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  1. I see some installers leave Porsche hood emblem and wrap the hood. Not sure if they cut out the emblem (thin hood emblem not the thick ones) later on. I always remove the emblems before install and put it back with 3m double tapes (if they are not speed nut type). But I see some installer leave the emblems and do the install. Is this something most installer do? For Corvette C7 Grand sport, there are decals on both front fenders from factory, I remove them and wrap the fenders then put brand new decals back. I see some of them just wrap the fenders without removing the decals. Is this how most of you do? I'm sure there will be some air pocket/gap around decals. Or do they relieve cut around decals to prevent getting air gap? Also, some installer leave Parking sensor PDC covered with PPF. Doesn't it also leave some air gap around the sensors? I always cut out the sensors but not as perfect as precut cut out. I have pdc sensor cut out die but just curious how others do? any suggestions or tips? Thanks
  2. I do PPF and do carry 3M PPF films and recently purchased opening order with 3M window films. Well I didn't know ebay films are fake Chinese films. I've seen some PPF films selling for below my cost lol. Just you know I only get 3M films from 3M distributor and Xpel films directly from Xpel. Thank you for detail information. I do your second best method for the windshield but never have done using 2 heat guns method. I've watched some youtube and only have seen windshield installation but not side windows.
  3. I'm new to tint world and recently worked on some cars including my own, friends' & family cars. I've done a couple of windshields using crystalline but never got to do the side windows. How do you shrink the side windows? wet shrink like most of other windows? or do similar to windshield method? Dry shrink/ lock bottom and use felt squeegee method? Also, I'm planning to do Model 3 soon and I heard rear glass needs 60 inch roll but also front windshield needs 60 inch or 40 inch should be enough? Greatly appreciated!
  4. I've been looking for a training but I can't find anywhere local. I can drive few hundred more miles so MD/VA area works for me. I'd like to learn 100% hand cut as well as pre-cut (software) work. Thank you in advance
  5. locus

    To be 3M certified or not

    Thank you for your info. I'm also considering a tint business and looking for training and I found both 3M and XPEL offer training so I thought about getting their films and their training. I'll look for training on those brands you recommended. By any chance you know training info on those brands? Thank you in advance
  6. locus

    To be 3M certified or not

    Just curious, what other brand films are easier to install? I'm also looking for a training and don't want to purchase films that are difficult to install.
  7. locus

    Size Rolls everyone use

    I'm in the same boat, how about windshield? I'll probably pick up 36" or 40" but also looking to do windshield. What size do you use for windshield? I guess 60" ? I can choose from 90% & 70%. I will probably go with 70% for now.