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  1. I been looking into getting a custom display made for ppf and vinyl wraps , anyone have cool ideas or examples ? At least how many premium colors should I put on the wall ? (On speed shapes) . Tia ????
  2. I purchased one from suntek
  3. those dont need removal no light gaps heck didnt even remove the rear view mirror and came out super clean
  4. thanks guys i will post new pictures up soon still getting it ready
  5. I ended up getting the new space landlord gave me a fair deal. i will post pics soon
  6. nope nothing is perfect but it is near perfect. i take a look at every single car at a parking lot and i always find debris in the glass. I would remove the film and give them a refund and save you the headache. i have given a person a refund twice and it was for very little debris and the second was the guy had ocd and i explained to him about dot matrix silvering and he said he has never seen that. Cant satisfy all .
  7. i left for the day went and bought steel wool and i realized i spelled it wrong hahahahaha and i got 0000 is that to soft? and im guessing its wet sand paper right ? sorry the dump questions
  8. Ok I know we have a lot of topics on this but I can't seem to make it work. Do You guys do it dry ? Just water or with your reg solution ? I keep getting peanuts on cars that I wouldn't normally with another film
  9. I dnt think the price is to crazy for the location but just seeing insight and an old tint shop used to rent out of the space but old man got sick and retired. He was there about 10 years.
  10. so my guess is all the referals,previous customers, same advertsing plus foot traffic made it that much better? i was thinking of doing the same for january 17'
  11. Hey guys hows it going?I havnt posted in a while since the past year i have been running my small shop. My shop is a bit hiddin and kind of hard to find on google maps. Walk in traffic is usually if they happen to be in the area or if i have my A-frames out. I have been offered a shop thats on the main cross street and my question to the guys that work or own a shop in the front is if its worth it and about how much traffic is normally brought in. hopefully my question makes sense.
  12. done a couple of these , im a small guy so didnt have much trouble but i do feel for the bigger guys that have to get in the back.
  13. suntek cir
  14. when you get called for days by the same customer to get them in and finally its time and dont show up even when they just said they would.
  15. very little to none debries bothers customers but the orange peel on the new 2016 cars doesnt?