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  1. Of wow, no I didn't see that video.
  2. Steamer here too. Like they said, it will only pull paint of poorly prepped paint jobs...the whole reason there is no warranty on aftermarket paint jobs. Our policy is to only remove PPF that has been installed by us since we do not know the condition of the paint when it was originally installed.
  3. Wow, leaving a lot of money on the table. As long as they can sell it right, they should see the reason to have it. It takes a little longer to shrink CS, but it is a beautiful film. It is the only film we carry that we had couple of customers walk back in just let us know how nice it looks.
  4. Oh wow, what lines you using before...only FX or FX/CR?
  5. What is your favorite film to install between FX and CS?
  6. Atleast Fusion got Llumar CTX...a lot of ATC's today.
  7. IMO I am a mix of all 3. I came from a retail management background with food management prior to that. So I run the shop very different from how a normal 12v or tint shop would run since I come from a very structured work environment. However, I was a 12v installer on the side with a constant interest in that field along with customizing vehicles. In the end, whatever makes my team the most money for the less amount of work is the win. You have to have a good balance between money and a happy team.
  8. Ending the day with a Ford Fusion.
  9. From past threads, it is a 1.5 mil.
  10. Lexus IS200T F Sport | 3M CS Carbon Window Tint
  11. Mini Cooper up in the morning with a brand new exhaust which stinks like crazy.
  12. Steel wool and distilled water. If still not happy, I would use vinyl to black it out if it is the small section behind the mirror.