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  1. Any good for european market? Does it have to be used with suntek film only? What are my options for a good ppf software that isn’t tied with a specific manufacturer? Thanks in advance, Roy
  2. Update: i have bought some files, will test out tomorrow, using opalux film,aswf film,xpel film,suntek standard pro,llumar xtc film, nice test for this week☝️
  3. Thanks guys thats a mega help! Much appreciated👌👌👌
  4. I’m on the understanding it is a single cut, cut2, 31slots per 10mm file, but i would like this confirmed, i’m based in the UK and cannot find a supplier of files... well one stockist has it but they want me to buy a roll of film if i want to buy files, they also won’t tell me what the file specifications annoying! Thanks in advance for any help!