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  1. Yuup....lets plan a trip to Hawaii and we can put slim juice into our luggage....free shipping
  2. Whoa 😲 slow down....One step at a time...get real good at one and it will be easier to learn the other...
  3. Just mixed to test on ppf and it work perfectly ....had to play around with the mix for the hot humid Houston climate....I end up putting 14ml to 1 gallon of RO water to get that perfect mixed. When I squeegee the film with my yellow turbo it stick instantly....did a full front on a X5 today with it. This will be my go to slip from now on....Im sick and tried of cleaning my bottle and pressure tank every morning.
  4. Buy enough film and you will get it all for free...even free graphtec plotter...got 2 40" and 1 60" all for free....We even get some of our advertising paid for us...
  5. oh man....I love the new tint slime....I mixed 2oz to every gallon. We remove a lot of sweep/door panel.....so we need that extra slip to do a smooth drop. It work perfect.
  6. The panel just pop off so you can remove the 3rd brake light. It is remove the same way a BMW 3rd brake light. Pulled the tab out on each side with a small hook tool. Every windows on this vehicle will have to be shrink......Good luck on shrinking the front 2 windows. I did this vehicle with 3M Crystalline and it was time consuming.
  7. How many oz you recommend in Houston humid hot weather....I like a lot of slip because we remove sweep or door panel for most of our install.... Also....we are pulling in vehicle into our tint bay that been sitting in the sun. I will be coming by Monday to get a gallon to try out. I still have a gallon of the green slim that been sitting since last year.
  8. I buy white bed sheet from target and laid it on the back seat while installing the back glass.
  9. That a 4 piece back glass...
  10. $248 for 3M FX Premium
  11. We own a car wash and my service advisor ask this customer with a 2016 Mustang if they would like to add window tinting to after the car wash. They said they are getting this week from someone else for $125 and that we are too expensive. So the customer came back 1 week later and she seem happy with her tint... my service advisor came got me and ask to look at her car tint. I usually never comment on anyone job for professional reason but this i have too.....I told her that they totally mess up her tint and we can redo it....Guess what she say....That we are still too expensive. I don't get itπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ™„
  12. We rarely can do a clean install on the quarter....that we just don't do them no more. I don't think customer will pay extra $50 for us to remove A-pillar for the little quarter. Good luck on getting it install...but it will take some time removing that film if it have imperfections.
  13. Easy Windows but waste alot of film,..if u can't do this vehicle then tinting is not for u...
  14. Send us a sample....we use to used the green stuff but it doesn't wrk good in summer...
  15. Yuuup.....I always tell all my installer "the more water you use...the more problems you will have"