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  1. Nothing to worry about being near the ocean as it won't corrode. Definetly a better option than 3M Ceramic for what you are looking for. Its cost will be higher though as its an IR film You should look at 3M Prestige 50. -VLT: 50% -TSER: 56% -Reflectance Ext: 8% -Reflectance Int: 7% -Glare Reduction: 44%
  2. ^^^^Exactly this^^^^ Well said Jeff. I know we let customers walk, some of them come back to us with lets say less than par installs from other shops. Lesson learned the hard way I suppose.
  3. Fan Setting 1 - Airflow 10-11 CFM Temp. 120-900 Degrees Fan Setting 2 - Airflow 16-19 CFM Temp. 130-1150 Degrees Milwaukee goes to 14cfm so this Porter Cable on high is hotter with more air flow. All our installers like it better. Its under $30 so I bought a bunch of them. Just outstanding so far.
  4. I was a fan of that Milwaukee until we tried the porter cable. Half the price too and it runs at 1500 degrees and has a dial. Works better on Crystalline for us. Super durable so far as well. Porter Cable
  5. No haze issues with Crystalline 70. Just great heat rejection. We install a ton of CR70 on windshields and our customers love it!
  6. 3M Crystalline. You need an IR film on that windshield not a dyed film. Great clarity and equal to less reflection than glass itself. The 70% will block more heat than that 45% dyed film will ;)
  7. You lift the film you risk leaving a lift line as well. Its hard to see these things when they are wet and your doing it. You have to look from every angle and even then stuff is wet and dark matching the surface. When it dries oh the horror lol. Probably redo time. @Midtown Houston Yeah that RS rear fender sucks. Rocker and a pillar included its a huge complex fender. I hate the white ones!
  8. You don't want the type of customer anyway. we built our business off of quality. We price out those type of customers and focus on the ones that do make us money.
  9. Problem with Suntek is they have no dealer locator. Nobody is going to find you through the manufactures site. They also sell to anyone out of the trunk of a car. They just want to sell film it seems. I think a lot of people like it because its easy to install. I personally like stuff that is harder to install as fewer can do a great install with it ;) Quit worrying what the other guy is doing. I know its hard to do but think about how low of a percentage it is out there that actually have clear bra on their car. More than enough work for everyone so create your market. Advertise and reach your customers that way and they will only know of you. I would also speak with your rep as maybe you have some valid concerns. For the record I am a XPEL and 3M Pro Series shop. To me the film has to be great but so does the support for it to be in my shop. I like the Suntek film but until they have a way to produce leads its not all that great for me. I think the other films also have also gotten a lot better so the whole Suntek is the clearest, least orange peel argument doesn't fly anymore at least IMO is doesn't. I have seen it on plenty of cars and just prefer the other two brands over it.
  10. Nope not Reckless it was my other tinter that did it. We pull the mirror, easy to remove but you better have emblem adhesive to put that long wire cover back on as adding tape will show. Takes all day to shrink and install and not easy at all so really not worth it either LOL. We charge over 1K for the windshield but think we have it down just not a lot of takers at that price.
  11. I am the one that did that Mustang with the white stripes. Because its white its more of an option and since we wrap edges fully no contaminates will get under it. It is not noticeable even up close but would not recommend on a dark colored car. The customer was informed of his options and went with going over them.
  12. Its not even close. XPEL is the better option.
  13. We pull them out of the car since we remove door panel. Its only a screw on the top and a couple bolts and its out. Some cars have weak aluminum screws or they were already stripped and in that case we will trim the rubber as a last resort. I always prefer not to alter a customers car when possible. While you can achieve a near perfect fit trimming, pulling them is a no brainer for getting them perfect every time. I have the prepper yank and tint them, reinstall before I even get to the rear door rollups.
  14. Get the Crystalline, you can't go wrong and its proven!
  15. 3M has a technical bulletin on CR90 stating it was constructed as California compliant. Not sure if I am allowed to share it so won't but it was built above 88% VLT and it only has to stay above 70% once applied to glass(glazing) if you read the law. Not to say it would not drop below that on some of the lightly tinted factory glass like the solar green ones.