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  1. Is 5% tint on the windshield reasonable?

    Why you guys feeding into this? He already knows all that, he was already told online. He's on here on purpose to get a rise out of people and you're falling right into it. Sometimes silence is the best response.
  2. Did I get a bad tint job?

    The more noticeable white areas look like dirt in the film which will not go away...the faint slightly bigger areas are water that has to dry. The windows in the first 2 photos need to be redone, the last 3 photos could just be water bubbles.
  3. Last one to post #853

    Probably which is sad cause they are a big company. Hell there is a company in my building's complex that sells/rents movie cameras. They are used in hundreds of movies and shows...cost is probably hundards of thousands. Yet they about passed out when we quoted them $1800 for tinting a bunch of inner/outer windows...like really b!tch?
  4. Last one to post #853

    That is the reason I hate doing flat glass quotes, too much work to not even get a thank you for the time. Just did one last week, they had someone else come out and quote, but didn't like them because all they gave them was a price with no information. Good thing with us is we give you the information, but never heard back...guess the $17k was too much for them.
  5. Last one to post #853

    Another weird one was also a Prius, the guy wanted HID Lights installed on his high beams while keeping his low beams stock halogen. So we are trying to explain to him having them on your high beam is useless unless you plan on driving with them on which can result in blinding people and getting pulled over.
  6. Last one to post #853

    Have no clue...when they first called they already knew what they wanted. The 2nd weirdest was a Prius that only wanted the top part of his doors...basically a sun strip for the doors that came down about 40% of the way.
  7. Last one to post #853

    Damn, that sucks. I think I have had my weirdest tint request today...2004 Civic with 3M Crystalline 90 only on the 2 front doors...the rest has no tint.
  8. Pic of the Week #575 Submissions

    Yes, the Crystalline 70 is the only one that has a blue...almost identical to AIR 80. Crystalline 90 is clear and the brownish color starts in 60 and down.
  9. We only double layer on our personal vehicles...really only offered it once because a customer just tinted his car with us, but wanted it darker. It was a brand new vehicle and we didn't want the risk of damaging the defrosters. Other than that, they have to pay to have it removed if they want us to retint it.
  10. Pic of the Week #575 Submissions

    I actually screwed up...it was Crystalline 50 and 70 on the windshield.
  11. Pic of the Week #575 Submissions

    Civic Type R with 3M Crystalline 50 on sides/rear along with Crystalline 70 on the windshield.
  12. As said above, results will be close, but I would say 5% will be a touch darker. It depends on the film too...Llumar ATC 20 is typically around 19 on the glass while 3M Crystalline 20 is typically around 13. Plus why tint a vehicle twice for virtually the same result of a 5%.
  13. Pic of the Week #575 Submissions

    Hell yeah, just because you said the word dookie!