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  1. Tint Slime Ratios?

    Once a year but we put add salt every few months. $300 a month...I use it to pressure wash the car before ppf and no water spot. If you did it without RO or DI system, the car would have wsterspot.
  2. Tint Slime Ratios?

    This setup is not Afforable to any tinter or ppf installer unless you run a detailing department. There is another route call CR Spotless that will be the best for you. We pay Culligan monthly around $300 for this system....But it is worth over 10k if you were to buy it.
  3. Tint Slime Ratios?

    Im in Houston and we put 2oz of tint slime to every gallon when it is hot and 1oz when it is cooler (which is rare). We only use the orange tint slim....the green one do not work in hot climate. I have seen the slim do some funny stuff to the adhesive to some film but not with 3M....As for J&J, we use 3oz per gallon when it is hot and we only buy the original and not the off brand.....For some reason the off brand do not work the same as the branded one. We use to have to have to clean our spray nozzle all the time but never had to do it since we got RO water. Everything slide better with RO (10K - 15K system) water than distill. You are welcome to come get 5 gallon a time of RO water and see for yourself...bring breakfast taco by the way and it is free. You also welcome to come get a few oz of orange slim....
  4. Crystalline shrinking method for side windows

    I can teach you to shrink this film in under 5 min for backglass and front windshield or your money back...Houston texas
  5. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    When you own a shop that do 7 figures in just tint and ppf...you will rethink think that statement....it is not worth it to you because you are not dedicated in what you do or your skill stop. I was only doing 3-6 ppf a month in 2005 when no one know what ppf is and almost gave up. I was doing Crystalline in late 2009, selling it for $500 and couldn’t sell it.... but I never gave up. Now I eat steak 🥩 almost everyday and drink heniken for lunch. It finally paid off after all these years....cheer 🍻
  6. f1 stratos vs huper optik

    I hoper he answer all your questions...just install 3M Crystalline and you will be good...also do the windshield on Outback, it is a big windshield and you will be happy.
  7. We do most bumper in 30 min because we remove all sensors, tow hook cover ect....
  8. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    I got a hundred tricks up my sleeve...My last trick is just to fuck it all up and tell the customer to replace the glass...
  9. Pic of the Week #587 Submissions

    Traveling to Atlanta GA from Houston to install some Deco dual cloud film we did for the HP building there.
  10. Airplane paint remover for strip and retint !!!

    Dam...I need to raise my price too for removal....that shit is driving me crazy...
  11. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    That is the official....We still do tint for a few dealership in town when their tinter are on vacation....$400 guarantee daily or flag hour.....which ever is more.. It is a service that we provide for our dealership that sell our Crystalline but still do cheap in-house film.
  12. Expected pay per vehicle tinting at a dealership?

    tell you want to be paid by flag hour.....like 3 hrs for a 4 door car, 2.5 hr for 2 door car, 2 hrs for a truck, 4hr for suv.... Each hour at $28 buck.... That way...if you do a car in 1 hrs ....you get 3 flag hour which equal to $84. This will work for both party because you will tint more car. They do this for their body and mechanic guy. Charge 7 flag hour for a brake job that take them 1 hr.
  13. 640i 2015

    Very easy car...frameless window It will be a walk in the park for you
  14. 3M it Baby ......The only film I would put on my vehicle...even if I wasn’t in the business
  15. Flexible Tube Light - Must Buy

    Why be on the fence...it is only $45-$60 buck...best investment us window film installer can make