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  1. 2015 528I any problems?

    Half peel....I like that.
  2. Last one to post #912

    @BhamSorry to hear about your pets. That is terrible. It is a shame when folks don't keep their pets in their own yards. Must have been multiple dogs to be able to get the jump on two cats. You should call the police and make a report. If you are in trussville there is a law against that sort of thing happening.
  3. Mobile Tinting "Efficiently Tips"

    Try to wear an apron or have a rolling cart near you on the same side of the car.. Don't let tools you need be on opposite side. Install on one side at a time. Walking around adds up.
  4. New Ford Explorer back door wings

    I hear you...I use the blue little foot hard cards and jam those up in the back corners of the previous model year camrys..Leave it for an hour and film slides right in. Makes sense. Thanks for that tip.
  5. New Ford Explorer back door wings

    I appreciate the heads up...I don't have many requests for an all around on those by the average customer even with the 50-80% ceramic on the back will be night and day difference sales pitch....most just want me to match the fronts
  6. New Ford Explorer back door wings

    Thanks, Jh812...I did not recall that difference, but certainly worth noting for future reference and I guess explains why I didn't notice a problem. Wonder why they would put two different types of quarters in the same vehicle..seems like a costly maneuver.
  7. Roland vs Graphtec

    I have 2 Q42s and 1 Q64. Mine have worked great right out of the box and I wouldn't take anything for them...but stories like the above concern me when the day comes and I need help or repair for my $11k investment. Last week Signwarehouse was telling folks the machines had almost no negotiation on price due to tariffs on Chinese goods...these are made in Japan. Now it appears the clowns in the shipping department don't care to properly pack and ship machines sent in for repair. Very troubling and disappointing.
  8. New guy in the block in Col. OH seeking advice

    You can do some research on Suntek here on the site and get mixed opinions. From what I understand the Carbon series is about 4 years before a guaranteed failure. There are many other horror stories. I would look at Solar Fx as others have mentioned.. You can message @whitehog and he can take care of you for that. Another option is one of the sponsors, Express Window Films, which you can access by clicking on banner at the top of the page or in the window film section. Solar Fx is a great film from what I have seen and Express has a great variety and price point. Hope this helps.
  9. New Ford Explorer back door wings

    I stripped an explorer yesterday that had the same gaps...Been a while since I have tinted one, but it seems you can just trim the edge of the gasket on the inside and tuck behind? I did a bunch of police explorers about a year ago and don't recall an issue.
  10. Roland vs Graphtec

    I think that is just beyond allowable. I would sue everyone. That sort of negligence is inept and inexcusable. I did notice that customer service is severely lacking. I had a rubber bumper break that is a carriage stop. Called for two days only to have them tell me they don't have replacements. Called Graphtec...same part on theirs and they don't stock it either. Told me to get online and try to find something "close" and it should work..WTF. Sorry you had that happen. If it was packed inadequately it is on Signwarehouse. It is also on Fedex for accepting it. I would keep calling until someone listens. That is terrible...so sorry you had that experience.
  11. Blue Max vs Orange Crush vs Redline etc

    Ppf blackout is for ppf so unless you do ppf I would not consider it. I have all of these and like Ryker said it really depends on what you want to use them for. The pink clean is ok for cleaning but I prefer the old fashioned black rubber squeegees for that. The Orange Crush and Blue Max have been my favorites for some time but now the Redline is my favorite. The Clear Crush is good for curved applications. The Yellow flat out is great in the extended reach fusion handles for flat glass. The one I was LEAST impressed with was the hybrid squeegee. Save your money.
  12. Roland vs Graphtec

    So the damage was done during return ship? Surely it was insured. I would think someone would have to cover the damage for you.

    @smartie2shoes I was really shocked when I was in Martinsville last year and saw the widespread decay and poverty. If I understand correctly Martinsville used to be dedicated to textiles. When I first started buying Llumar back in the 90's it was Martin Energy Products who I bought from and they simply changed to window film after textiles went to China to stay profitable. Sort of surreal when you stand in front of the factory with a sewer treatment plant right next to it. All the stores empty and shopping centers with only 2-3 stores really speaks volumes about the area.
  14. Last one to post #909 Beat Jimmy

    @Bhamit sure was great to get a chance to come by for a visit. I enjoyed getting to see the shop and chat about the old times and the new. Of course we could talk for hours about film....like kids in a candy store. We need to do it again soon!!! Enjoyed it brother!!
  15. New redline squeegee any body tried them ?

    Glad to hear it worked as it should.