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  1. Hi I’m looking for a experienced flat glass tinter in Houston. We are a marking company looking for installers who are up for a challenge. Must be self motivated and willing to work long hours. We specialize in all types of graphics from wall, glass, to commercial Vehicle wrap. For more info you can contact me at 2817012172 ask for John
  2. Best way to remove dusted crystals is by using a product called vinyl off . It’s an oil base substance so you might want to use a miro fabric rag to apply evenly to the dusted crystal . Give it about 5 min and you should be able to peel it off without it tearing . You will know it’s ready once the film start creating wrinkles .
  3. Texastinter99

    What do y'all think? Good? Or bad?

    Yea I thought so too I'll make my next video I little shorter
  4. Installing mac 3000 on a functional just want to know if there any other ways or tips to install if you see something wrong fell free to comment
  5. Texastinter99

    Pic of the Week #551 Submissions

    Mac 3000 working around the rhino
  6. Texastinter99

    Side jobs?

    I agree with Tint Slayer and quality tintz if it makes you more money do it...It feels harder because you become a salesman and a installer. You might be just use to be in the shop just installing...As for changing change what you think you work is worth that just my opinion.
  7. Texastinter99

    Pic of the Week #545 Submissions

    Whole house DL 20 madico sunscape
  8. Texastinter99

    Pic of the Week #544 Submissions

    Lol...that a toll tag on the windshield but it does look like it's on the passenger door
  9. Texastinter99

    Tracking rolls of film

    They might have cut a 60" roll down in to a 20" and a 40" maybe
  10. Texastinter99

    Pic of the Week #544 Submissions

    I tint it 35% qdp Global alway around... I was trying to get a good angle of the car lol
  11. Texastinter99

    Pic of the Week #544 Submissions