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  1. Rjsi

    Florida does it again!

    Her shirt has the shops name on it... indeed a high volume on a very busy road...
  2. Rjsi

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    What a waste of time......
  3. Rjsi

    Florida does it again!

    This post makes 'OTHER' Florida tinters that really care about our work, skill and reputation to be INCLUSIVE as a general expectation for clients that will read on these threads... But for real, Volume does not equal quality....
  4. Rjsi

    2019 Lexus nx300

    Can you still save the glass after removal of such coating?
  5. Rjsi

    Heat Box Display

    Very Nice!
  6. Rjsi

    19 Lexus ES350 changes

    What about the coating PBS released? It was stated that these have a coating that can easily be scratched.
  7. Rjsi

    What is your favor tool

    The Money clip holder.
  8. Rjsi

    Alfa Romeo Stelvio Today...Anyone Done One?

    Top of panels peel back, gives you plenty of room to bottom load.
  9. Rjsi

    2018 camry

    Left and right headrests do come out, middle one does not... depending on the model.
  10. Rjsi

    Maserati Levante 2017

    If you get one, jam a bone on the upper corner to open up and let the film slide right in. Did these fronts today on S9 39.
  11. Rjsi

    What did you tint today?

    BMW 550i on Rayno S5 20%. Mazda on Classic Black.
  12. Rjsi

    What did you tint today?

    Old Job, but I love that RED... This is on the EWF Classic Black 35% all around.
  13. Rjsi

    What did you tint today?

    I really like when my fleet work is lined up in their shop. Air Conditioned, these folks do treat me right!!!! These two are on the EWF Classic Black 20%.
  14. Rjsi

    Tricked out Cornelius tanks

    If you all need the contact info for the guy who did mine, let me know.