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  1. what about it
  2. theres six shops in my town population 70,000
  3. getting worse and worse every year
  4. boss man stan congrats
  5. Boats don't use alot of film only alot of labor for the install. Howmuch you charging for the jobs bud. classic black 30" isn't expensive
  6. do you know how to tint
  7. yes you could be training your competition , keep your quality inhouse and control inhouse, . but if you cant tint than you don't have a choice but to hire and pay reasonably
  8. a warranty is only as good as the shop backing it up in my town , other shops will tell there customers they have to wait two weeks before they can get them in to fix a warranty, or they blame the customer , for u sing the wrong glsass cleaner . its funny then they come to me and happy they will be
  9. just tint the car man
  10. congrats guys
  11. Thousands of reboxers . Some good films are everywhere . But so are bad films . Everybody had there preferred film I like alot of different films in use ti be a film snob , but not anymore I like to keep an open mind nowadays.