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  1. DynamicATL

    New Llumar IRX

    Yeah, I see some of the top dealers have it to play with to get feedback. I'm far from that since my 3M sales have dropped this year while my Llumar sales are through the roof.
  2. DynamicATL

    New Llumar IRX

    Nothing either...they need to hurry up with it.
  3. DynamicATL

    New Llumar IRX

    Any word from your rep on 3M CIR?
  4. DynamicATL

    New Llumar IRX

    Good good, just decided to spend less time online. You?
  5. DynamicATL

    New Llumar IRX

    Wassup hoes!! Llumar IRX feels and installs the same as CTX, just more IR rejection...up to 88% versus CTX being 69%. IRX performs on the same level as FormulaOne Pinnacle...each spec is basically 1% higher or lower. Eastman has setup IR films for all their major brands with the performance increasing as the brands get more prestigious. Suntek has CIR, Llumar has IRX, Huper/Autobahn has i3, and FormulaOne has Stratos. We have been moving IRX like crazy, even though we didn't have anything to show the customers. We just added the shades to the wallboard and updated the heat lamp to include IRX today.
  6. DynamicATL

    How do you guys do it?

    Most of our customers purchase Ceramic or Crystalline, so tinting the windshield comes up often when they are looking for heat rejection. I would say 60% of the time they ask for it, 40% of the time we promote it. We let them know if they are looking to block heat, then they should think about tinting the windshield because it is the biggest window in their vehicle. We let them know we have 50% if they are looking to add a little shade to it or up to 80%/90% if they would like to keep it clear. We then let them know that technically it is illegal to tint the windshield which is why we carry such light shades to ensure it won't be noticed. Our goal has always been to be honest, explain the pros/cons including it being illegal and let the customer decide for themselves.
  7. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

  8. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Retails for $100, but with the TD discount would be less.
  9. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Got a new product in if anyone wants some serious light output for your reverse lights...the VLEDS LPR Reverse Lighting System.
  10. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Just got done watching Summer of 84...it is about kids looking for a serial killer in the 80's, it was pretty solid.
  11. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Yes, season 2 coming out soon too.
  12. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Check out "Happy!" on Scyfy...thank me later.
  13. DynamicATL

    The Chat Thread

    Baby Driver was pretty good...I skipped it for a couple of years and finally watched it like 6 months ago.
  14. DynamicATL

    1984 Ford F250 Windows

    It should be much tighter, I would ask for a redo if they are sure they can do better on the gaps. If they are not confident, then ask for removal and refund.
  15. DynamicATL

    Best way to remove film?

    Bagging will be faster than the steamer, we only do the steamer when there is no sun for the backglass...we use ammonia though.