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  1. I've learned more about nutrition over the last year than I ever have before. I drink around 4 or 5 cans of pop over a weeks time but I did go about 6 months without any. The first 2 to 3 days were the toughest for me but after that it was a breeze.
  2. Thanks man, im good. In the process of buying a house and dealing with all the that comes along with that.
  3. I'm confused you do realize that the defrosters serve a purpose? Sounds like you may be replacing some glass down the road.
  4. @Bham
  5. @Lock @Lock @Lock thats cool! Thought I'd give myself some love
  6. manasia twa tint job there
  7. Lost my appetite for some reason
  8. We deal with this in Utah. It is strictly enforced here. Sounds like those in Texas better get use to cutting them out.
  9. Hey cool I won the bonus medal
  10. You guys have been busy