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  1. jconnors

    Porsch 944

    yep-that black is original-i've done a bunch of them years ago when i was just starting and that stuff will just keep flaking gotta pass on those-too frustrating
  2. jconnors

    Seventh generation dishsoap ???

    no, not for tint install great soap for everyday use
  3. jconnors

    Seventh generation dishsoap ???

    best stuff ever
  4. jconnors

    Why do I get little dot bubbles?

    and after you do everything to prevent it........ you still will get some!!!
  5. jconnors

    2018 Dodge Challenger RT

    love that pallet wall!
  6. jconnors

    Any Hott summer weather tips??? Cold water ?

    get an air conditioned shop
  7. jconnors

    To be 3M certified or not

    3m has a huge name that people know. other than that, there is nothing that 3m has over any of the other mannys. years ago i tried 3m and after buying and using 3 rolls, i went back to my other film. don't know about anyone else, but i can honestly say that 99% of people that call just want their car tinted. i rarely get questioned on what i brand or type of film i use. bottom line, if you can tint and tint well, then you will make money.
  8. jconnors

    Got hustle on Yelp

    yelp blows
  9. jconnors

    Got hustle on Yelp

    love when people say im overpriced
  10. i use the ultra i also use it pretty heavy so i always have plenty of slip. being that i use the solarfx carbon and the glue is so aggressive, it tacks up really quick with a couple passes of the squeegee. i don't measure how much but if i had to guess, i would say i add about a good tablespoon to my poly 2. i gave the slime a try a couple years ago and threw the rest away after 1 use. went right back to the joy.
  11. joy dw liquid-been using for 20 years-never a problem $62 tint slime $2 joy
  12. jconnors

    How do you cool your shop in the summer?

    your shop is a little smaller than mine but a little higher ceilings-3 ton mini split unit would take care of you fine. can buy it for $2000 and install yourself i have a 2 ton in a 32x32 building-well insulated-cold as hell on a 90 degree day
  13. jconnors

    Out of retirement

    you just tell them that's what you do. if they want to use you, they will make it work.
  14. jconnors

    Told the Dealership To Stick it

    used to do all the dealers in my area til a mobile tinter came along. never really needed them but i did the work at a discount(this was years ago) so the mobile guy starts working with the dealers and as i find out that they gave him work, i would call them and explain that our deal is now off. now when they call, i charge retail PLUS. the plus is whatever i am feeling that day or time. also, stopped taking POs so never get stuck or wait for money. great to have the upper hand. i love when they tell me that the only reason i am doing the work is that they were desperate to get one done and that i'm too expensive. hahaha