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  1. So a cheap sunscreen will end up blocking more IR than a color stable dye film? That's new.
  2. dom_tntz

    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    I'm just wondering what's the warranty you're providing for those, FX Premium (or Obsidian) as CS. The oficial warranty for FX Premium says it covers everything but fading, but that's something for the client that says nothing; so we provide 2 years for metallic shade, 5 for FX Premium (now Obsidian) and 10 for CS. Does that makes sense? How do you do it there?
  3. dom_tntz

    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    Do you have access in the states to the black shade and metallic shade?
  4. dom_tntz

    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    Correct, I just included it to replace FX Premium and the 35% and 50% have the watermark but the 5% and 20% in 60" do not. Where does that come from? They are selling it (at least here) as if it is as color stable as CS.
  5. dom_tntz

    3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    Did you kbew Obsidian is now bringing the 3M watermark on it?
  6. dom_tntz

    Autobahn films

    Has anyone had issues with fading or film turning purple on the Xtreme and Performa products? Have you tried their new Autobahn Black? What do you think of the entire program?
  7. dom_tntz

    Xpel tint, whose using it? Reviews

    We have been using the lighter VLTs of their XR Black product line. Great heat rejection, they do provide value. We want to get the new XR Plus to try the added heat rejection, is apparently a ceramic/metal mix.