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  1. 2015 Audi A3 3rd brake light removal--HELP!!

    doing one now like rj said but you gotta brut force the light towards the back woindow it will popout nicely I was scared at first but I used a plastic bone or push stick poppedout nicely
  2. SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    good afternoon fellow tinters
  3. SolarFX Christmas Raffle 2017

    Count me in solar fx
  4. Dot matrix

    what about it
  5. How many tint shops in one town is to many

    theres six shops in my town population 70,000
  6. This is what happens when you fight with low prices

    getting worse and worse every year
  7. Finally getting my sword

    boss man stan congrats
  8. good cheap film *please read before judgement haha*

    Boats don't use alot of film only alot of labor for the install. Howmuch you charging for the jobs bud. classic black 30" isn't expensive
  9. Salary

    do you know how to tint
  10. Pay rate for tint employees

    yes you could be training your competition , keep your quality inhouse and control inhouse, . but if you cant tint than you don't have a choice but to hire and pay reasonably
  11. DUB ir

    a warranty is only as good as the shop backing it up in my town , other shops will tell there customers they have to wait two weeks before they can get them in to fix a warranty, or they blame the customer , for u sing the wrong glsass cleaner . its funny then they come to me and happy they will be