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  1. There is no dealers in San Francisco on the dealer locator. Below are the 3 closest. Elite Auto Films 4370 Technology Dr, Fremont, CA 94538 (510) 936-4601 Blackout Professional Tinting 322 Lakeville Street, Petaluma, CA 94952 (707) 789-0440 Mr. Tint 350 Kiely Blvd #5, San Jose, CA 95129 (408) 247-8468
  2. You take the L on here for 2017. <<----That will be my last response since you're grasping for straws.
  3. Shichon...Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu mix. This was the first day home at 8 weeks before we gave him a bath.
  4. I have a new puppy and is adorable as hell, but my lord I need a break.
  5. That was my reasoning for and reason I am out of the argument...another example of taking advantage of your customers just because you can. Got to get that extra heat rejection at the very top of your windshield...everyone knows that is the most dangerous part.
  6. I think you are fighting a losing battle. We are not talking about tinting a full car nor are we are not talking about tinting a full windshield...we are talking about a sun strip. Your argument works fine for the first two scenarios and I would agree completely, but not a sun strip. If you would like, I can have one of my guys call all the shops in that area to get a quote for sun strips...I am highly confident the going rate for that area will not be $125. Also as stated in the post, it is Formula One Pinnacle and is in Orange County, CA...just fyi.
  7. Thanks. Already took a pass because it is above our heads. I referred them to a large flat glass shop.
  8. It is like seeing two gasoline locations both with premium gas and one is $1 higher than the other. Why would you pay $20-$30 more to fill up when the gas is going to do the same as the other location.
  9. Unless you call all shops in the areas then you wouldn't know what areas you are higher or lower than...shops are all over the place in pricing. Even FL has higher priced shops in a market known for low prices. However I can't say who is less or more expensive than me in FL. There are shops here that start at $320 for standard dyed film, other shops over $1000 for certain films, and another shop is $600 for Suntek CXP. As far as the paint, my point is the work is on the same level and is top notch, so what the point of paying a lot more for the same. FYI, I stated $8k for a standard job...some of his custom work including custom made widebodies, hardtop to convertible conversions, RWB Porsche builds, etc is tens of thousands. With all that being said, there is nothing anybody is going to be able to do with a simple sun strip that warrants $125. I am sure if you no longer tinted and decided to pay someone for a job, you wouldn't pay that either. Just sayin'.
  10. Thanks guys
  11. Damn
  12. Tis the season.
  13. Got a Flexfilm warranty tomorrow. Had a nice couple of months with none.