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  1. Thanks, that is perfect. They have great reviews and not too far from him. Thanks everyone!
  2. Doesn't have to big the main names, just something with quality. He got burnt once before.
  3. Got a friend that is looking to get his front windows redone in Henderson, NV. Need shop suggestions for that area or Las Vegas. He is looking for a premium film, but looks like a lot of shops out there are using ASWF which is a no. Any suggestions, let me know.
  4. Just finished the season. Decent story line, but the fighting scenes are weak. I was reading that because of the tight schedule, they had 15 minutes to learn fight scenes before filming. I also think the main guy is not right for the part. I doubt I will continue on when season 2 comes out. I'll stick with Luke Cage.
  5. Playing with DAP from XPEL right now...we have plotted 5 cars for tint and all were on point.
  6. They used to have a cheap line that regular dealers didn't offer...something for cheap people. That has been discontinued for awhile as far as I know. Most likely what is happening is they are using the name and installing a different film. There is a mobile guy in Atlanta that claims Llumar and will tint any vehicle for $99 including SUV's. I would call Llumar customer service posing as a customer and ask if these shops are dealer cause they are advertising it at $99. Hopefully they will get on them if not.
  7. Got to remember, there are bottom feeders in all areas. If you compete with other shops that cater to that clientele, then that is all you are going to get. Your goal is not to have that clientele, but find the ones that are willing to pay more. I have seen several shops in LA putting out $400+ jobs a lot, but that is because they carry a film that warrants that price along with giving the customer the impression their installation quality is better. IMO I would start offering a higher end quality film for a higher price...I would add a Ceramic or a higher quality Carbon with a Ceramic. Once you can start bringing in the clientele that wants to pay more for quality, then you can start to ease off the cheap people. I know it seems hard or impossible, but the reason you guys are having so many cheap people is because all of your shops are offering cheap options. Only you can change that.
  8. That is what I was thinking.
  9. Personally I wouldn't trust a company that has a film with a 5 year warranty, but only lasts 2 years. If that line of film is over exaggerated than most likely the rest of the film is also.
  10. Wonder if Ocala is still at his shop...Lisa Jordan under classifieds looking for a tinter it's the same shop.
  11. LOL, had one person try the lawyer bit. I handed the card to my law firm and told him to send all the info to my lawyer. Needless to say, he shut the hell up. I even told him he must not be a good lawyer since he is driving that old crappy BMW around.
  12. The 3M CS 20 will appear darker than CTX 15. Llumar film is actually lighter than the VLT on the box...CTX 15 is 18/19 out of the box so it can be 15/16 on the car. 3M CS has a nice black look which helps it appear darker vs Llumar having a charcoal look. CTX is a huge jump in heat rejection over ATC.
  13. I love the $900 tint jobs "all day", but only pays $75 per vehicle.
  14. Nevermind, found it.