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  1. What would you select??

    SolarFX IRFX would be a good option.
  2. What would you select??

    If you are looking for appearance only, the Xtreme is fine. If you want to block heat, then go with the Performa.
  3. Last One To Post #825

    My fiancee does that...tries to push through the headache. 6 hours later, she asks for pills.
  4. Last One To Post #825

    Had a full 2018 model day...Nissan Maxima w/ Llumar CTX, Mercedes C300 w/ 3M Color Stable, and Subaru WRX w/ Llumar CTX. Had a 2018 BMW M3 schedule today for CTX w/ windshield, but they cancelled. We also have a 2018 BMW 330i dropped off for tomorrow morning getting 3M Color Stable.
  5. Is this normal?

    Yep, no out of the way area for you to wait in a home setting. So more distractions and talking which slows down the process and increases the chance of error. This is why most shops won't let customers in the installation area.
  6. Is this normal?

    I am guessing in North Carolina? That is a hair stuck in the film, it needs to be redone. So minor specks here and there are normal as none of us work in a laboratory, but should be minimum.
  7. Last One To Post #824

    Same here, don't use tons of water so never had an issue. Need to get one of the large towels though.
  8. Last One To Post #824

    We have two of the Soakshields, but we haven't used them yet.
  9. Last One To Post #824

    Honestly even in that video it didn't do as well as the wick did in the other video. Left more water and that was after him pushing it in there multiple times to get maximum absorption. Not to mention when it picked up the second time before really squeezing it the amount of water dripping from it.
  10. Last One To Post #824

    I saw the original one with the water and the other video showing the 2 main ropes were the same weight. He said there Robert put up a response video or something like that, but haven't been able to find it.
  11. Last One To Post #824

    Yep, proof is there in the video.
  12. Last One To Post #824

    Only reason I am on those groups...entertainment. Got some bubble up Rayno photos up now too.
  13. Last One To Post #824

    I was hoping to get F1 so I could raise the price of Crystalline and offer Stratos a little less. The color of Stratos alone will be a big win over Crystalline. Seems like it won't happen because of another dealer that is 1 mile shy of the minimum.
  14. Last One To Post #824

    Assume to keep the customers cost down some?
  15. Pic of the Week #562 Submissions

    Honda Civic Si w/ Llumar ATC Window Tint chillin in the snow.