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  1. I hope you can appreciate the fact that I have absolutely nothing to gain from continuing this conversation. All I was trying to do was to enlighten you to the technology that exists with products such as Enerlogic and how they could greatly benefit your situation. The 90% that I was referring, has to do with Emissivity. Thats the "E" in the term "LowE" You may save more than 5% in heating cost depending on how much DS glass you have.
  2. What is so special about it that its not DIY? Its just window film/tint, not complicated at all... Anyways, I've read about the enerlogic film a few times, how does it compare to the ceramic films for keeping heat inside during winter months? How do I buy some? is this how a pro does it? I think I did a better job myself, it looks exactly the same as the day I did it 3 years ago using cheap Gila Platinum. 1. Factory edges are never great to use, the glue tends to dry out there and the cut will never line up with any window, the edges were bouncing around in the box and have micro dirt on them and will curl and peel eventually. 2. Cleaning was too quick, especially for the edges and he missed some spots. 3. I bet his cuts were not perfect, he cut the whole length wayyyy too fast, eventually those edges will curl and peel or you will see an outline around the window where the film meets the frame... Lets be honest, many people call themselves professionals, but there is nothing professional about what they do. But once in a while you do come across someone who is a true professional, is up to date on the best products and procedures and does the job great, but be serious, that is rare. I'd be much better off doing it myself and taking my time, unless you want me to pay you $12/hour and do it like I want it done, heh. So where can I order this stuff? Or do I need to sign up as a dealer? When I read this on my phone, I only read the first part of your dissertation. Sounds like you got it figured out. Good luck, hope you gleaned something out of this
  3. Ceramic is a pretty broad term and way too technical for this conversation. Enerlogic will keep out over 75% of the Solar Energy in the warm seasons. It will keep over 90% of your very expensive heat from being sucked outside in the cold seasons. No "Ceramic" nor any Gila film will even compare. Enerlogic is an exclusive product thru the Vista Program and has the best ROI. With your blustery winters, doing nothing will be an expensive option.
  4. You are right, the glass breakage is reduced, however, if you have insulated glass, then you have seal failure. If you have DS glass, then you need a four seasons film such as TomTom suggested. The film you mentioned is factory seconds, they don't expect it to be successfully installed. most of it will go in the trash can. you would be wasting your money. Wooden divided lite windows are very difficult. Only you know what your time is worth, but if your expecting a quality job in a timely fashion, you don't know what you don't know! I hire out my lawn service because my time is more valuable than $12 an hour.
  5. I will be the first one to jump in here! A professional flat glass installer can best solve your glass problems with the appropriate film. If you buy factory seconds at a big box store and 50% of your windows break, you will regret it. Sure the PRICE may seem higher, but the long term Costs will be less. Take it from someone who has been in the Glass and Film Biz since 1974.
  6. Mac

    Ready for winter?

    Nothing like Ft Myers in December!
  7. PM your info and I will send you a sample large enough to fully appreciate the new version.
  8. Our experience has been the opposite. Super clear. Did we provide the sample. If not, I would be happy to provide a larger roll for your evaluation. The products we have on the shelf are from the latest batch and do not have a texture that your describing.
  9. Mac

    Matching Factory Rear

    Years ago we had a few guys on the board, Vclimber, God rest his soul, and Darkdan. They were proponents of good science and took exception to Wow Boxes and narrow band meters. I've yet to see a test come close to real world. If your driving 60mph, the wind dissipates the absorbed heat from the glass. With that scenario, is there a nickels worth of difference in anyone's film? Quality and longevity withstanding!
  10. Mac

    Frost Vinyls

    My customer has used MMM, with pieces that are 60x96, by the time he pulled the liner, the corners were distorted. With some of the knock off films, if you were not careful, you could punch a hole in the film or they were not as SR as MMM. Thanks for the tip on peeling and flipping, his method was 2 man.
  11. Mac

    Frost Vinyls

    Thanks for your input. I assuming you are using a yellow turbo or a felted hard card.
  12. Hi Folks, I am seeking your opinions on Frost Vinyls. Over the years we have sampled 3M Dusted Crystal, Decorative Films, Correct Spec, Llumar. All of these have issues such as stretching at the corners because the liner is to hard to pull. Or, they are so soft that they will easily scratch. I realize there is not a perfect film, but there has to be something our there that's easier to work with. Let me know what you think!
  13. Mac


    Hartford has a BOP. an independent agent should be able to help you.