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  1. Tinter needed in Houston Texas....Must be able to work on high end vehicle. Will train how to install 3M Crystalline....PPF skill is a plus. We have 2 location in Houston. Please call me at 713-242-1115 ext 700 Mike Norng or stop by North Houston14820 North Freeway, Houston Tx 77090Midtown Houston126 W. Gray St., Houston TX 77019
  2. Midtown Houston

    pod smart steamer

    That thing is junk...have 2 and they don’t last...maybe because we do a lot of ppf..get vapor chief steamer....cost around $600-$1100 but is the top dog
  3. Midtown Houston

    Range Rover PPF full hood

    Pro bond...suppose to do that before install
  4. Midtown Houston

    Water bubbles In PPF

    Try this...no water left behide...email me at Norngllc@gmail.com for info
  5. Midtown Houston

    Pic of the Week #613 Submissions

    My new place 24,000 sq ft of pure clean room.
  6. Midtown Houston

    Best portable Light?

    My peel board system will have lighting on it
  7. Midtown Houston

    G37 Convertible (2012)

    Visit us in Houston....4 locations to have your tint/ppf done. 290, 45 North, & Midtown. www.carsmetictint.com www.clearbraofhouston.com www.midtownmotortrends.com
  8. Midtown Houston

    PPF Spit Juice

    PPF Spit Juice Everyone and anyone having a hard time with ppf, I got the solution.....It is the soap in your slip.... I got the secret sauce for all you ppf guys. This soap will leave no trace of water be-hide. Ever had to go back a few hour to next day needing out water bubble, it is mostly because of the soap. The soap in your slip matter. This soap want to leave from under the ppf leaving nothing be-hide. For some of you that don’t have this problem, congratulations …..You should still try it. The soap cost is .25-.50 CENTS per vehicle installed. Hell I even made it better with a pump so you don’t even have to have a measuring device…..can’t get better than that. * No more wax or detailer spray needed * No more messy gel to clean up from the vehicle and floor * No more water bubble to needle out * No measure device or cup needed $12 for 16oz bottle plus $10 shipping. $20 for 32oz bottle plus $10 shipping. Paypal me @ mao411@live.com and includes your shipping address, contact info, and email…..SHIP FAST
  9. Midtown Houston

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    We have 4 tinter.....with me (the owner being one of them)...It is easier to find a tinter when you are the tinter. They will listen and follow your guideline because they know you know the what and how. My guy get paid a good salary plus commission. I keep the good installer and sample out the bad. I have went thru over 20 -25 tinter since 2005, but I actually know who good and will stay. We usually keep them for a while. The good one that left, left because they move out of town for personal reason. I have 2 tinter that came from a low end shop that I had to train all over again due to bad habit and it is well worth it. They will be one of the best installer due to our client expectations. We do a average of $500 plus per vehicle so paying isn't the problem.....it is breaking their bad habit. If you are not a tinter....then you might or will get run over by a tinter. A tinter mind set is not how much your shop overhead is, it is how much you charge on tint. They know how much material cost and see that you are charging xyz. I am transparent with my installer as they get a copy of the invoice to keep because they get a percentage of the invoice. Here what I recommend...paying a base salary guarantee or % .....which ever is higher at the end of the pay period. .......pay a base salary plus 4%-6% of window film install .......straight percentage of each install (self employee if you do this) If this don't work....then he is not the one....but he only can pick one....and you should highly advise him to pick the guarantee base salary...because it will be slow and if he pick anything else during this slow time....he going to change it up..
  10. Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    We was going to do that....but found a more cost saving solution....when the wheel are lock in place...it does not move and is solid.
  11. Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    It will cost more due to all the screw and additional hardware to put together....you are not buying this hardware from homedepot....i buy 2 pallets of metal and hardware at a time. We currently wholesale it to a big film company that buy it for their dealerships. This stand is solid....
  12. Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    It is solid.....remember this is our 6th modification....
  13. Midtown Houston

    Blade disposal

    I throw it all on the floor and pick it all up with a magnet 🧲 tools at the end of the day...
  14. Midtown Houston

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    High quality aluminum glass stand. This is our 6th modification to this stand. Very easy to put together.....take 30 min. Come with rubber molding, wheel, and all hardware to put together. All you need is a rubber mallet and hex tool. Glass must be 6' wide and any height up to 6' tall. Glass is not supply. We can also custom make it to your glass width if you use shorter glass width. Email me (Norngllc@gmail.com) if you are interested and take your shop to another level. $650 plus $50 shipping to your door. Made by a window tinter so you know it work and it work goooooood !!!! *****Wholesale inquiries are welcome*******
  15. Midtown Houston

    Exterior windshield protection products

    All those products last 3-4 months in Houston where it rain alot. It is only good for track vehicle and if you live in the almost perfect climate like San Diego. If you still wanna stock that product...here my advice..You have to have a clean room to do the windshield...any dust will show up big time due to the thickness of the film. It will take a lot of practice to shape this right. Adhesive is not really tacky so any fingers popping up the day after can not be fix. Good Luck