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  1. Last One To Post #915

    I got tired of people asking about it afterward, so we now quote $40 higher for those vehicles and we tell them up front about doing the Dotrix just to confirm they are okay with the loss of vision. We did it a couple of times after the original installation and it is just more work than just knocking it out up front.
  2. Last One To Post #915

    We just do the same as Mustangs, Accords, Sentras...do the Dotrix vinyl over that section. Ends up look so much cleaner with the only downside of the customer not being able to see through that section. Here is one of the Mustangs we did.
  3. Worth switching to 3m?

    Honestly, I always wondered.
  4. holiday special (black friday)

    Since we sell a lot of products, we are pretty busy on Black Friday. We have done a bunch of stuff from just offering discounts to having customers popping balloons to win free stuff. The last couple of years we skipped it and we were just as busy. I might do a drawing for a free tint job...they have to come in and purchase to enter.
  5. Worth switching to 3m?

    I try to stick to one size per film...Llumar ATC, CTX, and 3M Crystalline I have in 36" and Color Stable in 40". Crystalline is only available in 36" and 60" sizes.
  6. Worth switching to 3m?

    Longer shrink time for Obsidian and Color Stable...no ghosting or anything. I was told by the rep to forget Obsidian 5% since it is so thick, believe he said 3mil. Crystalline will require you to change your method plus you have wait 5 seconds after you heat to press out. The 200 layers in the film need to collapse down before adding pressure otherwise you will crease. Fingers are also an issue due to the thickness, so ideally need to let the car sit some before you let the customer take it. Below is a couple of videos of their trainer shrinking it...
  7. Worth switching to 3m?

    3M will get you some more foot traffic, but I mainly see the advantage of carrying 3M with Crystalline. Majority of the people that contact me looking for 3M are looking for Crystalline. You just have to get the installers used to the 3M films since all will be harder than your average film including a Ceramic. Obsidian and Color Stable are 1 ply films that are 1.5/2 mil thick. The good news is the pigment is added throughout the film versus having it in one layer. So this means the film will last longer and both come with a color change warranty. The bad news is they will take longer to shrink than a traditional dyed film. We recently tried out Obisidian to replace our Llumar ATC since it was a decent amount cheaper but decided to stay with ATC due to the longer shrink time...at least for now. Plus they have Nightfall coming out at some point which will be their Ceramic IR that will fill the gap between Color Stable and Crystalline. Once they have that, 3M will have the most complete lineup of any film...dyed, carbon, ceramic, and a film above ceramic.
  8. Whenever you're ready, you can call to schedule at 678-622-7144 or book online at DynamicAppearance.com or AtlantaTint.com.
  9. Problem with that is they are offering discounts for fake reviews and their reviews are still horrible.
  10. Damn, meant to put the .93 on the end of the price.
  11. Also if the Suntek (computer cut) option is Tint World, you definitely want to skip it. We have redone countless vehicles from their customers...2 in October alone. We even had a tinter come in looking for a job last week. He said he just left a Tint World and was like, the reviews are right the owner is an a$$hole.
  12. Llumar/Huper options are basic dyed films. 3M Color Stable will be the real nano-Carbon film between that and Suntek. It will also outlast Suntek and will have less low angle haze. We carry Llumar/3M in Norcross and have better pricing for both the Llumar ATC ($199) and 3M CS ($259)...this is for all side/rear windows and sun strip plus tax of course. DynamicAppearance.com
  13. Last one to post #914

    Where on FB? Would love a laugh if he is posting more BS somewhere.
  14. Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    We have a general disclaimer posted stating that we're not responsible for any damage from our services. We walk the vehicle and take photos of any damage we see. We generally do not let the customer know what we find unless we think it is something they are not aware of like scratches on the glass. As long as we have photos time stamped at the beginning, we generally feel confident in not having issues. The downside of walking the customers around their car is the more you find, the more embarrassed the customer could feel. Unlike doing it on a rental vehicle, it is their personal vehicle that they may be sensitive about. As far as windshields, we do not tint any of them with rock chips or other flaws.
  15. Pic of the Week #601 Submissions

    It was super clean too.