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  1. okay makes sense right now they're getting 24 at a time. I gotcha, Thanks
  2. okay so 10$ per or 10$ a foot? I can fit roughly 6 to a foot
  3. On average what would you guys charge to do up a decal. I'm doing up some for a diesel tuning shop here. Decal is about 4.5" by 8" single color and straight forward to weed. My initial price was $1.25 per. Thinking that is too cheap however if O can make up a few here and there in my down time it's easy money right? Edit: I had zero design time. The design they had brought was clean enough for me to use
  4. After having a dealer account in the past and currently working for a dealership. I would do my best in the future not to deal with them. I know that it is generally guaranteed work but they always want the cheapest price. I would do a couple cars (the ones going in the show room or someone's demo) just to keep the relationship going, everything else just tell them to send them your way. Just my opinion anyway
  5. White car? yes sir. don't think it was one of mine. feels like there was some adhesive promoter on it
  6. stripping some yellow pff that was installed last year.
  7. I think if she was that grumpy you didn't want to do her car anyway, let someone else deal with the headache. On a side note this should make you feel better lol. I was doing some PPF on a Viper when I first learned how to do PPF and I ripped a piece of paint the size of a football off the roof. There's good days and bad days just go home have a beer or ten and start over tomorrow
  8. That or put the 2 inside rollers in their up position and even them out between the two rollers rolling the film. I use this mainly on vinyl and PPF incase if folds up a little in the middle. Helps hold it down without leaving track marks. Using a jaguar here
  9. working late tonight have to slap some ppf on the inlaws 17 Encore and she want come carbon fiber done on her interior
  10. yeah that while doing plumbing
  11. having drain issues in the house. Town issue but they're saying it's not. Day is so bad I had a beer with lunch going to be a few with dinner too
  12. Just have to finish up my truck and tidy my area for the holidays and I'm outta here. Have a Merry Christmas Everyone!
  13. Man the new Gmc hoods are terrible