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  1. sun tek all of them lumaar all of them i dont wanna go on a speel here just someone correct me if im wrong. film is dyed correct
  2. all of them. theyre all dyed
  3. its all just dyed film dyed laminated dye. like someone broke a sharpie spilled the guts out and laminated that. i think im on to something here.
  4. 2012 merc- benz e300 rear speaker grill on bg. when cleaning i pushed to far and fast i guess and the dry rotted chipped it. 80 dollars to replace. just for the part
  5. I was just kidding about that. I thought for sure everyone would know..
  6. I use 6 inch. White squeegee.
  7. Newer never before tinted non smoker cars right?
  8. The last shop I was at had a min of 5 cars a day The shop I learned at and I'm back at now it's not uncommon to do 7 to 8 cars a day per person. 6 days a week
  9. Everybody here is right. This is why I suck at owning a business. I used to own a landscaping company for 7 yrs. And it failed because I would low bid because I liked doing it and just wanted to do it. And now that I've changed my career I still have the same mentality. I like tinting so much and the challenge and the fact that I can do some thing that lots of people cannot do just makes me wanna do it for free most times... I've spent money on film countless times just to impress a stranger for no apparent reason... I'm going to end up homeless..
  10. Here's the thing though. I'm at my house. I'm not a business...yet. the only overhead I have is film cost. Well never mind I do wanna keep the craziness away and I don't wanna do a vehicle that clearly is about to break down. I'm going to change it to what I originally wanted 200 firm
  11. What is roll down pair?
  12. I'm sure you guys are right and I see what you mean. Try to hook people up at work and they usually end up being the worst customers in the end or have the nastiest cars on the planet.. and then wanna nit pick specs. Or wanna rush you..
  13. I don't think I'm one of the best tinters. I've only got about 3000 cars under my belt. Still can't do a beetle or a c6. And I still mess up and I still don't know how to do a perfect tint job. I don't even know what style of shrinking I do..
  14. So 150-200? We use global hp. Should I charge more for illegal?
  15. Not mobile. Garage only.