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  1. Search button top right of page, tons of threads recently about same topic.
  2. Don't they all?
  3. 5% is so 2000. When you compare the films, look for the VLT spec...this is what the film is out of the box. All of them are called 5%, but they could be anywhere from 3-8% depending on the manufacturer. Also keep in mind the factory glass plays a roll. Depending on how light (say 85%) or dark (say 70%) it is, the overall result could be off by 1%.
  4. So basically your answer is no, not moving on...I can see you telling this story to your grandkids. "Once upon a time there was a big, bad company..."
  5. Next time I buy a Porsche 944 Turbo I am coming straight to you. I'm going to be like I request the one hiding behind the toolbox.
  6. Luckily we duck most older vehicles since our price tends to double or triple.
  7. My first vehicle was a 1985 S-10 that was slammed. Always love that square body style.
  8. Is this beef seriously going to keep going over the years? The adult thing to do would be to let it go and not fill up the PPF section with thread after thread of arguing over the past. I assume both XPEL and your company are still doing fine, so nothing to gain from continuing a grudge.
  9. Don't take it personal, they are very protective of the brand. In the past people would sign up to be a dealer, use the name to bring customers in, then switch them to a cheaper priced film since it was easier to sell. Even when I picked up 3M I had to jump through hoops since I was keeping Llumar. Not to mention 3M is not a film that is great for beginners.
  10. Exactly, your personal experience is different from another. So you can be a better tinter than someone who has 5 times the work under their belt.
  11. Personally I would not hire someone under 5 years experience...to me it is a safer bet that they can install on most vehicles cleanly. However there are always exemptions...some people with 10+ years under their belt still suck and someone with only 3 years rock. There is a guy in GA that thinks he is a king and invited window tint. He has been tinting since late 80's/early 90's. I can say first hand his work is trash and he is on his 4th business right now doing mobile.
  12. Snappy may cover it, but if it is not listed in the manufacturer warranty than the manufacturer will not cover it. The word on the street is 3M used some of the Carbon technology from Color Stable to make FX Premium a more color stable film, but the warranty does not reflect that. It is still not a "Carbon" window film the same way Suntek Carbon is not really a Carbon window film. So if the film fades or turns purple you are not covered unless Snappy Tint is covering it. 3M FX Premium is just a basic dyed window film which will give you appearance, but not much else. Here is what I copy/pasted from the warranty form for 3M FX Premium and HP... 1. Maintain Solar Reflective properties without cracking, crazing, or demetalizing. 2. Maintain Adhesion without blistering, bubbling or delaminating from the glass. For example, Llumar warranty does not list fading. However if one of my customers come in with Llumar ATC faded in 3 years, I would cover it. Llumar might cover it if the fade amount is high for the time it has been on the car, but technically they could say no.
  13. I would suggest 3M Color Stable which is a Carbon Window Film. Very beautiful film with a nice black appearance plus good heat rejection. The 3M FX Series (ST, PM, HP) are not color stable window films nor does the warranty cover it. Personally I would skip those since you don't want fading or color change in the near future.
  14. I have heard good things about Snappy Tint which might be worth a drive...they have great reviews online too.