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  1. Blackdout

    Remove old flaking tint.

    I was afraid of that.
  2. Blackdout

    Remove old flaking tint.

    It’s a 98 accord coupe. Think the tint has been on since about that time too. 🤯
  3. Blackdout

    Remove old flaking tint.

  4. Blackdout

    Remove old flaking tint.

    I’m trying to remove old tint off a bg and the first layer comes out fine but the second layer is flaking in a million pieces. Is there anyway to remove the tint without damaging the defrosters. I’ve been using a steamer with no luck. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Trying to remove these bolts without hacking it up. Does anyone know of the easiest way?IMG_0004.HEICIMG_0004.HEIC
  6. Blackdout

    2018 toyota camry door panels???

    Not sure if it pops out with the screw in or not I always remove that too screw. Quarters are straight forward.
  7. Blackdout

    Cars full of sh*t

    This car wasn’t that dirty or stinky but I found this weird sh!t in someone’s car.
  8. Blackdout


    Does anyone know if a 40” roll will work on the windshield of a model s?
  9. Blackdout

    Ordered Orange 4x tint slime today !

    I use equate brand as well and find I have to use a little more than the j&j. I make fresh bottles of slip as I go. I notice if I premake my slip in the morning, by afternoon it wouldn’t be as slippery
  10. Blackdout

    2018 CLA 250 Sedan

    Do you know if the push start will work once everything dries out? I just ran into that problem today.
  11. Blackdout

    Aluminum rub on window?

    After digging around I seen that ryker had suggested using mother mag and aluminum polish. Do I just keep rubbing at it with the polish till it’s gone?
  12. Blackdout

    Aluminum rub on window?

    I tinted a window twice today and I keep seeing these markings on the glass. Looks to me like some sort of aluminum residue from whoever removed the old tint. Is there a way to clean this off? Esp in the gasket where it’s so tight
  13. Blackdout

    Gls SUV seal removal for felt/bottom load

    Do these need felt in the sweeps?
  14. Blackdout

    Lack of oxygen in the car after window tinting

    I know I prob shouldn’t have reimbursed her but she was one of those ladies who would keep nagging you until she was satisfied. And plus the fact her other installer put in her head that I was to blame made her adamant that it was the tint causing the lack of air. Still learning a lot to this trade esp. the customer service part. I still have to bite my tongue at times dealing with assholes.
  15. Blackdout

    Lack of oxygen in the car after window tinting

    I was able to pull back the layer I installed with a steamer making sure not to lift he first piece of film. There was only a couple spots with glue residue which I cleaned up with some rubbing alcohol.