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  1. Enjoy them!
  2. Good candidate for classic black...
  3. Dang! A combination of Hoarder buried alive, and My 600 pound life - automotive version.
  4. In for my first roll of Classic black. Howard & the EWF gang provide great a great raffle.
  5. Being floor standing - the text at the bottom may be a bit difficult to read. The logo and car would still stand out nicely if rearranged lower, then you could work the text in higher.
  6. Also keep in mind, as soon as you pull off release liner, contamination can begin. Best to minimize the length of time between pulling the liner and placing on the glass. Clean environment, low to no air-flow, prevent airborne particulate from ruining your life (tint). Water source, sprayer and solution perfectly clean. I feel your pain, and know all to well, being the noob I am.
  7. Win this raffle, and you may never suffer from pretaculation.
  8. Breakfast with the Doors post.
  9. Ocala, up and at it. I'm up late. soon Wanna try some Tint Tac and Pre Tac - I'm in.
  10. Bham, still da man. Nice win.
  11. Bring it
  12. I tried out the method below when I was doing the beetle glass. This is all I had to go by...
  13. then one might it really huper.
  14. the old school beige type has worked well for me. (had problems with 3m blue)