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  1. FOSStint

    40" jaguar plotter with pc for sale

    still available?
  2. FOSStint

    FORD EDGE sunroof???

    I tried that first, it still had to be slid around that bracket. While getting behind that bracket the tint gets damaged so much, the gap ranges between 1 and 4.25 inches. Reverse rolling actually made it a little harder.
  3. FOSStint

    FORD EDGE sunroof???

    Has anyone ever tinted the large glass duel sunroofs on the new Ford EDGE??? Those brackets are an ummm pain in the neck? I can get it cut, it a nice clean install that's lacking
  4. FOSStint

    Is slip tape for hard cards good????

    i took 45 seconds to try it and no, tintslayer is correct it wont work it is worse than a bare hardcard.