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  1. Sunbreakers

    The Chat Thread

  2. Sunbreakers

    Plotter in Van

    Thanks, @highplains. I found the thread where info and pics are posted. @IPATinting pm me if you have any questions. I have plotters in both a promaster and a Freightliner mt45 so there are pics of two different vehicles.
  3. Sunbreakers

    The Chat Thread

    @Bhamif you think that is bad here is another one....Wells Fargo won't let you DEPOSIT cash into YOUR OWN account unless you, the account holder, come in to do it. They make me swipe my debit card prior to each deposit. Claim it is to cut down on money laundering. Had my wife go to the bank for me the other day and they made her take the cash and use it to get a cashiers check to then deposit it. The whole giving you change thing has been going on for a while. I would imagine it is to make sure they keep enough money for their own account holders and as @TomTintsaid fleece those and make a few bucks off those who don't. We have the worst banks around us. I moved my business accounts to PNC. We will see how that works. Already had to make them eat their merchant account...lied to me and then tried to get out of it and put it back on me for not disclosing all of the fees. Had it in writing baby LOL!!
  4. Hey @Bham. Good to see you!! I agree with all of the above. My only contention is that just because we are matched or equalled in any area be it automotive or residential/commercial should not mean that what we do as a whole is negated, obsolete, no longer valid, or beneficial. If everyone is meeting what we are capable of then we are still besting them in that we can apply that same benefit or performance amount on top of what is already there with a smaller improvement, but one nonetheless and that smaller improvement is usually noticeable and worth it to the consumer...that is my feeling.
  5. I absolutely agree with you and that is something important to always remember. Thank you for that.
  6. I agree that the OEMs are much better at what they do with glass and your reasoning is very sound. However, I have very very few what I would call average affordable vehicles with laminated glass on the rears if memory serves me and I think that these cases you reference are the exception and still a ways out from being the norm for most vehicles. So I conceed your point as I have a few fancy meters myself and have tested laminated glass to understand the prevalence of use given what seems to be a decrease in durability...fragile...Think F250 and they are much better at efficiency and noise reduction, but I would still disagree with your overall conclusion that even a small increase of any variable is negligible enough to be worthless. We have seen that going from one shade to maybe a shade or two darker/lighter can make a noticeable difference. Just my humble opinion and I appreciate yours..
  7. This philosophy would seem to come dangerously close to negating what I do for a living...what we all do..... as we would only be left with those customers who want to darken their windows..they already have the benefit of such "efficient" UV and SHG rejection as to negate window film in it´s current state for vehicles it would seem. We progressed past the 80´s and 90´s era of the typical scenario where darkness was almost the only determinate of performance to where we are now mostly due to the need for better performance. It is true that glass has become more efficient, but we need to realize that these films today are where they are because we and our customers expect a much greater enhancement over oem performance as the oems have not reached on their own where we can take them.
  8. I would have to respectfully disagree. While a factory tinted window is indeed already shaded, that does not translate to energy efficiency as the heat rejection can be very poor given that perhaps not all but many vehicles have no UV properties in that coating other than the minimum required by federal statutes for automobile glass. My customers are very very content to have me use a very light ceramic film in the rear of the vehicle and find, as I have personally experienced, that it makes a big difference on heat rejection without adding much darkness to what is there. An 80-50% film is a very noticeable improvement and is a market we can honestly serve.
  9. Sunbreakers

    New tint installed month ago

    Those look like fingerprints if the pic orientation is what it seems and yeah, contamination redo..
  10. Sunbreakers

    The Chat Thread

    Those are antennas for either radio or keyless entry. One of those rear glass was on a stand at a body shop I was doing a door window at. I noticed it because it had several connection points for wires. Lots of technology.
  11. Sunbreakers

    New windshield, time for tint. 50% vs 70%

    I think the main limiting factor is cost...I had heard they were even slow to pick up the 80% due to uncertainties. I have discussed other VLTs with distributors and the answer always is "well, it is really expensive and not sure how much of it we would sell." I told them I will take one roll of each and if you carry will sell somebody. They really have some great performance specs and I hear the coloration is a more "grey" look. @jh812 do you carry the 86%? If so...what do you think about it and/or what is your market for something like that?
  12. Sunbreakers

    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    @BhamThanks for the heads up, buddy. I will look into those. Good to know..Hope all is well on your side of things.
  13. Sunbreakers

    Not happy with your current tint patterns?

    TintTek left a lot to be desired..If FVD would quite oversizing windshields and rear windows they would be a lot better. I feel like there are going to be issues with any software. The new and improved PCS software from Llumar still needs improvement as well. Never used DAP.
  14. Sunbreakers

    Reviews of MaxPro Film

    Nevermind...Originally didn´t see this thread was now 4 years old...Moving on.
  15. Sunbreakers

    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    I used to love the paper towel wipe..problem is the quality of paper towels these can´t trust the amount of lint they put off or in my case anyway.