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  1. Tesla Model 3

    Back in the box when done and store vertically...We are one of the top shop for tesla in houston....The Houston location delivers to 3 state and we had to be efficient at doing tesla...i might buy the windshield next... look us up on Instagram at midtownmotortrends and autofilmspecialists on ppf we can do a whole quality full front and crystalline in 2 hrs....
  2. Tesla Model 3

    We do so many Tesla 3 that we just bought the backglass for $500....this will speed up our time on the shrinking and make it easier. Now I need to buy 2 glass stand for this.
  3. Wow...man I would love to do something like that.
  4. 2017 Range Rover.

    This and it is easy
  5. Decorative Film

    3mhave a hugh selection, llumar have good selection. We maily use 3M deco film. We own digital plotter that range from 30k to 150k each. When we were looking to buy a digital printer that can print white ink, it was a million dollar for 1 printer and was advised that printing white is difficult. That is why deco film is expensive. Decorate dfilm.com sell 3M film for 40% more than what I get it for from 3M. They are charging alot knowing that most don’t do much in deco film.
  6. Casper Cloaking Film

    The orientation is the easy part...bid it right is most important because you will have to replace some film due to installation error. This film will break and tear very easily. We pulled the liner and it tear. We use a blow dryer to remove the water from the edge and to help remove moisture on the film....it do not like much water and will curle up if there too much.
  7. We started off carry Solargard HP and was selling film from $150-$185. We then switch to Suntek Carbon and CXP and was sell fillm $150-$265. All these years while doing these 2 film, we have alot of customer mostly Toyota, lexus and bmw asking for 3M. We tell them that we don’t carry that film and try to convert them over to Suntek. Some would say yes but most leave and go somewhere else. So in 2010 I decided to learn more about 3M and stock the film. That was the best business move I made till this day. We was doing 10-12k with Suntek a month in tint to now doing well over 40k just in 3M Crystalline a month. I post of pictures of very nice cars geeting Crystalline but in fact...most of our crystalline sale are to Toyota and Lexus. 98% of our tint are all new vehicles compare to not carrying 3M. The shop have tranform from just wanting to work on car to now being the go to shop for all quality and high end work because of 3M. We hardly have to sell Crystalline, the consumer are asking for it and scheduling appointment all day. We do 1k plus tint on a car and do 4-6 a day. I would recommend carrying 3M if you are doing retail.
  8. Casper Cloaking Film

    Not that much...there was only 720 sq ft of Casper and the rest was dual cloud which we got normal price for.
  9. Casper Cloaking Film

    Not enough...$95 a sq ft ...3k sq ft with a combo of this film and dual cloud deco film. Use less soap, aim right, one pass squeeze, just thinking outside the box.
  10. Casper Cloaking Film

    Finally figured it out after wasting 3k worth of material...this material is almost $50 per sq ft...
  11. Casper Cloaking Film

    I am needing advice on this film. I have a pretty big job with this film and having trouble laying big pieces. The size of the glass is 48” x 103” and I cannot get it to lay down without finger. The glass is bending due to being frameless so that is why I am thinking it won’t lay without finger. I also lower my solution with a drop of dawn and it still dont work. It will stick no problem on smaller size glass 48” x 36”....advice please...maybe it won’t stick due to thickness.
  12. Tesla Model 3 Warning

    I just purchase the back glass to the model 3 for $500 so I can have the film preshrink....hopefully it will make us more efficient.....We do a lot of Tesla....I mean a lot.
  13. Shop misleading customers

    Say the word ceramic and most consumer will pay $300 plus for a carbon film. Do your research and educate yourself before buying.
  14. Pic of the Week #596 Submissions

    This JKF Lincoln Continental getting detail.
  15. G-wagon

    If it is the 4x4 ....all software is off FVD, Trucut and Xpel....