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  1. I don't know guys. I clean thoroughly. I razor cleaned as well. I was using Suntek HP.
  2. How often is the blue max replaced? After how many cars? I had a 2010 mustang and doing the passenger side I ripped the tint. So after that I used a turbo for initial removal and a hard card wrapped with a cloth. But now the customer has clear water bubbles. They should go away in 3-5 days in the sun but should the blue max be replaced? I love how the blue max pulls the solution out but this time it pulled the film. Any suggestions? Take a look...
  3. What do you guys do with cars that come in with ventvisor attached to its windows? Tint over it? or Take it off? What techniques you use to take it off?
  4. NorCalNoob I hear ya. But NY'ers are a very particular and always in a hurry.
  5. Thanks Tintum, Welcome back as well. One thing that never left me was that feeling when your doing a piece of glass and after cutting the template out and installing it, you crease it. Now you have to start all over again and the customer is waiting. Hate that feeling of tension when working.
  6. Just an FYI, I'm a XL but I can get away with Large for the T-Shirt
  7. Morning. So when am I getting my delivery.
  8. Love how word of mouth brings customers. I released the the info that Im starting up again and the cars keep coming. I haven't even went live with social media or website.
  9. One more day till the raffle is over.
  10. I have 2x 2015 Sports coming in on Sunday
  11. Im in. Love the videos you have on Youtube
  12. 2 more days left till the raffle