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  1. Only for the Korean massage.
  2. If there is no competition on bed liners, it might be worth it once that gets up and running. However, I wouldn't open with that much competition in a city with such a small amount of people unless it has a lot of surrounding cities with more people willing to drive.
  3. Lol, my friend was just forced to change his name from Deez Nutz on there.
  4. You should see my messages on Xbox Live...needless to say I have been suspended twice from communication. Usually someone gets pissed after getting their butt whooped and message me all in their feelings.
  5. Got closed before I could post, but message him... First, you can suck my d. Second, your post is extremely dumb, but let me break it down for you... I have to advertise 3M to get people in to sell Llumar too? How does that even make sense? So you are saying I don't sell any 3M? My rep is plenty happy with the amount of CS and CR we sell. Also if I checked my emails, I would guess I get more price quote requests for Llumar CTX than any other film. What film have I put down? Suntek, high amount of low angle haze and scratches easily...everyone agrees with that. Huper, only had issues was with the company and never said anything bad about the film...in fact multiple times I have stated Huper Ceramic is the highest quality Ceramic on the market. Flexfilm, tons of failures and I am over $12k in the negative replacing it. These are the only brands anything was said "negative" about even most of that is facts that many more agree with and/or experienced. Formula One? Simple, there is another dealer 7-8 miles from us and the minimum is 10 miles. Besides that, I prefer the color of CTX (blue) over Pinnacle (green). Dyed film fade? All films fade/fail eventually. The only film brand that is mostly non-dyed is Huper and even their Xtreme film is dyed. So what is your point? "Work his shop"? Not sure if that is a proper sentence, but assume you mean work in my shop? I am the owner that has a team in place...don't have to work in my shop...ever. Ego line? Did you watch Top Gun lately? Lame AF for that line. With all that being said, stop being a groupie a$$ hoe trying to ride my d and do some work.
  6. I was hoping so too...not! I am assuming this year I will be seeing more Terra and Pana coming back since both also lightning bolt like Omni.
  7. Had a nice couple of months of peace, but apparently we are back in Flexfilm season...got 2 this week.
  8. No, we buy it from Walmart. There is one right down the street.
  9. Distilled water here too for everything.
  10. We use Rapid Remover on rear windows if needed. Side windows we just use slip and scrape the adhesive off.
  11. Thanks guys. I was looking at the portable scissor lift units which would probably be best.
  12. I bought the Rhino Ramps which are perfect for bigger vehicles, but like you said won't work for some cars. When I was at Llumar, they had race ramps which worked great just expensive, but will most likely go that route.
  13. I am sure some have lifts, but wanted to see what style ramps are people using?