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  1. PremiumShield Brett

    Suntek's new 72" rolls

    Wow, a little sensitive Supreme. No coffee today? It's been a while since I posted on tintdude, and this is exactly why! I was not firing any shots. I have been in this industry for 18+ years and know all senior managers at all of the major players. I'd like to say I get along with all of them, and I am not here to disparage anyone. I never have. I was only posting for installers out there not to expect too much right out of the gate. From us, or ANY manufacturer, because the raw TPU will be very hard to make. Nothing more, nothing less.
  2. PremiumShield Brett

    Suntek's new 72" rolls

    Don't expect too much from the 72" film right out of the gate. We will also have the 72" web available in our PremiumShield Elite SH; also in late January 2019. We just didn't see the need to market it at SEMA in November when we knew we were at least 3 months away from having any stock This film is not made by Suntek (Eastman). The raw polyurethane is available to all adhesive coaters, and as such, I am sure they will all have some form of the 72" film available early next year. It will not be exclusive to any one brand. I say don't expect too much, because this film is very hard to extrude at wide widths. I remember when we went from 48" out to 60" with the old VentureShield and it was not pretty! Lots of lines in the raw film as well as extrusion bands at the edges. I expect similar growing pains with the 72" wide material. The problem here is that this wide film will most likely be used on massive full hood applications where quality is critical! Also, most likely on very expensive vehicles where there is even more scrutiny. We will have more information on availability as we get closer, and will have samples available right after Christmas. If you are interested in a sample, please contact the office and we'll put you on the list.
  3. PremiumShield Brett

    Tesla Model 3 Suntek Ultra Ppf w Trucut

    Nice work Von! Car looks flawless.
  4. I'd say I am in the same boat as Jeff. Having said that, my advice to all of these types of questions remains the same - ask manufacturers for a sample roll, try the film for yourself, and make a decision as to which you prefer. It's great to pose questions on internet forums, but at the end of the day, I'd prefer to try tings myself V's relying solely on the experiences of others. Just my 2 cents....
  5. PremiumShield Brett

    Best Overall Film/Software Combo?

    Wow Aden, what a very detailed post for someone looking for basic feedback! LOL. Looks like you already know what to look for.......
  6. Hi guys, we also have our own pattern program, with 4 drawers who have a combined 27 years experience. It's another option if you are interested... You can download the free demo below and cut 10 times before you would need to sign up. A $395 license fee, then patterns are free - as long as you use the PremiumShield film. No monthly fee, or annual renewal fee - ever.
  7. PremiumShield Brett

    3M 14mil PPF

    If you can't locate it, we also have a 14mil (12mil film + 2mil adhesive) product that we can offer you. If you are interested please let me know.
  8. PremiumShield Brett

    Yellowing of PPF with white cars?

    We have a brand new film Shev - PremiumSHield Elite SH. It is covered against yellowing (which we refer to as "discoloration") for the life of the product. Warranty card can be found on our site at the following link -
  9. By subtle differences I mean the location of semas, relief cuts or just the general shape of certain pieces. If you give them a chance, I'm confident you will like them! All our our patterns are drawn by Matrix employees. We do not "sub out" pattern drawing, nor do we buy patterns from 3rd party sources. Each employee test fits their pattern before submitting and uploading it to the database. If it is off, they face internal ramifications! Our GM for pattern drawing (Adam) is always accessible by cell phone, so he makes sure everything fits because he doesn't want to be yelled at
  10. There will be subtle difference in kit design philosophy between us and any other program. Just keep an open mind, and give it a chance. If you have any issues at all, our two Pattern Managers (Adam and Chris) will be available anytime to discuss. We look forward to your feedback...
  11. Glad to hear that you like it mate!
  12. Sounds good, just call the office to arrange.
  13. I just checked both links and they are working properly. If you still cant get through, just email me and I'll send to you directly.
  14. No problem. Let me know if you have any issues downloading and using the Demo.
  15. Hi guys, we are thrilled to announce the new PremiumShield Elite SH - with Self Healing ability! We are happy to send out 30" x 8' sample rolls to any tintdude members who are interested. Just contact the office, or myself at Take a look at 3 quick videos we just added to our youtube channel - Along with the new film, we also have our extensive pattern program, which is free for all PremiumShield users. Download your FREE DEMO by clicking the link below, you will be able to cut 10 times before demo is fully utilized - Username - DemoUser (yes, it is case sensitive) Password - demo123!