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  1. Shrinking and installing sideways

    i though so too. but it wasent.
  2. need help with film options

    ahh this computer
  3. need help with film options

  4. need help with film options

    black nr charcoal nr high performance all basically same price. which one
  5. need help with film options

    ima go look that up
  6. Dirt and marks in film

    i hate mazda. i wont touch a 2015 and up mazda. too much of a head ache
  7. Shrinking and installing sideways

    i tried to shrink a coup honda civic bg side ways and it was extremely difficult. try it if you have film to waste. youll never know until you try.
  8. need help with film options

    i have an account with solar f/x and global (dragon distributing) im not familiar with those films too much except for one line of the global. im going to order 3 rolls of film from solar f/x what are the best films to use that would match up to sunteks carbon series? meaning shading , feel, warranty. i hate suntek but thats what im familiar with and im about to spend what little money i have left on a company ive read great things about but never used.
  9. help!!!

    this was a test post to show a friend how easy tint dude was to use
  10. help!!!

    how to shrink a c6!!!!!!
  11. How many guys are active here?

    I'm active.. when I can.
  12. Pain in wrist

    thanks for clearing that up
  13. Let's See Your Websites

    dude your page is nice.
  14. Am I trippin?

    i think i met mike about a year ago in charlotte. usb drive on plotter was ripped out and i think he came to fix it.
  15. Pain in wrist

    what is mancold?