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  1. Last one to post #791

    Condom sense? im not from your area but I can imagine the stuff that goes on there I wonder if @Balzyone works there
  2. Last one to post #791

    Watching some big hero 6 with the kidos.
  3. I use baby shampoo and I don't wash my bottles out. I've found that as long as I dump my bottles out and tip them upside down each night, I don't get any nasty build up. If you let them sit overnight, especially when it's hot and humid, you'll have gunk built up in no time.
  4. Pic of the Week #545 Vote

    Awesome pics guys! @jh812 I think I see a hair in your tint job?
  5. Totally agree! I've blacked out a few party busses over the past couple years and the latest one I did I used some puffy paint and it turned out the best.
  6. Score marks on back glass from olfa

    Good rule of thumb is if you can't feel it with your fingernail then you can probably get it buffed out. If you can, then there's not much you can do.
  7. Razor blade or scrubby pad or both?

    Gator blade for the side windows. Scotch brite non scratch pads for back glass. Only use SS blades for stickers or any other stubborn foreign substance.
  8. Last one to post #790

    Stopping by to say hello
  9. Absolutely concur! Love me some puffy paint!
  10. Privacy Film Company Raffle/Giveaway

    We've got a sighting! Hope all my fellow tinters are busy slinging it!
  11. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    Good ol nelly. Takes me back to high school
  12. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    I don't know but he sounds like a hack hope all is well up north
  13. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    What's up man Keeping busy! Bought a house back in February, entertaining the family. All that fun stuff!
  14. TD T-Shirt Raffle

    Just referred a customer to this site, then realized I haven't been here in awhile. Hope you all are doing well! Would love another TD shirt to go alone with the one @Bhamgave me
  15. Armolan Window Films Raffle

    That's crazy! ive also heard that one out of every 90 people that fly united airlines get beat up