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  1. DynamicATL


    Avery would most likely be a better quality film. Aegis is the only film I have seen to have noticeable dirt in the film on the roll. Saw it a couple of times back when we bought flat glass film from them.
  2. What you need is a darker shade which has nothing to do with the type of window film. Ceramic and non-Ceramic films come in darker shades. You just chose too light of shade...not the film's fault. The "Ceramic" part of the film has nothing to do with blocking sunlight...it blocks heat.
  3. DynamicATL


    We are only a few miles from Aegis and used to get tools there all the time. They have been struggling for some time keeping film and tools in stock. I have heard many local dealers say they never have the film when they call. We haven't picked up tools in months since they never have Olfa blades. I remember going to them 6+ years ago and the place was full of employees...they had a receptionist up front, tons of people in the offices, and people in the warehouse. They haven't had a receptionist in years and the last time I was there, maybe 2 people total in the building. The lady that was handling my order was struggling to cut the window film for an order when I walked in. She had to stop and go pull my order from the warehouse herself which took over 10 minutes. I peeked into the warehouse and most lights were turned off with not a person in sight. So I wouldn't be shocked if they have finally closed up shop. If I remember, I will swing by there tomorrow to see if they are open.
  4. DynamicATL

    What's Your Most Hated Thing To Tint?

    I think the amount of time it takes to do it versus the amount we charge makes it not worth doing. We would just prefer to tint the whole windshield than just a strip. I am partially biased since I think sunstrips are stupid looking unless they come from the factory. I cringe anytime I see them on a nicer vehicle...just looks cheap to me.
  5. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

  6. DynamicATL

    3M Ceramic IR

    We haven't, but I can on Tuesday.
  7. DynamicATL

    Wrap Installer becoming Tinter

    Contact Dragon Distributing...they carry SolarFX and Global window films along with tools. They might be able to help you with that.
  8. DynamicATL

    3M Ceramic IR

    Here is the 3M Ceramic IR in 35%...I'm loving the color at least on a gloomy day.
  9. DynamicATL

    Wrap Installer becoming Tinter

    Hello! I would see if you could buy film off your friend since you could grab just enough when you need it. Plus it will help him move more film. Other option is to check out Express films which do not require an account. The films are good quality that lasts. For quality, that is about as good as the price will get.
  10. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    I was just talking on another thread about Llumar price increases...guess what email I got today?
  11. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    No, I haven't run into anyone. My friend was at a restaurant in Atlanta and saw Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson when they were here filming The Internship. The mattress store at the beginning of a movie is a mile down the street from us on the other side...it is literally 100 feet from our old location. The last Fast and the Furious movie was also filmed on a huge lot right around the corner from us.
  12. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Yep, good show. Jason Bateman is good when he is serious...love Julia Garner that plays Ruth too. It is filmed in Georgia too, in season 1 they are at a taco place next to a gas station...that place is 1 mile from my shop.
  13. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Watching The Purge show...on season 2. Not bad at all, season 2 is better because you see what happens after the purge is done. I just got a new laptop since the keyboard stopped working on my current one. It was 4 years so said f it, get a new one. Now spending the day reorganizing the images, etc. Taking forever.
  14. DynamicATL

    Need Your Help Voting

    Yeah, I check it every few days and still is there. Based on their info it ended on the 1st at 5 pm.
  15. DynamicATL

    TintDude.com Does Not...

    It does, I have seen people on the FB groups complain about it. I honestly can't remember any specifics but do remember coming across that a couple of times. I think that we have had moments where it is our way or we talk crap to the person. Like someone coming in asking about 5% or 20% on the windshield. Just about everyone responding would hammer them about it being stupid and illegal. In the end, it is their vehicle, their money, and they are going to do it anyways. As long as one person states it is illegal and considered unsafe, the rest should skip over it. I like IG better for reaching since you can better target your audience. Plus nobody has to sign up...for the people that are not members of IG, they can still look at the page...click hashtags, etc.