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  1. Midtown Houston

    3M Pro Shop

    Had tint, ppf, and vinyl training at my shop Automotive Film Specialists ....First 3M Pro shop in the nation!!!!! We offer private training by Mike Norng at 713-560-0669 follow us on ig or fb @autofilmspecialists @midtownmotortrends
  2. Midtown Houston

    Tint school?

    I’m old school...I can teach you to tint efficiency and teach you on almost every style...as far as business goes...I built a million dollar business but I did it in time which mean it took me over 8yrs for my business to gross over a million a year in sale...I Used up alot of my time learning because there was rarely anyone to teach me and made many mistakes...looking back, I wish someone was there to teach me all the tips and tricks...but I had to learn it the hard way.....I don’t just teach anyone, in-fact I turn alot of guys down due to being new, mobile, not being properly equipped....
  3. Midtown Houston

    Tint school?

    It is BS if you already know how to tint and went thru the expensive mistakes of doing so......I totally understand the 20k is a sticker shocker but I can make any shop very efficient and productive. I have visit many shop and seen hundreds of film installer....trust me less than 10% of shop/installer are doing it right. If you visit our facility and see my team work...you might say...I been doing it all wrong all these dam years!!!!
  4. Midtown Houston

    Windshield Protection

    We all warn you!!!! None of them last.....Period...
  5. Midtown Houston

    Tint school?

    14 days training and 20k...You will tint like a pro when I am done with you!!!! Before you say that too expensive....No one in this country that can train you to tint in 2-4 days...it is all basic stuff and hopefully you got the common sense to learn the rest...your failure rate is 90% and you will make very expensive mistakes and you will make these mistakes for years...Not with me...also you will make money after I train you !!!!! And not stuck doing friends and family car for free until you learn....
  6. Midtown Houston

    For those who use KEG sprayers

    That not going to work...we make everything to support spray tank set up but we do not sell the tank...get it new and will last you a lifetime
  7. Midtown Houston

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    For the OP ....highly recommend you show the tint shop this...Any quality shop will r&r that with no questions ask. Maybe a little too much soap or didn’t lock the top before rolling up...it happen but give them a chance to fix it. ALSO BE NICE....IT WILL WORK
  8. Midtown Houston

    Did I get a bad tint job on my car?

    It look good to me...don’t pick this guy apart because you want it closer to the edge...we charge additional $25 for shave top each glass. For all the tinter here...we suppose to support each other and not tear another tinter apart. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it.
  9. Midtown Houston

    3M Ceramic IR

    It match oem privacy glass and shrink like normal film...
  10. Midtown Houston

    3M Ceramic IR

  11. Midtown Houston

    3M Ceramic IR

    It have landed....We gonna be the first to install this film in the nation...we been testing it out for a few month and it is awesome so far. Ceramic IR from 3M
  12. Midtown Houston

    Removing inside pillars of a Tesla model 3

    Call me 713-560-0669
  13. Midtown Houston

    The best peel board ever made

    They are all made just not in the picture...
  14. Midtown Houston

    Custom Heat Box

    Hot Diggity Dog 🐶....I keep out doing myself Custom heat box ready to ship Made in Houston Texas Mao Heat Box making window film companies around the nation very profitable Mao POD Station IG & FB: maopodstation - Being efficient is the key 🔑 to success. Work smarter not harder. - We are committed to providing our client the best product to protecting their vehicle since 2005. - “We are always training and learning with your high standards in mind” ——————————————————— Norng LLC 126 W. Gray St. Houston TX 77019 📬Norngllc@gmail.com ☎️(713) 560-0669 ———————————————————