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  1. whats the difference between wet and dry shrink?
  3. goodluck with plotter top edge sucks and patterns usually way too big always choose short pattern for bmw merc and so on
  4. make sure you close your mouth ...
  5. did landscaping for 13 years. owned a company for 7 years. loved it at first and then started to hate it. my best friend and co worker moved away to look after an exotic car rental place. turns out it was a tint shop. they trained him up and after 8 months he let me crash on his couch for 6 months and trained me on tinting. i wish i could have picked up this skill 10 years ago when i was younger. him gettting me "in" has changed my life. now im learning to wrap cars and soon ill be getting into ppf. i work at a stlying center so the moon is the limit to what i can learn. i mean i just picked up headlight restoration. i really like doing it aswell for the before and after and the customers are always extremely stoked.
  6. ive been tinting for 2 years and some change learned at a shop but learned on a plotter. nobody who trained me early on showed me hand cutting about a year ago i worked for a guy that gave me an introduction to hand cutting. he showed me to cut one side slide it over a bit and cut the other side and then slide it back the other way about half less then move bottom down a hair and cut the top. but 6 months ago when i was working at a dealership a guy showed me a different way. cut one side and move it towards that side a bit cut bottom and cut other side tac and cut top. my cuts come out perfect and not short. so can someone explain like im 5 to these methods or... am i just gettting lucky.. 600 cars lucky
  7. plotter cut has the worst gaps. hand cut is the only true way to get a nice even close micro edge. plotter inconsistent edge but super long on sides...
  8. i would never blow in those.. you dont know what that person has and just eww. i wonder if they make mouth condoms for those..
  9. that car made me gag literally.. did a car a month ago that had rotting shrimp in backseat. i was dry heaving with doing the back glass...
  10. i love love love it when im tinting a sunroof on a dirty car and the water drips onto my face and in my eye and mouth... delicious!
  11. this is clearly sarcasm.
  12. sun tek all of them lumaar all of them i dont wanna go on a speel here just someone correct me if im wrong. film is dyed correct
  13. all of them. theyre all dyed
  14. its all just dyed film dyed laminated dye. like someone broke a sharpie spilled the guts out and laminated that. i think im on to something here.
  15. 2012 merc- benz e300 rear speaker grill on bg. when cleaning i pushed to far and fast i guess and the dry rotted chipped it. 80 dollars to replace. just for the part