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  1. E46 330xi matte red aluminum wrap completion

    I wrapped the hood emblem with smoked vinyl
  2. 2018 golf tdi

    i use the heat gun to shape this tool and use it on every single car in one way or another
  3. E46 330xi matte red aluminum wrap completion

    Around 50 hours by myself
  4. 2018 golf tdi

    Very carefully pulled the pillars , be extremely careful , the speaker wires are short and if you pull to hard you’ll rip them of the plug ! Add an hour labor for your troubles
  5. Pic of the Week #572 Submissions

    Beautiful R8 V10 plus , wincos 70% Photo takin with GoPro
  6. Finally finished my first full color change wrap and I love it [emoji7] [/urlIMG_7880.HEIC]
  7. This was a good week for me

    Nice car week
  8. What is your favor tool

    The bulldozer is an absolute must have , it’s mainly for flat glass but works very well getting film behind almost ever third brake light without ever removing a rear deck
  9. I like wincos 70% clarity is on point and installs very easy ! Just did 2018 amg gtr today and it looks amazing [emoji6]

    Thanks blackoutauto , I just order one , and $125 worth of other things for free shipping [emoji6][emoji106]
  11. preferences on 3m ppf

    I've been using premium shield, I actually warped a 2015 porch 911 turbo every panel on the car , last week its lifetime warranty and has a hard top coat , you can draw on it with a magic marker and it wipes right off !! Really good stuff
  12. Favorite things when tinting

    People that use the window locks !!! [emoji35]
  13. Anyone Use Rapid Tac?

    I use it for paint protection only , way to pricy for tint installs