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  1. yeah , me either , that's all I keep hearing is the guys behind the film are good guys , ide like to add it to my inventory , just trying to do my homework first
  2. anyone have any information about this film . the rep is awesome , my concern is the life expectancy of the film . im hoping a few of you could possibly shed some light on the quality of the product , any information is greatly appreciated .
  3. havnt done one of these yet , is there anything I need to be cautios of , do the gaskets come out or the doors pop back , any info would be greatly appreciated , thank you in advance
  4. just got off the phone with Howard , im all the way in Houston Texas and although he is not my distributor , he took time to answer a few questions . Great guy , just wanted to publicly say thanks once again . great customer service over there .
  5. never done one of these cars , anything to be concerned about or tricks to make it easier . I havnt seen the car yet , just want to get any info I can before I decide if I want to take on the job ,,,thanks
  6. i have a 2005 S 55 amg Mercedes and a 2014 slk 350 that a customer wants to have tinted , do either one of these cars require felt . and will the quarter windows roll up with the top down . i searched but couldn't find my answer , hopefully someone here can help me out , thanks in advance
  7. thanks for the tips ,,,,,,and yes , the owners are usually always a problem , did the m6 , it was pretty easy , probably just going to stay away from the m5 ,,,not worth taking a chance , i have other cars i can do that i dont have to worry about computer getting wet
  8. i have two bmws coming in , one is a 2008 m6 and the other is a 2014 m5 , is their anything to worry about on these cars . ive looked but cant find info on these 2 specific models ....thanks in advance for any info you can provide
  9. is this the same as the 2013 , anything to be careful with or tricks to make it easier install . have one coming in tomorrow
  10. Thanks for taking time to post the waver , ill be printing it out for future use
  11. i did save the tint ,,, and its only a few lines removed , if it was my fault , all lines would be damaged , since its only about 5 lines , that shows manufacture defect ,,,..either way , shes gonna have to spend some money to take me to court ,,,i bent over backwards trying to help and explain ,,,im done with the lady ,,,, she sent her daughter in recording me and called police before she ever attempted to contact me herself ,,,its ridiculous
  12. we throw our blades in a tool pouch ,,,( bag ) aint got time for that
  13. i posted the other day about defrost lines coming off of a dodge charger when i removed a poorly installed tint job . when i scheduled the appointment , i talked to the grandmother , explained to her it was a time consuming process and that we do everything we can to protect the lines and not damage the glass , but there was that possibility the lines could be damaged . the grand daughter brings in the car drops it off ,,,when she came to pick it up , i let her know we wernt able to save some of the lines , they leave the car here without paying , comes back yesterday with the police and the mother whom ive never spoke with , wanting some sort of discount or glass replaced . when i told her that i made the person i spoke to on the phone aware it could be damaged she tells me she probably didnt understand and that it was her mother ,( the grandma ) that still uses a flip phone cause she does not understand technology and how things work ...she informed me that the previous day when her daughter came in she was secretly recording me ,,,lol,,,who does that ? any ways , i was nice , got her a deal on the glass told her if she went and paid to have it replaced that i would retint for free ,,,i think im offering more than i have to to make things right ,,,,anyways just giving you guys a follow up on how this is all playing out . she mentioned talking to her lawyer , i think she may try to take me to court .....i dont see a judge making me pay for a glass from removing film that they had previously installed ,,,sorry so long winded . ide like to hear your thoughts
  14. thanks for yalls input
  15. the customer left the car with me ,,,didn't pay said they had to talk to a family member (mom) before they decided what to do or how they would handle it .... i know its nothing i did to cause the damage to the defrost and the problem is on the manufacturing side ,( they simply make things cheap these days ) that being said , i didn't originally tint the car , customer brought me the car to repair cheap tint that they had installed on the car when it was purchased from dealer . although it is unlikely that the original installer did anything to damage the lines ,i wasn't there when the window was prepped for tint . if it would of been my film that i installed and had to redo , i would gladly pay for the glass i don't feel the customer should play the blame game when i was hired to clean up a mess and redo a poor tint job the whole ordeal is frustrating . any other shop i know in the area would of sent the customer on their way and they would of never known there was any damage to the glass for the next 6 months then they would have acted clueless ,,,,just hate doing the right thing and making the customer aware of the issue and having them think i was the cause of the damage .