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  1. Dakota21601

    Bulk 3M Window tint Question

    I hope so cuz I just used 3M CS and that is a lot of film to be disappointed with if he means 740 rolls. Lol
  2. Dakota21601


    I had this problem on a new Fusion the other day. I was like wtf? I've done another Fusion a few years older almost the same body just before they just changed the front end. I guess the windshield has more curve to it. Id get sooooo close then burn or crease the corner. Gotta get good at stretching. Need to find some good vids.
  3. Dakota21601

    2013 Sienna fronts

    These look pretty straight forward but I prefer pulling seals if it's easy. These pull right out or are we talking door panel removal or what?
  4. Dakota21601

    stock tint match, favorite brands?

    SolarFx Carbon for me.
  5. Dakota21601

    Poor tint job, with collateral damage HELP

    OMG. I tint out of my home garage, get installs 1000X better than that and don't scratch the crap out of cars like that. If they know their cords do that to clear coat then why the hell are they dragging them all over the car? And the creases, peanuts and specs in that back glass......it would never have left like that. That's crazy.
  6. Dakota21601

    Am I being OCD about this?

    I have a buddy with a 3 series that wants me to redo all his tint on his sedan. The fronts are scratched all to crap. At least on the driver side I know. I plan on pulling seals and cleaning it well before redoing it for sure.
  7. Dakota21601

    SolarFX Window Films Nano-Ceramic Film Raffle

    one more post before it's over.....lol
  8. Dakota21601

    SolarFX Window Films Nano-Ceramic Film Raffle

    Man, I need to check in more......Well, I have like a .01% chance on this one....lol