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  1. Had an interesting one today...CTX 15 on the sides and CTX 35 on the rear window.
  2. HOT Cheetos...on the real, Road House my movie.
  3. We charge more for harder/older vehicles...basically if it is going to take extra time. Besides having the occasional glue left here and there (which we charge extra for usually), we luckily do not get trashed vehicles since 99% of them are newer. If it takes you more time, then I would charge though.
  4. I would switch to MAC if they came out with a 17" screen version. There are 3 features that I have gotten used to that are now a requirement...17" screen, premium speakers, and backlit keyboard. I am using a 15" Lenovo right now and I feel like I am on a kids toy.
  5. WiFi not working, been using a wifi usb stick for the past month or so. Also the trim bezel around the keyboard is cracked from opening/closing. I normally buy Toshiba Satellite laptops, but they no longer make consumer laptops. Only issue I ever had out of them was a failed harddrive which is easy to replace. This time I got the HP Omen gaming laptop and it has sucked since day one even though it was twice the price I pay for the Toshiba's with the same features. I have never warrantied a laptop before, but due to the price it is getting warrantied. HP customer service has been great so far though.
  6. Just sent my laptop off for warranty repairs...2 weeks shy of it expiring.
  7. I have learned over the years that your goal should not be to cater to every customer base. You have to be okay when people choose to go somewhere else because they feel you are priced too high. As Jeff said, each and everyone of us dictate the price of our markets. The key is to make sure the customer experience in your shop, the installation quality of your work, the product quality that you offer, and the reputation you build backs up that higher price. You have to give the customer a reason to choose you first before the pricing.
  8. I rank it 50/50...you need both to be happy with your tint job over time. If the cleanest installation in the world is done with cheap film, then it will not last and could start failing within 6 months...this can go for "Ceramic" films too. If you are getting the highest quality film in the world, but the installation is done poorly then you will not be happy. I have recommended shops for several consumers on here...I always look for quality and reputation first. Once that has narrowed down the search to shops that seem to be on the same quality level, I then sort them by the film they carry. So if your husband thinks "tint is tint" then I am sure he has never had a higher technology film installed. Prior to being in the industry, I had several cars tinted from one shop with their base film which was Llumar ATC. Installation and film were good, I was very happy since my only concern then was appearance...I didn't know tint offered anything else. Now that my shop has been doing tint for 8 years, I can say there is a whole other world than just appearance. I would never go back to a base film even if I had to pay someone else. If you would like assistance in looking for a shop, message me your city/state and I can check out some shops for you.
  9. It is between the photo itself and my editing...there is no reflection on CTX. Here is a few more...
  10. Also wanted to add that Suntek CXP has a green hue to it where Llumar CTX has a blue hue which goes more naturally with the charcoal color IMO. Suntek CXP from another shop... Llumar CTX from us...
  11. CTX...Pinnacle has slightly higher heat rejection, but has a touch of green to it while CTX is a touch of blue. CXP has tons of low angle haze with several consumer complaints about it on here.
  12. I would chose F1 over it since those films have been in the field for a long time versus this one is a new film. Since it is new, there is now information on how it lasts. Plus there are no specifications anywhere I could find so not sure how it performs.
  13. Madico is a good film and Black Pearl HP/NR has been around for sometime. Black Pearl IR is a newer film which I can't find any specs on it online...not even on Madico's website.
  14. Assuming Formula One Pinnacle with Llumar AIR 80...if so that one. The other option is not a better deal, it is just a cheaper film so it would cost less.
  15. One of our guys is named Shane, so we call him 3 Shanez all the time.