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  1. I had this problem on a new Fusion the other day. I was like wtf? I've done another Fusion a few years older almost the same body just before they just changed the front end. I guess the windshield has more curve to it. Id get sooooo close then burn or crease the corner. Gotta get good at stretching. Need to find some good vids.
  2. These look pretty straight forward but I prefer pulling seals if it's easy. These pull right out or are we talking door panel removal or what?
  3. SolarFx Carbon for me.
  4. OMG. I tint out of my home garage, get installs 1000X better than that and don't scratch the crap out of cars like that. If they know their cords do that to clear coat then why the hell are they dragging them all over the car? And the creases, peanuts and specs in that back glass......it would never have left like that. That's crazy.
  5. I have a buddy with a 3 series that wants me to redo all his tint on his sedan. The fronts are scratched all to crap. At least on the driver side I know. I plan on pulling seals and cleaning it well before redoing it for sure.
  6. one more post before it's over.....lol
  7. Man, I need to check in more......Well, I have like a .01% chance on this one....lol
  8. No just my standard w the CarbonFx. Upsell ceramic.
  9. hahaha.....now that's funny
  10. That's basically how it ended.....hahahhaha
  11. That's gonna be my car. I'm leavin the van as is. It's gonna be replaced the soonest...lol. That's the only reason I did the Rayno on it. Well and to try to deplete the supply. But it is an 07 with 135k on it. We won't have it too much horribly longer. Long enough for that to last....haha. But I will probably redo my car with the SolarFx when I get it. Why not....I have only tinted my car like 8 different times already.
  12. Aaaaahhhhh. That makes sense. Guess iv never seen one w the door open either. Lol
  13. Well, had one of those moments today..... Decided redo my van fronts in my Rayno S7 20% to get rid of some of it. The tint on there was Suntek carbon 18 from when I first started tinting so you can only imagine.....Trying to convert over to the SolarFx so looking to burn this on stuff. Well, burn I did tonight...lol I had redone the passenger side yesterday and cut first one just a hair shorter than I really wanted so I redid it. Turned out great. Cut the driver side tonight, cleaned off well, everything was going perfect. Even the application and cut were spot on. Window looked great. Well......before I blue maxxed it on I was like....."dang, that looks dark?" Looked over through the passenger window and was like "is it the lighting or what?" Passenger window I did yesterday looked fine. Pulled the box down I used......5%....Doh! So I pulled my 20% down, unrolled it on the window, no big deal....Roll popped out of the box (36" roll) and slid down to the floor and creased a bunch of the film. Had to trash about 5' of it.....So now I am getting irritated......Cut the next one and my top cut went bad cuz I was in a hurry so on like the fourth try I finally made the install....lol. Well, the first one was perfect.....2 and 3 went south big time. Just one of those moments I guess...... But, on the positive side, I am about 10' closer to using SolarFx ceramic....hahahaha
  14. I have converted over to all SolarFx Carbon and HybridFx. Love them both, work the same, feel the same, but just a slightly different finish. Carbon matches factory glass real well on vans/suvs etc. The Hybrid has more "sheen" to it. Shrink better than anything I have used, stick quick and look great. converting to their ceramic too asap
  15. Ya....agreed.....Probably can't stand him even more than the Pats....