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  1. 2019 x5 front doors

    Putting that plastic back over the top of the gasket is a PITA!!
  2. bmw 528i

    Easy car. Cover the fuses on the right side of the trunk
  3. 2019 x5 front doors

    I knew you would post something! THANKS! I have done 3 already but didnt really have time to mess around with them
  4. Need Opinion on Windshields Tint

    I have 30% on all of my windows with 50% on my windshield.I love it
  5. Options for sub 5% tint?

    Ive almost replied to this multiple times!! Glad I am not the only one who hates that
  6. Got bored at work today.

    Id buy that!
  7. Pic of the Week #579 Submissions

    2018 B6..ctx30
  8. Toxic dryer sheets anti static back glass

    yep. just a few drops of soap on the dry towel.quick spray of water from my tank to help it spread. Wipe the window, let it dry real quick and good to go!
  9. Toxic dryer sheets anti static back glass

    baby shampoo on a dry micofiber towel
  10. Lack of oxygen in the car after window tinting

    Just when you think you've heard it all..
  11. Word Association Game

  12. Word Association Game

  13. Pic of the Week #565 Submissions

  14. Word Association Game