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  1. I grill a couple times a week. I'm no pro but I do a decent job. Been grilling a lot of chicken lately while getting in shape.
  2. Yo yo tired of this rain, bring out the sun
  3. Shrinking this back window is a waste of time Much easier to just trace back window using old liner and then cut on peel board. I pull seals without removing panels. Only think I remove is the single torque screw that's expossed on back two doors. Only thing I shrink on these are the quarter windows.
  4. Depends, I do if working from home. If it's at the shop I work for then technically no but I'm the only installer so all installs go through me. So if anything goes wrong, there is no one to blame but myself. If I was careless I wouldn't have a job for very long. I typically stick with the 0000 but there are cases I've busted out the 00 and have had success. Its one of those things that if you feel uncomfortable using it, don't use it.
  5. I'll use 00 occasionally. Make sure to test a small area first.
  6. I believe it's called "refraction". Basically the tint is raised over the defrost lines causing the light to bend.
  7. Me either
  8. My thoughts exactly! It's like " if there were only two I would let it slide but three? Oh hell no!" X2
  9. That sucks. My family was dealing with strep and the flu a couple weeks back.
  10. 100% perfect tint job is NEVER possible. I can't really tell from the pic but in general if all you have are three small specks in a window then consider yourself fortunate.
  11. finally time to eat some dinner