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    Where do you buy film

    Whitehog sells solar FX, as seen in his avatar, and Global. Both are wonderful films and good to use as a transition to what you would use for mainstream business. I highly recommend them.
  2. We do a lot of PPF on different price levels of vehicles. We always stress that this is a sacrificial product meant to protect better than anything else they will find outside of leaving it in their garage. Is it perfect? No, but it is better than nothing. I don't know that it adds value so much as protection. I used to advise customers to remove prior to end of warranty and replace. That was when we had 5 year warranties...I would feel that most removals are just like tint removals...if you know what you are doing it comes off with little to no residue or problem. Body shops raise hell about tint removals...those guys have no clue what they are doing..same with PPF. The one struggle we have is most of our work is dealer work. We have some interest from outside of that, but just not that big of a market. I think when it becomes more least in our area, then the perceptions about it and popularity will improve as well. The dealer only side of things does make it feel more of a scam. Think of the dealer who charges $400 for tint on the front doors of an SUV. We have seen dealers get $1k for a whole hood, but they can discount down to what they actually pay us without losing anything and/or finance it into the deal so it serves a good purpose for them at least. For us it helps us keep our numbers up during slow parts of the year. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Sunbreakers

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    Ok, I"ll bite. .What is the name of this film company? What is the name of the film? Hard to help you when there is this "mystery" around who and what it is. If you really are serious about wanting help, then give us the info so we can honestly advise. However, I can tell you are on the wrong path. The only thing you will accomplish with film like this is two to put it on and how to take it off...1-3 years later I would bet.
  4. Sunbreakers

    Thoughts on a local film company film

    You get what you pay for. Cheap stuff is always good to learn on, but do yourself and the rest of us a favor and use name brand quality stuff for the public. The warranty is only as good as the dealer/distributor network. If your "friend" stops selling it is there another distributor? Solar guard and Suntek have their own horror stories though some have good experiences with them. You might try solar FX or Express window films. They are good products and known to last. You don't see or hear anything bad about those two. Plus the distributors are great folks. @whitehog sells solar fx. Hope this helps.
  5. Sunbreakers

    Best Plotter for Mobile Tinting & PPF

    Hi @mrteak. My contact's name is Katie Zink. She works for and their phone number is 800-899-5655. Her extension is 2140. You are going to want the Vinyl Express Q series 42 or 64. Be warned she has greatly disappointed me lately. Used to be you could call and get a deal off of list price on the website..Last two folks I have sent have been quoted full price blaming it on the the China tariffs. At that price you are better off buying a full brand Graphtec FC8600. Good luck and let me know what you find out.
  6. Sunbreakers

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    The question they still use the remote start? It looks very antiquated. If not....I say off with it. LOL!
  7. Sunbreakers

    Suntek or solargard?

    The fact that the HP Charcoal is known to be a poor performer and have failures would be enough for me...sort of like ASWF. If you know at least one of their lines IS going to fail that to me means none of it is worth the box it comes in. The way I understand it from some of the other old timers is SG had a good thing and then cheapened out on a key component which made it a bit grainy. Factor in the lawsuits and court mess and I would go with Solar FX or Global. You consistently hear good things and these two lines appear to be rock solid. If @smartie2shoes comes out and says he would use Global today, and you have any idea of his background, you should jump in and ask questions later. Global=Solar FX=Express by the way.
  8. Sunbreakers

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Of course its Alabama.
  9. Sunbreakers

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    Looks like a few days of lunch money...LOL!! Be careful buddy. Might be a gun somewhere in there to hold all of that down. Those types of folks can be dangerous even as your friends.
  10. Sunbreakers

    Vevor Plotter

    It was off the cutterpros dot com website. The model was P1350i. It was around $1,200 and was supposedly a great machine...never worked like it should have. I mean never. Tech told me I would have to change out blades every 2-3 weeks...WTF?? I have been using the same blade in one of my machines for over 2 years. Plus tech support is mostly non-existent. I am so happy to be out of that one. I remember me and you both on a forum where someone was talking about using one of the Titans off the US Cutters website. The only concern I had was when he used the words "finicky" and added that at times you had to be patient with it...I wasted almost a whole roll of film if you add it all up trying to be patient with that cheap plotter I had. The good ones you load and they keep going and going. Used to you could get the Signwarehouse Q series plotters for a great price...they are the exact same machine as a graphtec FC8600...even same owners manual, but now I sent someone here to them and...they claim the tariffs have made them much more costly. Now they are just as expensive as a Graphtec..No good options now it seems.
  11. Sunbreakers

    Vevor Plotter

    Don´t do it...I went with a cheap Chinese off brand plotter my tint software company said was "great" and "worked well" and didn't. It was slow and loud and inconsistent. I had to send it back and pay the shipping and lost a fair amount of money with that test. If you do this for a living you cannot go wrong with a good investment in your future. There is no such thing as "the deal" when it comes to plotters.
  12. Sunbreakers

    Favorite rolling work chair?

    Office computer chair with the back taken off. I get them free all the time as the back part is what breaks. You have a stool with a super wide seat that sits you higher up than a typical mechanic's stool and it is free.
  13. Sunbreakers

    Off Topic Chat Thread

    @jh812 isn't that murphy's law? Always that way with me...stepdaughter got a new car like in September..waits till last Saturday when I am super busy and closing at 5:00 and calls me at 2:00 to ask if I can tint her car. WTF??
  14. Sunbreakers

    What did you tint today?

