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  1. Hahahaha
  2. This is better then reading the Sunday chronicles....hahahah ???????????????????? cheers
  3. That one is discontinued from 3M....This one actually work better...It is a wall unit. I have 2 of the one you want but afraid glass might break during shipping or else I would sell you one. The currently heat lamp display sell for about $400 give or take.
  4. ???? he absolutely right...I own a car wash and I would sub it out to begin with until there enough business to hire inhouse.
  5. I give the lady that handle payable free car wash....get a check within 1-2 weeks....Find out who she or he is and grt to know them....Maybe your invoice will be on top of the stack instead of the bottom when you submit it.
  6. Only Graphtec
  7. Hi Justtinting, Give me a call or visit our midtown houston location. Mike Norng Www.midtownmotortrends.com (713) 338-0101 ext 700
  8. With clearpex or bray....it is only a good product in a city or state that doesn't rain much.....They wiper will eventually killed the scratch coat fast in a place like Houston. We are a bray dealer and recommend selling their product on track vehicle.
  9. I don't know why everyone charge $50 For removal in Houston....when i say everyone...I mean everyone!!!!! That shit is hard and time consuming most of the time. Removal should be charge same as new install. Well anyway....I guess i might be the only few that value their time in Houston.
  10. We are almost done.......
  11. Turn your business into a hand car wash and detail and you will get all the window tint, ppf, and wraps allday everyday. We get over 2k vehicle to detail a month and those vehicles end up getting tint and ppf with us. You are not going to get no where if you only doing car wash part time.
  12. When I first started....i had 4 experience tinter that I would call for on advice how to tackle almost every vehicle....I would advise you to do the same...
  13. All man that is mess up...hahahahha....I can't believe someone come on here for advice and do that shit...
  14. I can't say...You are in Hawaii...every thing is expensive there. Call another Huper shop and ask them how much they charge for Ceramic and goes from there.
  15. AFS (Automotive Film Specialists) is coming to Houston. After many years of looking at how Cali shop is set up.....we are finally getting to have the same set up. We operate and own 3 location and are limited in our shop space. Due to the increasing demand in 3M Crystalline and PPF, we finally get to meet that demand with our new location. We have been working on this for a year now and building it from the ground up. It will be a state of the art work space located on the same lot as our Midtown Motor Trends location. While at Sema 2016 we pick up some new product to add to the new business. We pick up Ceramic Pro 9H and 3M Scotchgard Pro Series. After many request for a ceramic glass coating for vehicle....I have decided to add that to the menu. I didn't add it before due to limited space. This will need a dedicated space for the application and IR curing stage. After testing out the new Pro Series.....I love this film. It is very easy to install and the clarity is amazing. It is a better film than Xpel Ultimate, which we still carry. We also got 3M Scotchgard Certified. Also, 3M Crystalline 20vlt got announce at Sema....like DynamicAppearance said "a game changer". Will keep everyone posted on the progress of the new building.