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  1. We can change the logo to your ppf offering...
  2. We own a graphic and design company call Innovation...I got my guys to make an awesome display for CP and PPF...If you guys need a display to explain and have a visual display for your customer...We can make it for you. I can also send you the file if you do this inhouse..
  3. Yes
  4. Took us 13 hrs with 3 ppl to remove this 12 years old adhesive from Ventureshield and install 3M Pro Series. Anyone have have a quicker way to remove old adhesive. I have use almost everything and Rapid Remover work the best but still so time consuming. We had to buff the partial front of the corvette after removal and paint came out looking good. I actually either broke even or made very tiny little profit after it was done. I got to find a faster way to remove it or charge more.
  5. Man Im getting old... dam knee giving me pain...hopefully this equipment help my back and knee
  6. 6-10 vehicle a day....you should be able to pay for the rent in 1 day...
  7. We pressure wash our about 2-3 a week before every refill
  8. Go to PDS.com ...Tom will take care of you. Remember get it with a straight hose and black quick connect. You have to call him and tell him that.
  9. You don't have to put wood down....you can lift Porsche and corvette with no problem... It might be too long for a smart car... Overall it will work on most car. It is worth the money.. The vehicle you just mention don't spend no money on paint protection from my experience...
  10. Buy the 7k lb one...it is the new release...can't lift no more then 7k lb... so far I love it.
  11. A stationary 4 post lift cost about the same...but it cost anywhere from 2k to 4k on installation. I have the 4 post at our oil change place we used to own...we bought this because sometimes we have to used it in our detail, wash, and warehouse and it can move around in our lot to different departments.
  12. I don't know what to tell you...I guess you wouldn't want to give that dude a gun to hold.
  13. So I was bore and design our tanks. I laminated it so it can last long.
  14. Why would you want to do that? . If you had a 4 post lift and decided to push up on the rear bumper, do you think it might fall? It work and it work good that all I know.