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  1. scgolfer88

    What other hobbies do you have?

    Spend most of my free time on the water tournament fishing, both fresh and saltwater...
  2. scgolfer88

    Sourcing Compliance decals?

    I've looked at several places like that, but their sizing options are weird. Ive never used a compliance sticker that was bigger then 1x1 at the most.
  3. scgolfer88

    Sourcing Compliance decals?

    Probably a stupid question guys, But where is the best place online to get some new ones made? I've looked around, but haven't had much luck so far.
  4. scgolfer88

    Liability on illegal window tint

    The way i look at it, we get paid to install film. Its not my job to tell a customer what they can and cant do. Would i put 5/20 on a windshield, NO, but its not my job to restrict them. Yes, i use some judgement on what i will comfortably install, but a mid-aged guy comes in and want 20 all around, and 35 on his windshield isnt a red flag, pay in cash and we''re good to go. A 16 year old comes in and wants 5 all around and 20 on the windshield......Totally Different Story...
  5. Looking to hire a full time tinter/ppf installer to help with high volume dealership work. 200+ units a month. Message me for further details.
  6. scgolfer88

    Corny keg hose

    Wheres the best place to pick up the coiled hose setups at? i have spray nozzles, but id love to find a pair of 10/12' coiled hose for beside each peel board
  7. Hey guys, Looking for recommendations on your favorite work chair. Ive used the stool type in the past(worked good but the one i got was from HF so it didnt last but about a year), and the smaller seat mechanics style chair(more durable, but heavy to carry around over hoses all day and a touch big to fit around some of the smaller cars. Before i pick up another one, I wanted to see what yall have had good luck with. thanks
  8. scgolfer88

    Tint Pouch Collection

    link to these? Im in the market for a new pouch and looking for something different.
  9. scgolfer88

    2011 Outback

    Never done any Subaru stuff, anything to look out for?