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  1. Looking for pointers on distribution.

    Derek and Shawn are great at Dragon Distributing. They will work with whatever plan you have and their products can´t be beat. Whitehog is Shawn´s screen name on here..Send him a PM or click on SolarFX banner on the right side of home screen..
  2. Tint Tek blade with vinyl express Q-42

    It shouldn’t affect cutting at all but make sure it doesn’t change your speed settings. They are set at around 20 if memory serves? Did Cindy at Tinttek help you set it up?
  3. Tint Tek blade with vinyl express Q-42

    If I understand correctly, you should have it set on the CB09 option. We are talking about plotter settings that show up on the screen with force, speed, and condition? If so, that is what you want. Welcome to the world of plotters...they are great machines for what we do.
  4. getting a new plotter and software

    I started with Tinttek and loved them.....then I hated them. Let me explain...their customer service is top notch. Cindy Wayne gave me her personal cell number and helped me set up my plotter after hours during her drive home. Unfortunately customer service does not work in the pattern department. In one week I did a Jeep Wrangler front windshield which the pattern was about an inch too short at the bottom. Couple of days later I did 4 police Tahoes and all of the rear door windows were cut at an angle and short on one side at the bottom. I called and pointed out these issues with the promise they would be looked into. About two months later I did another Tahoe....same problem. Then shortly after the same problem with the Jeep windshield. I called back and it was..."we don´t work in that dept. but will let them know...we have had problems." I decided to change right then and moved over to Film Designs. I also subscribe to Llumar´s Precision Cut. That way I always am guaranteed to have what I need if one system doesn´t have a particular pattern. Happens a lot with windshields. Film Designs is a great system. You should call and talk to Brittany or Brett. They are great folks. As far as plotters, I would definitely use Sign Warehouse. I would recommend the Vinyl Express Q series. I have two of the 42" plotters and one of the 64". These machines are generic versions of the Graphtec FC8600 and even come with the Graphtec manuals and blade holders and blades. I have a contact there who will absolutely give you the best price. Just let me know if you are interested and I can give you her contact info. Hope this helps and if you have any questions let me know. This part of the process can be a bit scary, but after 30 years of hand cutting I would never go back to it after using a plotter.
  5. 2016 Nissan Titan

    One thing to add. Door panels pop back easily at the top BUT if you aren’t careful the inner white panel with the panel clips in it will separate from the door panel. It is secured to the door panel at various points where the plastic is melted together. If it breaks you can fix with several small screws at the same points. All of this mentioned above it is important to push down slightly while popping out with the top of the panel.
  6. Classic Charcoal for windshields?

    Jh, I think it was you I read had mentioned a clarity issue and you sent the roll back. Was that HP charcoal then?
  7. Classic Charcoal for windshields?

    Guys, I was looking for a cheap windshield film to start using for some of my dealership accounts and was looking into using the 50% Classic Black line, but it was mentioned that there was an occasional complaint regarding clarity/distortion when using not only Classic Black, but ANY window film that is 2ply 1.5mm thick. It was suggested that I instead use the Classic Charcoal 1ply 1mm thick film and that would work much better. In all my years I have never encountered such a recommendation. Do any of you have any experience with this film and had the above issue with Classic Black? I searched the forums and only found maybe one mention of it as a "fluke" and they had sent the roll back. Also, is the Classic Charcoal color stable? I was thinking it wasn't . Thanks flor your responses.
  8. 2015 charger

