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  1. Crystalline type of day...Lexus ES350 w/ Windshield, BMW X5, and BMW M6 w/ Windshield...only have a Subaru Legacy after that which I am sure will break the streak.
  2. Yeah, ideally having a new shop remove and retint would be best, but I doubt you will get a refund with them removing them film.
  3. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your car has herpes. On a serious note, that is god awful. If that is "normal" for them, then ask for a removal and refund...it is not going to get any better.
  4. The key is maximizing profit with upgrades especially if you are only doing 2 vehicles per day. $150 per car is great considering the low overhead, but $250-$300 per car sounds much better. Windshields and sunroofs are also great add-ons to bump up the profit. I think 3-4 vehicles per day is ideal with upgrades, tons of money without overworking yourself.
  5. Reminds me of a new Mustang I was next to yesterday. Tint looked good rolling up on it, but once next to it you can see 20+ dirt specs in the quarter window, 40+ in the passenger window, and god know how many in the rear window. What is even sadder is that could of been a shops job.
  6. After yesterday, we good. There were some flooded parts and some people had to be rescued.
  7. Keep that chit over there!
  8. Love that it is 5% tint...99% of the people that want 5% tint are cheap AF.
  9. Same as @Slick we keep them rolled up in the current box. That way we know what film/shade they are along with being able to quickly access it. If we kept them separate where we would have to sort through them to find, it would not be worth the time.
  10. Yep, good ole Flexfilm.
  11. Had one of these today...front windows were turning reddish which I have only seen on this film.
  12. Waiting on some wings from a new spot. Pouring down rain here, thank god for these food delivery services. Nobody wanted to go out in it.
  13. We keep everything in boxes (pull from boxes) and use Gridwalls to mount them on the wall. Every now and then we will have a customer that wants to see the box. Below is a photo that you can see them in the background.
  14. Guy just called saying he has 3M Chameleon Film he wanted installed.