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  1. hey whats up guys was wondering if someone can guide me in the right direction. I been doing little work for a small dealership and they are now asking for terms and conditions and was wondering how i go about doing this? they want to do net 30
  2. I have issues with all suntek tint so im currently using madico since ut goes on like butter but want to do llumar now. i think it goes back to the film honestly.
  3. i know i would lmao but i want to join the big dogs in the industry lol
  4. bro the world doesnt revolve around you
  5. the new bulldozers are the only ones that i like for those. im 5'6 and those cars are still not fun for me
  6. would any of you llumar guys be willing to sell me some film? i have the money to buy in at the moment but trueley dont want to get stuck with a film i do not like.
  7. Do these films use the same adhesives. Or are they completely different films ? Also is llumar also easy to apply ? And does any have issues with the the peanuts syndrome suntek has ????
  8. I been looking into getting a custom display made for ppf and vinyl wraps , anyone have cool ideas or examples ? At least how many premium colors should I put on the wall ? (On speed shapes) . Tia ????
  9. I purchased one from suntek
  10. those dont need removal no light gaps heck didnt even remove the rear view mirror and came out super clean
  11. thanks guys i will post new pictures up soon still getting it ready
  12. I ended up getting the new space landlord gave me a fair deal. i will post pics soon
  13. nope nothing is perfect but it is near perfect. i take a look at every single car at a parking lot and i always find debris in the glass. I would remove the film and give them a refund and save you the headache. i have given a person a refund twice and it was for very little debris and the second was the guy had ocd and i explained to him about dot matrix silvering and he said he has never seen that. Cant satisfy all .
  14. i left for the day went and bought steel wool and i realized i spelled it wrong hahahahaha and i got 0000 is that to soft? and im guessing its wet sand paper right ? sorry the dump questions
  15. Ok I know we have a lot of topics on this but I can't seem to make it work. Do You guys do it dry ? Just water or with your reg solution ? I keep getting peanuts on cars that I wouldn't normally with another film