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  1. Hi I had Xpel Prime XR Plus installed on my F-150 front windows. I wanted to go with Suntec Ceramic but dude talked me into XR Plus. I was wondering is this film was truly Xpel or something else. The film has a grey tint, poor clarity and looks cloudy even in sunlight after 2 weeks of installation. Also, visibility is very poor at night compared to my back factory tint or the tint on my other 2 cars. My factory window tint is a totally different color. Does this sound like Xpel XR Plus? Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm looking for feedback on Xpel Ultimate Plus for a DIY guy. I've done several of my cars with Suntek and Xpel Ultimate. I prefer the Suntek ppf adhesive over the old Xpel Ultimate since its more forgiving and easier to install. I was wondering if the new Xpel Ultimate Plus adhesive is as aggressive as the old Xpel Ultimate or do you think its easier to install and doesn't show lift lines as much. Also, how's the Xpel Ultimate Plus top coat? Is it free from orange peel? Thanks Robert