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  1. Pic of the Week #584 Submissions

    Porsche 911 Carrera w/ 3M Crystalline Window Tint
  2. Opinions on Global films

    Some low prices right there for a Tesla 3...I would question the low price on the Global because of the vehicle. Either they never did that car or are desperate for jobs. We don't tint them, but if we did we would be at $1000 for CTX.
  3. Last one to post # 873

    Last one was CTX with windshield.
  4. Last one to post # 873

    Actually ended up so far with 1 CTX and 3 Crystalline...we have 1 more left at 4pm.
  5. Last one to post # 873

    Just had a guy we were just tinting 1 window on...we previously did CTX, but the dealership scratched it during service. The dealer is paying for it, we take it off and the glass itself is scratch. Now the customer has to have them replace it and drive around with one side window not tinted.
  6. Last one to post # 873

    Ours is a 2008 but will keep a lookout for it.
  7. Pic of the Week #582 Winner

    Must not have been a lot of competition for a German vehicle to win.
  8. Last one to post # 873

    Got a Subaru Outback, Kia Cadenza, Honda Accord, Ford F350, and Honda Accord...all full vehicles. Two of them are CTX and one is Crystalline, not sure about the other two yet.
  9. Best carbon ceramic film best price ???

    Absolutely, it is all about how you explain it. We explain that if the vehicle is sitting in the sun for hours, it will get hot in there. That the film is only going to slow the buildup which helps when the vehicle is only sitting there a short time. We focus more on how fast the A/C works to cool the vehicle down and the reduced amount of heat you feel while driving which means you're more comfortable. The heat lamp is a great tool but has to be used properly. In 2018, our entry-level film sales are about 10% with the majority being our two highest films. With all those higher-end sales this year (and previous years) I have never had a customer call back to complain about the films not performing as advertised. If a shop is having that happen, then they need to adjust their selling tactics cause the current way is not working.
  10. Best carbon ceramic film best price ???

    Honestly, there is not an accurate way to demonstrate heat rejection to the customer. There are too many variables once it is on the vehicle to duplicate in the shop...it is impossible. The heat lamps are about the best it can get when showing the performance of a film as long as you are not misleading them by saying this is the same as your vehicle. Numbers are great, but a lot of that goes over the customers head...they need something tangible to know what they are buying. So to all the people against the use of a heat lamp, please show me a real-world TANGIBLE demonstration that any shop can duplicate and easily demonstrate for a customer. IMO this does not exist.
  11. Last one to post # 873

    Always been a Ford fan for trucks, but at least they made the wheel well more rounded on the 19 Silverado. Never could stand that square cut over a round wheel.
  12. Air bubbles

    You mean water bubbles? That has to dry out...customer has to wait 1-2 weeks for it to dry depending on how often it is in the sun. This is Tinting 101...sooooo, yeah
  13. Last one to post # 873

    Rearranged our Lighting/Tinting sections. Really hard getting used to the new setup. We had too much space dedicated to the tinting/European plates...needed more shelving for lighting.
  14. Last one to post # 873

    One of the downsides of "Ceramic" being a popular word. Customers tend to think it is quality just because it is called "Ceramic".
  15. Last one to post # 872

    Got one 300 sqft I just quoted last week. She then wanted a breakdown by room...no problem, just reminded her she got a discounted rate due to the number of windows. So if she reduces the work, the rate goes back up.