull it.
  2. Ridler

    2019 Jetta

    With the exception of folding down the rear seats for the headrests do you also need to remove the rear deck tray as well? I used to on the previous model just to make it super easy but not sure if you need to on the new one. Haven’t seen one yet and have a new one on the schedule.
  3. Ridler

    2017-18 beetle back glass

    Thanks for the reply on this. I did one and can see why it needs to come off, however, I did do it without taking it off. I would however recommend taking off the interior panels around the back window. Makes it much easier for install.
  4. Ridler

    2017-18 beetle back glass

    Curious on this one why the spoiler has to come off. Can you expand on it please?
  5. Ridler

    Contract Bond

    Did you ever get this figured out? I only ask cause I do these type of bonds at my other job and since I'm not on here much I just saw your post. Message me if you still need help with these.
  6. Ridler

    2018 Lexus LC500

    So here's the report on this new $100K performance luxury car. Back seat and window is tight to get into. Watch the bottom corners of the back window. The C pillars are tight at the bottom. Side and quarter windows needed shrinking. While the main doors looked like both top and bottom needed shrinking, I just did the bottom and didn't have any issues. The back of the side glass has a 3/4" blacked out area so you can be a little forgiving on your cut along back edge. I used FVD patterns and they were pretty good. Front doors also drop down when you open the door so I just remove the screw holding the sensor in the jamb completely and they stay up no problem. Here is the final product.
  7. Ridler

    2018 Lexus LC500

    I didn't see anything on this model. Anyone done one yet? I can't imagine this one is that hard but I haven't seen the car in person and the back window looks pretty sloped. Any insight is appreciated!