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  1. hooli

    No more beemers

    I made the decision today - to hell with beemers. The one that tipped me -my last 2018 3xx sedan has the flimsiest door card with very stiff fasteners and to top it off some nob head in engineering invented a novel handle screw anchor retaining system, rather than a standard nylon bush. I spent more time removing and replacing the sweeps and other interferences than the time it took to lay tint. beemers End rant
  2. I have broken glass when removing failed auto film on flat glass where it is too gummy and I have mismatched my force applied vs blade gliding to spread the pressure - think hitting a boggy spot and CRACK. Flat glass adhesive is at least annoyingly uniform to remove... :-) Not to mention not having a steamer onboard my flatglass tinting truck...
  3. hooli

    Wrap removal

    Hi there, I have a white car that had it's roof and hood wrapped in matte vinyl, and after 2 years it looks unsightly therefore custy wanted wrap removed. With the vinyl lifted the white car now is now coloured beige - and that is with the gummy adhesive removed! Any ideas on removal of what seems to be adhesive that has leached into the clear coat ? Otherwise a respray seems to be the only option? Thanks
  4. hooli

    2018 Audi Q5 SQ5 front door sweeps

    Happy to have helped Slick! I Audi daily and I think it helps with the tools demonstrated and allowing a little more time to take care. I admit I enjoy working with them and the little puzzles the engineers throw out there to keep it interesting. 😀
  5. hooli

    2018 Audi Q5 SQ5 front door sweeps

    Ya beat me to it Smookee! Try the broad prise tool first like the pics below. Into the top of the trim and gently lift the lever. You will sweat significantly less de-trimming it this way as the trim pops out nicely, then, as you say slide trim to the door hinge and pull back. I like to make extra work for myself, so I still remove the whole panel, and to do so, start at the bottom of the handle trim face and gently use the broad prise tool on each side of the handle trim face to remove another 2x T25s, then pull the panel;
  6. Bump! I had a job that was external, on a pitched roof with the wind gusting and to top it all off, a friable caulking on the frame and glass edge. I cleaned 10 times and still debris rained on my parade. The smallest spec is more pronounced with the film thickness which is like a totem pole in the middle of a tent... very frustrating to see when I feel like I do a pretty clean interior job! Oh well, if the client takes offence, I could suggest they steam clean the roof tiles, vaccuum the rodent and insect droppings and get a cup of concrete
  7. hooli

    How does film dry ?

    Thanks FilmTack I really appreciate your technical answer! It was just what I was chasing, in so far as how a chemical/materials engineer would see the situation. I had also considered that what little moisture is left after a squeegee is that it could also be consumed in the chemical reaction for adhesion, but that still would not answer the chemical absorption observed in removal process. Too much time to think about the minutiae when you're installing commercial
  8. As the title says! Does slip channel itself microscopically to the bottom edge ? Is the film actually porous ? Or is it all magic? and.. In auto to remove old tint on the rear screen using the plastic bag and ammonia solution technique what is really happening ? Is the ammonia penetrating the film to work it's way to the adhesive or just kinda leaching through the edge of the film ? Thanks !
  9. Hey guys, I just became aware of this tech and thinking of flat glass tinting potential impact - if any. Thoughts?ct http://www.clearvuepv.com/products/ . Discuss ? hopefully Tesla tiles make more sense
  10. LOL that came with my G1lla pro installers kit
  11. hooli

    Anybody help with 2016 IS300 rear screen tint

    Thanks - I do need that
  12. hooli

    Anybody help with 2016 IS300 rear screen tint

    Answering my own question, is that yes I had to remove the rear seat, the side trims and the shelf , what a pain in the rear. When reassembling I lost my balance and somehow punctured the door trim FFS!! Unknown dollar expense awaits me grrrrr If it wasn't for the incident the car was OK to tint...
  13. Hey guys, The rear speaker shelf is right up against the rear screen on this 2016 is300 and... i want to avoid pulling the whole bloody thing apart to tint the rear. Any suggestions please ? Thanks
  14. For your reading pleasure http://www.caradvice.com.au/500563/honda-patents-touch-tint-gesture-control-technology/