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  1. Llumar DR25 is going to outperform N1040 or N1020 which is a closer shade. The Neutral series from Llumar has low reflectivity on both sides versus the Dual Reflective series has a higher reflectivity on the outside hence blocking more heat. 3M Prestige is going to beat both of them.
  2. If you are looking for Crystalline or Photosync level rejection, CTX would not be the best. It does a great job on it's own, but is a drop compared to them two which is why the price is less. I can't say which is better between Crystalline and Photosync since I have not gotten a sample of the Photosync to compare. It is a 2 hour drive, but if you are open to that for the quality, hit up Autoskinz in Valencia, CA...they do 3M. https://www.instagram.com/autoskinz/
  3. We do 1-2 Tesla S Models weekly usually in 3M Crystalline while some are in Llumar CTX Ceramic. We tint the windshields about 50% of the time on them and probably about 20% on the panoramic roofs. I would highly recommend getting the windshield tinted if you want to block the heat, but the panoramic roof is not necessary since it blocks a decent amount already. As for the hype of Photosync being the go-to for Tesla owners...Prestige jumped in at the right time and marketed their products to Tesla owners. Even coming up with a protector for the dash screen. It is just a case of people reading it is the best on the forums and running with it...hence you seeing it as the recommended option. I doubt anyone in our state is doing more Tesla S models than us and we do not offer Photosync.
  4. Yep, that rear quarter a B!
  5. BMW i3 | Llumar CTX Ceramic Window Tint
  6. They have good reviews. They have several discounts listed on Instagram, not sure if any of these will apply since the last one was 4 weeks ago. https://www.instagram.com/usfilmcrew/
  7. The rear window is very curved, so if installing a tougher film it will take time. Just did one in Crystalline 20 and it took 1 hour and 20 minutes just to shrink. Sides are easy.
  8. There is a shop not too far from me that has 2-3 bad reviews about making appointments and then not being there to open. I assume a lot of people in this business along with car audio started in this business. So many do not have the experience working at a large structured company where chit like that wouldn't fly.
  9. I am shocked to see how many people complain about tinting shops not being open on time. Comes up a lot.
  10. Like said before, all areas are different. Compared to GA, that AIR price is exactly what we charge for a windshield and the Pinnacle price is lower than other Formula One dealers here...typically closer to $360-$400.
  11. I believe Bait and Switch in this industry happens more than we think. As long as you are getting a darker shade (30-40), the coloring is very unique on Huper Ceramic and 3M Crystalline. Crystalline also has the 3M logo on that has to be removed, so you can ask to see the logo before removal. Also installation on these films are harder than other films. So when looking for a shop, make sure you see them posting up photos or sample vehicles with the film installed. There are Huper and 3M dealers that can't install those films. I know it sounds shocking, but plenty out there.
  12. I love it and honestly would not go with another film. Coloring is weird on the film though it doesn't bother me until you get to the 20%...that is some brown tint there. I had Crystalline 20 on my rear window and had to remove it. I ended up doing Color Stable 50 and a layer of Crystalline 40 on top to get to the desired 20%. IR is not mentioned on the forum much simply because TSER already has IR included. TSER is also recognized as the "official" heat rejection measurement. The problem with IR is it is subjective to the person...some people will feel a greater difference than someone else. So it is hard to have a level playing field when opinions are different. Llumar/Formula One does not recognize IR as being an important measurement which is why they do not list a separate section for it. The problem with 3M, sure it will be brought up, is the 97% is only a small portion of the wavelength versus Huper using all of it. If 3M were to use the whole wavelength, then that number would be less. IMO, I think why 3M focuses on that smaller amount is because that is what we feel the most of in the sun...so blocking more there than anywhere else. That is my guess though. I am with you and I believe IR is extremely important as it makes you feel more comfortable...that is a win for me. I honestly think this industry is just not changing enough to keep up with new technologies and some of the thinking is outdated. That is my opinion though.
  13. Good for that specific vehicle and film...it was more of a rant. LOL. A lot of curve and CR 20 is a PITA to shrink...thicker than 40 and up. Normal 40 and up is around 45 minutes.
  14. 1 Hour and 20 minutes to shrink the back window of a SL550 in Crystalline 20.