    That tractor looks awesome tinted...I bet all of that climbing and up and down felt like a week long workout at the gym!!
  15. Sunbreakers

    Too many tools. Min tools to do job

    @no ma'am I am just curious and gotta you ever lose any driver bits? LOL!!
  16. Sunbreakers

    Lost a Pioneer of the tint industry

    Wow, one of the posters mentioned a lot of names I haven't heard in a long time...Wendell Cobleigh was the first person I bought film from when I was learning on my on. Calvin Hill was Llumar distributor in the Atlanta during the 90's. I met Bill once at an event. He truly helped establish our industry as a serious profession. Most at that time laughed and thought we were simply a bunch of dead beats wasting time...some of us were LOL!! RIP Mr. Burke and thank you for your dedication to window film.
  17. Sunbreakers

    Where can I hire experienced window tinters?

    If you want one who is experienced, does good work, and dependable he already has a job. You have to train them to have them and even then..... Good luck with your search. If you find more than one send him south. LOL!!
  18. Sunbreakers

    LPT1:: The system cannot find the file specified

    Hmmmmm It seems that would be a port error. The LPT refers to the printer port on your machine. I would first check to make sure it is plugged in securely to both the computer and the plotter. After that if all is good then make sure you have the correct plotter selected under the machines list.
  19. Sunbreakers

    19 Lexus ES350 changes

    @pbalentine Yessir....happy to help you any way I can. This method works for all the new Lexus and FCA products...charger, challenger, etc... as well as most new GM. Another tip.... Make sure you check the tightness of the clip when you snap them back in. Sometimes they get loose and the door panel merely "sits" on the clip without really being anchored. I pull it back and take a hook tool or a snap on radiator hose tool and spread the clip apart a bit. Snap it back on and you are good to go..
  20. Sunbreakers

    Audi A4 Third Brake Light

    I think everything I have crawled in the back seat of that has either an "A" or "S" in their model works the same way. May even be the same brake light for most of them.
  21. Sunbreakers

    Messed up twice already

    Also, the video you posted the guy is wet may have a harder time trying to shrink doing it that way than other methods. There are many other comments I have, but I will simply add that there are many techniques that I think could be a bit easier and possibly more forgiving for you than what you are seeing there. Obviously his approach works and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Hope this helps.
  22. Sunbreakers

    Messed up twice already

    @JOHNNYBTINT is correct when he says solar gard is not really sticky at all. This is an old school rear glass and it must be done "old school." In the old days before we shrank that much it was all about tension. @no ma'am makes reference to it when he says to pull across the bottom. What I do is tack in the middle a place a bit larger than my fist. I soap shrink so I put a little too much soap on the window and while it is still sticky I attempt this. Pull all of your fingers and slack around the bottom and towards the top. You should have nothing....not one shrink around the bottom and sides. On the top you have maybe 5 seconds of shrinking. There are a few windows I have done where at the very bottom on the passenger side it will not stay laid down on the glass. If that is the case then you will need to do a bit of shrinking at the bottom in that area. Very unusual but it can happen. When you get all that done I then cut one side of the defroster elements and you can either cut the other one or wait till you put on the inside and hand cut it to fit. Usually I cut both on the outside and then adjust the one that will not fit on the inside. It gives me alignment and I don't have to worry about gaps. Another thing you can do is all along the border and the matrix at the top you can sand with 1000 grit wet sandpaper. Wipe the gray residue off with a towel before you clean or squeegee. Do NOT sand the bare glass. This will help you get adhesion when you put it on the inside. You can do it with a bit of practice. This is not a window meant for the beginner level. However even our Llumar Pro Select shop here avoids them and will not do them they struggle so bad with them. Good luck buddy...hope you pull it off.
  23. Sunbreakers

    Last one to post #926

    No, not at all. You didn't make me feel uncomfortable in the least. It was great to understand and remember that cool part of our past. I appreciate you have such a great memory of it all. I simply felt it important to apologize to you. Glad we are friends and can share the blessings we have today.
  24. Sunbreakers

    Last one to post #926

    Report post Posted Tuesday at 08:20 AM (edited) Hey Charley, @Sunbreakers I didn't want to hijack other dude's thread. The past is what it is. Can't change that, only learn from it. And can't let it beat you up because of the choices made or what happened due to those choices. Who knows? If we had actually worked together, we might hate each other at this point. OR, we could still have a shop going somewhere and be just fine. No way to know how that all would have turned out. We were still able to hang out and be friends even though I was working for Rusty at the time. There is nothing to apologize for. Like I said, neither of us knows how it would have gone 20 years ago. Life itself affects people and life might have gotten in the way of business, for either or both of us, and it might not have gone the proper direction. But we are still friends and that is the main thing. I am trying to make it work here at my little bay. I haven't had an actual "Boss" in over 8 years now and as most anybody knows, it's slow going to get to,,, quote " That Point", where you can be comfortable with what you have built. I know I don't have the flashiest shop or a bunch of accessories and lights and radios etc, etc. I'm also not the fastest tinter on the planet by any means, but I try. I try to do it right, and have happy customers. That's really all I want. A steady schedule of happy customers. Don't need all the headaches that come with the accessories side of things. I can do and have done all of that and don't really enjoy that part of it, so for now, I will just keep on trying to get my little bay on the map. still don't have a shop pig though. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ @Bham I appreciate your gracious response. You are absolutely right that we never know how it would have turned out or even ended. Regardless of what could have been It was very obviously the "elephant" in the room and I simply wanted to address it here and now...Life is too short and you never know when you might not get another chance.
  25. Sunbreakers

    How did you get your start?

    Thanks, @Tint Slayer for your kind words. I feel it is always important to have humility so we can be better folks. Those who think they are any sort of "God" to me means they are stagnant and will never learn to improve with new techniques and approaches. I appreciate this place where we all can share our mistakes and successes and have others learn from them.