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  1. i was told when you heat it up it relases fumes that can cause cancer
  2. is this true? i dont want cancer
  3. it is part of the tint world franchise. not sure about or who bobby is but this one is individually owned and operated. and it gets crazy here between.
  4. thats where i work at here in charlotte. this is a super fast paced enviroment.
  5. new system. not my job. i tint. yes charged for r&r.
  6. doesnt alcohol break down the glue though?
  7. this was like a month old.. i was told 3m was red. and like bubblegum suntek is whiteish and not like bubble gum..
  8. Dealership came in and said we screwed up every window. Stripped everything off and when I started cleaning the adhesive off I realised it was was red... I told the front end that our glue was white-ish clear and later found out dealership made a mistake and it was not our warranty. They would have gotten away Scott free if I hadn't noticed the glue color being different.... (we just got a new system and nothing was able to be transferred)... Can someone tell me the glue colors for tint?
  9. i know how to shrink and why we shrink but why do they call it "snap" shrink...? are you saying that when i shrink the side doors that its referred to as snap shrinking?
  10. i still dont understand.. what is the point of that?
  11. i dont know why people say that when there are footprints on the moon
  12. what is snap shrink?
  13. does 2 fronts count or is it whole cars?
  14. recently went to visit home town and saw a friend who has been tinting for 28 something years. we got to talking and someone said hey how much for a charger....? we both said fuck that car! he said how come and i started with well the bg mainly.. the defrosters leave the cresent moons all over the place we call those peanuts.. and the other tinter stop me and said dude your still not using steel wool?!?!? i said i dont want to scratch a bg and have to replace it so it was easier for me to let it dry a few days and touch it up. he said dude i clean every bg with steal wool. dodge or not. EVERY car.. so i tried it when a charger came in and it worked perfectly. tl;dr is it bad to use it on every car? can it scratch glass if used excessively? any thing to worry about when using steel wool? i also use film on... if that makes a difference.