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  1. help!!!

    this was a test post to show a friend how easy tint dude was to use
  2. help!!!

    how to shrink a c6!!!!!!
  3. How many guys are active here?

    I'm active.. when I can.
  4. Pain in wrist

    thanks for clearing that up
  5. Let's See Your Websites

    dude your page is nice.
  6. Am I trippin?

    i think i met mike about a year ago in charlotte. usb drive on plotter was ripped out and i think he came to fix it.
  7. Pain in wrist

    what is mancold?
  8. Pain in wrist

    im having pain in my hands and wrist from removals. pulling the tint off and scraping the glue. hell friday 1990 acura legend had to scrape the whole back glass and removal early that morning on commercial. .. then saturday 2 full r&r walk ins. it hurt driving my car this morning and trying to hit my vape.( you have to squeeze it)
  9. Warranty info

    at our shop everything has a warranty unless you have us tint over pre-existing film. we track the warranty by date of install. on receipt and what kind of film was used. standard= 1 year warranty premium= 3 year warranty supreme= lifetime warranty ultimate= lifetime warranty ultimateXP= lifetime warranty we also have an extended warranty you can add on for broken windows. if you dont have a receipt then you better pray i remember you.
  10. Use gloss black nail polish for small light gaps!!!

    i could see a customer getting mad at painting the windows..
  11. Remove and replaces

    when new cars come in with purple tint i just say probably came from florida and tinted with gilla
  12. Customer calls I already bought the tint???

    people think its all the same stuff... had this guy come in with 8 rolls of gila from autozone... told him to return it and get his money back... its doodoo
  13. Customer calls I already bought the tint???

    we always say no...
  14. Cleaning spray bottles and tanks from baby shampoo

    i pour some 91% alcohol in my bottle and shake and spray it out. just a few ounces and a few times and rinse it out. works pretty good
  15. anything new in tint removal chemicals

    never had any good luck with out using straight ammonia let it soak 3 soakings and then clean off. and if that doesnt work try 91 percent rubbing alcohol just be careful with it. if a steamer doesnt work then black bag it with windex