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  1. Still have Bronze tint?

    Armolan, one of the sponsors in the banner at the top of this page carries it but only in a one ply and not color stable. Also I think they only have 60” 100 feet. Of course they will cut down to your sizes needed
  2. Bedroom tinting

    Ok yeah..that makes sense...the reflective part of it is what makes it safe...N1020 works on a lot of stuff but I feel really limited when a customer wants something really dark or something he can see out of but them not see in etc...reflective is only way to go and they don't like "mirrored". What do you guys apply if a customer asks that question about seeing out and them not seeing in...I feel like even though reflective it is still going to be reversed at night...see in better than see out. Hope that ramble is understandable. LOL
  3. Painted Matrix removal

    The paint should come right off with a razor blade or #0000 steel wool and maybe some window cleaner. If you want to simply paint over it then a flat black paint will be your best match. Several light coats. Avoid spraying heavy coat. When I did those cars brand new we tinted the matrix. I think most will go that route...The reason for painting was because it would turn white at the very top...you can sand the matrix a bit and that will help but usually not prevent all of it. Hope this helps.
  4. Still have Bronze tint?

    Last time I reached out to them they only had 20" rolls in maybe 35% and they were on clearance. Also I seem to remember it was not color stable.
  5. Bedroom tinting

    So I don't do residential all that much and Llumar has these charts to look at to determine safe install shades and materials...I never seem to get anything as dark as all of you have mentioned here...Are 25, 15, and 5 safe for dual pane windows since it is dual reflective or what am I missing here?
  6. What did you tint today?

    Did you get that back glass in one piece? If it is like the one I did it had to have been intense. Sorry I wasn’t there to help you buddy. Been out of town since Friday. I would be happy to help you whenever you need it.
  7. What did you tint today?

    People drive me crazy with windshield strips. I always do them in 5%. Makes sense that is what everyone would want but always a few that want them the same or lighter than what they have. Then most likely waste the rest of that piece of film used.
  8. Mobile business ideas

    Depends on whether or not you are going to use a vehicle mounted generator or a portable one. Also depends on what you will run off it and if you need electronic grade electricity or not. If you are running heat gun or heavy amp stuff you will need big one. You need to figure all the things you might run (amperage) and then add 10-15% and that is what you need to look for in a generator. I would also advise quietest possible. Some areas I work in will not allow me to run genset so I am forced to run off of lithium ion batteries.
  9. Cars full of sh*t

    Hey tintmaster, looks like that car went for a swim.....or maybe even tried to see how long it could hold it's breath under water....lol!! The whole surprise that we have to get into the car to tint it is always nice...another funny one is every time it rains I have folks assume we cannot tint their cars...."Oh I was really wanting to get this done today, but it had to rain......"
  10. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    Consider yourself very fortunate, superdave. Most of us had to figure it out on our own. Your dad sounds like he had or has a top notch bunch of guys.
  11. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    The proper term for what you are describing is called pocket shrinking. In the old days we wet shrank like we dry shrink now starting at the point of the finger and working towards edge of film. Pocket shrinking helps control the finger by starting at the bottom first and you shrink it quicker with better results.
  12. Shrinking and Installing Windshields

    I think that is always my luck.... I can do a windshield or any other window for that matter in the cheap stuff and no to very little issue. Ceramic, air or any other unique, expensive window film and I may have to do it 2-3 times. Just how it goes I guess.
  13. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    Funny that post doesn’t have my name at the top of it. That was HardyHarHar. So yes like I said. I never said anything of the sort.
  14. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

  15. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    I only stated it was “not legal” to have the whole windshield done as you stated. The rest of that discussion was with somebody else partner. And I still stand by what I said. Legal and exempt are not interchangeable. It is not legal but you CAN be given special permission. Oh yeah that is also called an exemption. Moving on