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  1. Heat Box Display

    As long as it is a dealer ordering the product it should be fine. It is like me ordering a banner and I include Llumar's logo on it or the wrap on our shop truck. As long as it fits the guidelines and you're a dealer I don't think there will be an issue. Usually, a sign shop will have on the invoice that the consumer states they have permission to use the logos.
  2. Last one to post #896

    I was right about the Jaguar too...CS.
  3. Pic of the Week #594 Submissions

    The stuff behind the truck made me think the windows were busted.
  4. Windshield sizes

    Most windshields will be fine with a 36" roll and a 40" handling most of the rest. Every now and then a 60" will be required for the big boys along with bigger work vans, big rigs, and RVs. 36" - 80% 40" - 18% 60" - 2%
  5. Last one to post #896

    @jh812 You can submit those photos for the non-work related submission this week. It's so bad that it is far from window tint.
  6. Last one to post #896

    Cadillac got CTX, Lincoln got CTX, and Tesla got Crystalline. Jaguar can go either way...guessing Color Stable.
  7. Last one to post #896

    Solid day on cars...2018 Cadillac CTS, 2019 Lincoln MKC, 2018 Telsa S P100D, and a 2017 Jaguar XF S.
  8. Last one to post #896

    That's cause Johnny Cash was one temper, he was more emotionless so worked for Joaquin's bland nature. Only one whiter than him is Ethan Hawke.
  9. Last one to post #896

    I think DC has lost they mind. Most of their movies aren't great with the exception of the The Dark Knight series which IMO was only great because of Christopher Nolan. Now they are going to have 2 Joker movies with different actors...like WTF. Then to top it off, they cast Joaquin Phoenix which IMO is one of the most boring bland mayonnaise actors ever.
  10. Pic of the Week #592 Vote

    Labeled mine wrong, that is the Llumar Deluxe 15 Gray...that should be worth 2 more votes.
  11. Last One To Post #895

    Always love the CTS-V, especially the coupe. There are only a few domestic vehicles I would own, that being one of them.
  12. Last One To Post #895

    I swear we are getting more flat glass jobs now that we are quoting higher...just locked down another one.
  13. Last One To Post #895

    Look like we have another tint expert (Asdaven)...he has spent so much time here being indecisive about his own tint, he now is giving advice out to other consumers.
  14. Scratch on roof window

    Exactly! I wished when a car was brand new it was flawless, but the majority of the time that is not the case. We had a guy a few weeks with a 2019 Audi S4 I believe that wanted to walk the vehicle before we pull it back. As soon as we hear that request, we know this person is going to blame us for anything he can find afterward. We go out there and pick out 30+ imperfections including dips in the paint, scratches on the glass, scratches on a b-pillar, and scratches on the front bumper. I almost felt bad for the guy because he was in complete shock his car had so many issues. Glad we did, cause those scratches on the glass and pillar would of been our fault for sure.