    I had a bit of an adventure with one of these at a local dealership. One came in twith the rear glass tinted but had a chip in it where customer had thrown something against it. Dealership doesn't want to pay me to strip so has detail do it. Guys be very careful with steel wool on these bg. Detail used a steel wool coarser than #0000 and it left noticeable scratches in the glass so they had to replace. Interestingly the dealer was surprised that this glass is "sourced from an outside supplier" and does not come from usual supply chains. New "OEM" glass came in and when you can look at the lines dead on outside of the car with inside of glass face up they look like something a child made using crayons. They go from wide to thin ito wide with rough edges. I combined several techniques to tint these without peanuts. 1. Cleaned with #0000 steel wool 2. Wiped defroster lines with dot devil. 3. Sanded top matrix with 1500 sand paper. 4. Placed small ceramic heater on top of box in back seat of car. (Explained further below.) 5. Shrunk film using Ryker method with heat guns turned down to 500 degrees. 6. Tint and no peanuts! So a couple of things. Just like Bham mentioned steel wool IS ESSENTIAL. Another key step is lower temp heat. I have left either of these steps out of this process and it is not as guaranteed. The heater idea I got from another local tinter. I put the heater in the car and shut the doors and then wait until the bg is warm to touch before I shrink and then put it back in the car for a while when i finish to help speed up drying. These defroster lines are such that they suck water into them like a straw and the quicker you get tack up the better. Hope some of these steps help you guys get these done with less headaches.
  9. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    That would be another great option...in my case pocket torches are like tape measures...no matter how many I have there never seems to be one when I need it or if I can find a pocket torch it doesn't work...Great idea though and certainly cheaper.
  10. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    In other words..... a window tinter should make a heat gun LOL!!!!
  11. Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    Thanks...took about a year to build each one. They definitely make the work easier. The Freightliner I like to use for commercial/residential work. I can park it for as long as the job takes and use as my office and work inside and keep customers off me if I want to take a break .
  12. Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    Here is the 2001 Freightliner MT45 with the following options: 4000 Watt Onan Commercial Generator, 15k BTU A/C heat pump with Electric furnace 35 gallon auxiliary fuel tank Square Ipad cash register Bar Code Hand Held Scanner Dell Desktop Vinyl Express Q42 Plotter Panasonic computer swapped between trucks Samsung smart TV Custom made cutting board w/led strip lights Led lighting Strobe lights refrigerator 60" Film Handler Custom made film rack/cage Metal Diamond tread flooring Whirlpool Gladiator wall covering 11k watt inverter Shuriken 2000 watt AGM Battery Bank LED Headlights, tail lights, marker, and running lights
  13. Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    Here is the Ram Promaster with the following options: Onan 2800 watt generator 10'k btu A/C with heat LED strip lights Lithium ION Vehicle Batteries w/4000 watt Inverter Panasonic Toughbook CF-31 running Tinttek, Film Designs, and Llumar Precision Cut Vinyl Express Q42 Linex Spray liner Flooring kit walls and ceiling Front partition w/Divider
  14. Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    How about this? This is my mobile set up in a Freightliner 20´step van. 42" plotter fits no problem...48" and above would be pushing it. The last picture is one of my setup in my Ram Promaster van. Same brand plotter. Both of these are the Vinyl Express Q42 which are sold by SignWarehouse.com and are generic rebadged Graphtec FC8600. Same manuals and bladeholders. I have a contact I bought four machines from and she gives good discounts to referrals. A couple of folks off this site have bought from her. PM me if you need her info. Only issue I have run into with being mobile and using plotters is you need to make sure your machine....any plotter.....is level. If you have to park on a hill or slope..it sometimes causes it not to cut correctly. Tint happens occasionally but PPF seems much more prone to issue if not level.
  15. Milwaukee Heat Gun - Battery

    I got mine last month. I shrank a whole rear window with it and was a long process. Used one or two bars on the battery if I remember correctly. Heats up very quickly and comes to temp in 7 seconds according to lit, but no trigger lock and with the way it is weighted and squeezing trigger constantly it starts to wear on the wrist pretty quickly. I bought the full kit including the battery, charger, two nozzles, and a case. There is a nozzle which focuses the heat and I really like that. I usually use two heat guns or a torch and this was more work. Where this tool shines is at dealerships and body shops where you are having to do touch ups on the one little spot you found after you pull the car out of the bay and are far away from electricity. While I have many corded heat guns and love my Milwaukees and Metabos, this one will never replace them, but does have a purpose.