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  1. vanhorn1

    Car Wrapping has some very helpful videos
  2. vanhorn1

    Brand New Shop Coming Soon!

    Here are some interior shots of the new shop. We are having a grand opening tomorrow! Wish us luck!
  3. I have used this product for many years and you have to really heat set the edges just like you do a vinyl wrap. If you leave any moisture under the edges it will fail. This product works very well and stays on for years if you really bake it in after installation. Only real issue is that the newer headlights and tails are becoming so complex that you just can not wrap them without doing it in pieces. I turn down more these days than I actually do for that reason.
  4. vanhorn1

    Brand New Shop Coming Soon!

    Thanks for the nice comments. I will post some interior pics when we get it all finished up and move in ready.
  5. Excited to announce that our new shop will be completed this month. We hope to get moved in and using it next month. Been a long time in the making and we are more than ready!
  6. vanhorn1

    Tint light

    These are the very best light I've ever seen. Works great!
  7. vanhorn1

    Mercedes has a defroster issue

    I have had several of these now. Pulling tint off wet that has only been applied for a few minutes and decided to redo it for issues. Not sure what on earth we are supposed to do in the future?
  8. vanhorn1

    Let's See Your Websites

    I honestly did not know it was there. When did it prompt you?
  9. vanhorn1

    Let's See Your Websites
  10. vanhorn1

    Best heat gun

    I purchase the cheapies by the case load. $14.00 each and sometimes they will last longer than the high priced ones. I have also found some of them expensive ones just don't get hot enough.
  11. vanhorn1

    Johnson and Johnson

    I was told they were forced to change some ingredients due to some cancer causing ingredients awhile back. We noticed this several years ago and switched back to a slip solution. Film-On, Tint Slime and our favorite is Fusion. We seem to have a much more consistent mixture as well.
  12. vanhorn1

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    I have done 100's of these and that is certainly not acceptable. There may be a minimal amount of light gap due to the old nature of these windows and not having the black paint around the edges. A lot of newer tinters do have the experience that us oldies do and struggle on these more difficult vehicles.
  13. vanhorn1

    Best car templates for graphic design

    I use artstation and provehicleoultlines You can buys dvd's or download them as needed.
  14. vanhorn1

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    I had the same tinter, my best friend for 30 + years and his brother for 5 years. I paid them well and treated them well but when GM came calling with 6 figures, free insurance and 401k there wasn't much I could do. Trying to find experienced tinters was impossible so I auditioned willing participants before hiring them just to see if they had the skills to learn the trade. I hired two that way and trained them and they have been great. I pay them well and try and treat them very well. I also tell them up front they have to sign a non-compete agreement for 5 years and within a 50 mile radius. My lawyer drew one up and they had no problem signing it. As a matter of fact they thought it was only fair. I'm sharing this hoping it may help my fellow tint shop owners. I know all too well that good help is very hard to find in any industry.
  15. vanhorn1

    Liability on illegal window tint

    This is a wide open topic and a touchy one at that. I have been tinting for over 30 years and would not be in business if I were to only do legal film. With that being said I do understand liability but at some point the driver has to be held responsible for their choices and actions. Does the car manufacture get sued and lose their business because their car goes faster than the speed limit and was involved in a crash that killed someone while speeding? The driver chose to speed and disobey the law. Does Budweiser get sued because someone was drinking their beer and killed someone while drinking and driving? The answer is I don't know? I'm no lawyer but in this day and age you can be sued for anything at anytime.