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  1. Yep, don't mean chit. I am like this fool got the nerve to ask if our quality it good with his vehicle looking like that. Plus they advertise they carry 3M when they were dropped years ago by 3M. Only carry Aegis and Flexfilm.
  2. ROFL, sad thing is that was one of the two owners.
  3. Got a funny one for you. I get a call last week from a guy looking for Crystalline 70. I say yes, we have it instock. The guy says he wants to buy 5', that he is a tinter and they ran out of the Crystalline 70. Cool, what shop is it? He tells me, I already know they are not a dealer, but I double check anyway. I come back and let him know we can't sell the film to non-dealers. He is shocked at this, but asks how much for us to tint the windshield in it. I tell him and we hang up. He shows up a few hours later inquiring about it and we end up scheduling him next Tuesday (today). He comes in super early, luckily one person was here half hour early to get the keys. We call him to confirm again on the film and shade. He asks how long have we been around and if our tinter is good. He says he has been tinting for 20 years blah blah blah. Really? Cool, check out the car and the install (Panaflex) is complete trash. The rear window has dirt and creases. The rear quarters are peeling up. The front doors with dot matrix on the side (Porsche) was attempted to be glued down, but it was nothing but fingers...like 10+ per door. There were also huge gaps on the front doors. It honestly look like a job done by someone tinting for 6 months. When he picks it up, we let him know about all the blemishes on the windows and we would be happy to redo them so they match the quality of the windshield. He jumps and is like his brother tinted it. BTW, the brother is has been tinting just as long, but good try playing it off. Hard to see in photos, but here are some...
  4. Show is good! Got to represent for Jon Burnthal...Shane was my boy from Walking Dead,
  5. Crazy day...walked in with zero appointments...unheard of on Saturday. Besides our first appointment slot, we ended up completely booked with walk/call-ins.
  6. 2018 Dodge Challenger Hellcat widebody getting Llumar CTX Window Tint!!
  7. We have not had any, but saw a few online in 3M's reviews.
  8. So if anyone remembers me talking about a customer last week not happy with 3M CS because she thought it was a cheap blue colored tint. She also not happy that there were no 3M logos on the film after completion, etc. Anyway, I schedule here to come in to get a removal/refund because she is on the crazy side. She comes back in after it is finished talking about the check engine light is on. We explain removing window tint has nothing to do with a check engine light and that she just needs to go have it scanned to see the real problem. She says we need to fix it and we explain we are not mechanics and have no way of scanning the vehicle...BMW btw. So she leaves, but calls us back in a few minutes from the parking lot talking about we need to fix it. Then when she doesn't get the answer she wants, threatens to sue us. We get her off the phone by telling her to have a nice day. Then 20 minutes later the police walk in...she called the police about the situation. Like really, she is crazy for real. Police of coarse was like they understand and left. I feel sorry for any other place she goes too and something goes wrong. She will be at Kroger when her transmission goes out and will be blaming them.
  9. Thanks!!
  10. Masturb...wait, nevermind.
  11. Got the new Need For Speed game...graphics are amazing.
  12. We are aware, but still issue a receipt minus the shade. Not to mention the warranty papers printed from both Llumar and 3M include the shade of the film. Plenty of other ways they can prove you tinted their vehicle besides a receipt. Simply put, it you are worried about that then do not do illegal installs.
  13. We warranty everything no matter the size. I look at it this way, are you offering the one window at a discount with no warranty? Most likely not, so why take away the warranty? We also give a receipt and warranty registration from the manufacturer with every installation no matter the legality.
  14. Personally we like to do 3M CS on the BMW X5's...great match with 20. If we do anything on the rear, we either do Llumar AIR 80 or 3M Crystalline 90.