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  1. Looking for Winter Tips and Tricks

    I had this happen, big time, after tinting one of my personal cars years ago. It was cooler than normal, and I didn't have a garage to park the car in overnight the first night. The water between the film/glass was frozen, so bad I couldn't drive the car since I couldn't see through them. Good news though; once the ice melted the following day, the film dried normally without any indication of freezing or damage! I was surprised, to say the least. If the overnight temp is forecasted <0°F, I'll tell customers to park in a garage (even if unheated), or leave with me overnight to sit in my shop.
  2. I'm in SE Wisconsin, and I own a small shop. I'm looking for another tinter to hire part time as an independent contractor. I'm willing to pay well for experienced tinters, who need little training, and can offer 20-25 hrs/week or so. I have owned my shop for 30 years now. I have an excellent customer base and would like to continue, but I'm in need of hip surgery due to a motorcycle accident a few years ago. If you know anyone interested, please contact me or reply to this thread. I strive for near perfection for my customers, and have very little competition. Winters get a little light for work, but I can say I've worked at least two cars per week, even during the coldest months of the last three or four winters, due to repeat customers.
  3. 01 IS300

    I did an '02 today, and had major peanut problems with the simple-to-shrink back window. I really wish we could start some kind of database or list of specific year/make/model cars with peanut problems. I have been tinting for many years, and don't look up cars prior to installing on every single car, and absolutely hate being surprised by this problem only AFTER it's too late.
  4. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    Sorry I didn't get back early enough to respond... It ain't good for shrinking! I have one (not the whole kit), and use it for minor glass heating, to keep a finger or corner down, for instance. It works well after I pull the car out of the shop. It does work for that, and nice not to run an extension cord outside or bring car back inside when the next car is rushed inside. IMO, it does get hot, just doesn't have the air flow needed for shrinking efficiently. I have expressed my opinion to marketing at Milwaukee, but they aren't looking to sell to the tinting market, so don't hold your breath.
  5. Work light

    Milwaukee Tool is making various 12V and 18V LED work lights that are so bright they hurt your eyes to look at without film in between. Some with magnetic bases, and all with fully rechargable batteries, the same as their tools.
  6. Windshield strip that follows the curve?

    [emoji19] [emoji20] [emoji26] Oh, I know there's a photo or two somewhere here on TD, probably in the Tips & Tricks or Tools forum. We're talking 10-15 years ago though.
  7. Windshield strip that follows the curve?

    I took a simple adjustable divider (from geometry class to make circles), filed the point down so it wasn't sharp, and instead of a pencil, I used a small hose clamp to install a Sharpie marker. It works well since I can adjust the width, and mark the film while following the top gasket. Sorry, I don't have a photo right now.

    I'm not superstitious but have taught many that uttering those words that shall not be spoken will sometimes result in you being on the Second to last window!EVERY time it happens its on the easiest no BS window too! I'm not superstitious either, but I have taught to never, never put the box of film back on the shelf after everything is cut, before everything is fully installed.Seems like every damn time I do that, something screws up.
  9. what are tips for cleanest work.?

    1. Practice 2. Reading tips on TD
  10. Trimming around mirrors

    Sharpie. Same marker I use to mark the bottom edge profile to match the curve at the top edge of the window, because i don't like to leave the bottom edge straight.
  11. New to tinting

    Yes. Take his class. You will waste a lot of time, money, and stress if you don't get a good start.
  12. Help maybe u have a tip for me?

    I tint all cars in an auto repair shop. Fortunately, my work starts when their work ends, but I still have issues with contamination. The mechanics know what is acceptable while I'm working. I have gotten better at tinting because of this, and the reality that I can't isolate my bay from theirs.
  13. Paper Towels????

    The only micro fiber towels I've ever seen are way too thick to jam in to tight gaskets. I'd be interested in where you purchase them, so I can check them out. I've been buying the blue, lint-free towels from Zep for years, but I'm cheap, so I'm always looking to save money at the shop.
  14. Will you PM me with where you had it done? I'm always interested in shops in WI.
  15. Bring it to me in Oconomowoc. Only SunTek, film, lifetime warranty, but pull all gaskets, sorry. No scratches though. 26 years experience, but I already have a month's waiting list.