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  1. tintcartel

    tint windshield before installation?

    We Have a Glass Tint Station so we tint the windshields before install. Maybe look for a shop that has a similar set up.
  2. tintcartel

    How many guys are active here?

    Me not as much
  3. tintcartel

    Am I trippin?

    The thing is , in real life you have to prep and that’s part of the process of doing a back glass 🤷🏿‍♂️
  4. tintcartel

    Dealership Terms

    hey whats up guys was wondering if someone can guide me in the right direction. I been doing little work for a small dealership and they are now asking for terms and conditions and was wondering how i go about doing this? they want to do net 30
  5. tintcartel

    2017 Mustang back glass bubbles!!! HELP!!!

    I have issues with all suntek tint so im currently using madico since ut goes on like butter but want to do llumar now. i think it goes back to the film honestly.
  6. tintcartel

    Llumar vs suntek

    i know i would lmao but i want to join the big dogs in the industry lol
  7. tintcartel

    Normal Tint Job? Dust Specks

    bro the world doesnt revolve around you
  8. tintcartel

    '17 Camaro back glass

    the new bulldozers are the only ones that i like for those. im 5'6 and those cars are still not fun for me
  9. tintcartel

    Llumar vs suntek

    would any of you llumar guys be willing to sell me some film? i have the money to buy in at the moment but trueley dont want to get stuck with a film i do not like.
  10. tintcartel

    Llumar vs suntek

    Do these films use the same adhesives. Or are they completely different films ? Also is llumar also easy to apply ? And does any have issues with the the peanuts syndrome suntek has ????