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  1. Nice find!
  2. No need to recreate the wheel That's an easy back glass
  3. Sick video bro!
  4. Most of the mom and pop shops are only enforcing front doors. Dealers are the strict ones from what I've seen so far
  5. As far as actual smart keys. You'll need an expensive programmer.
  6. Are you referring to factory fobs just for lock and unlock, trunk etc? Most of them have a programming procedure thats done by cycling the key and pressing certain buttons.
  7. They can also be heated out once installed. Just heat the glass and press them down
  8. Once you get a bit more practice under your belt you'll see how to prevent it. Just gotta get a hang of how to feel what the film's doing.
  9. Lift the film and heat it up with it off the glass. Those can be heated out.
  10. Dude I'm in Poughkeepsie and I get so many phone calls about it. I need to set up so they press 1 for information regarding inspection law. I can't get anything done lol. "Is it true?" "How much to remove" 90% of the calls I get.
  11. Dude, I don't even work with vinyl and I can tell you that's way too cold.
  12. Nobody likes working in frustration. Get your sleep in, get your breakfast and coffee in. And establish a routine for all cars. You'll get it. I know how flustered I would get sometimes. Just keep calm and chive on
  13. That fuzzy rear deck sucks. Right against the glass
  14. This just reminded me of that diy video of the lady laying her sheet of film on the floor to peel it. Haha
  15. Don't buy this Gila crap. You'll spend more money on this than a high end film in the long run.