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  1. Best way to remove film?

    Bagging will be faster than the steamer, we only do the steamer when there is no sun for the backglass...we use ammonia though.
  2. 3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    From my understanding, it is made in the same place as the FX. Specifically, which manufacturing plant, couldn't tell you.
  3. 3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    Good to know.
  4. 3M Obsidian VS SunTek Carbon

    Our sample of Obsidian did not have a watermark. Most likely won't since it is not made by the same place that makes CS/CR.
  5. Nanoflex vs CTX and Crystalline

    Here is a list of Chinese Supercars...some have very good printed specs that could be better than it's competitor. However, I am sure most people will stick with buying Lamborghini, Ferarri, and McLaren. https://carbuzz.com/features/chinese-supercars-set-to-take-the-world-by-storm
  6. Florida does it again!

    High Volume doesn't equal quality...the highest volume shop I know in GA is a trash shop with horrible ratings. They just cheap with a good location.
  7. If you look at the specs on the Delta 35%, the exterior is 13% and the interior is 9%. Let's compare that to other brands...Llumar, the exterior is 21% and the interior is 13%...3M, the exterior is 13% and the interior is 7%. So it is much lower than Llumar and on par with 3M. Since there are not many samples online of the Delta, you can search 3M Night Vision 35 which can give you an idea of the reflectivity...keep in mind the overall color/appearance will be different.
  8. Heat display questions

    Halogen Bulbs work fine...my original Llumar display came with a halogen bulb, the new one comes with infrared bulb...my 3M display also comes with an infrared bulb. Having an infrared bulb will only benefit which displaying a high infrared rejection window film.
  9. Yeah same, second pic not sure but the other two was caused by them.
  10. Last one to post #929

    I just watched A Quiet Place last night which is similar, honestly like Bird Box better.
  11. Last one to post #929

    It's a pretty good movie...that says a lot cause I can't stand Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson.
  12. Last one to post #929

    Yeah, saw it on FB yesterday...it is an expansion joint so the bridge can flex...completely normal...the mechanism on the top of the section is what holds its.
  13. Last one to post #929

    Reading the reviews, apparently, he is one of those bait and switch tint shops. Advertises 3M on Groupon, tells the customer it is 3M on install day, then installs Rayno on their car leaving a scrap of film in the car with Rayno printed on it. He got a bunch of reviews like that including selling "Crystalline" that started bubbling a short time later that 3M determine was not Crystalline. The best part is the post on here, "From a Prius to a Bugatti and everything else in between!"...then post a generic photo of a Bugatti since they clearly never did one.
  14. Last one to post #929

    Chit, he was already one...we had a bad feeling that first day. A guy just showed up for tint, drove 30 minutes, and mad at us cause we are booked up. Like we gave you prices like 20 other people today, doesn't mean you have an appointment.
  15. Last one to post #928

    Got a picky customer talking about 1-2 minor dust specs per window. When he first came we knew he was going to be a headache. Already redid 1 window that most shops wouldn't do...didn't mention anything besides that 1 window. Now a week later talking about every window has them and sent photos. Nah brah, removal and refund. Plus his 2014 vehicle is trashed and worrying about tint.
  16. Help w/ tint darkness %

    50% is not going to be a huge difference, but the visibility will be cut in half. So say the stock glass is 30%, it will now be 15% roughly.
  17. Exterior windshield protection products

    Yep. Shops around me are charging $400 or so for it because the warranty covers the windshield being damaged. However, most windshields are that price or lower so...
  18. Help w/ tint darkness %

    Are you wanting to add a window film to the rear windows, but don't want to make it much darker? If so, the lightest possible option, so 70-90% would be the best.
  19. Last one to post #927

    So finally got around to trying Vvivid Headlight Films, it is the exact same film as Luxe. Luxe has an updated version now, but the original I was ordering from them is the same. Good news is it is almost half the price.
  20. Pic of the Week #606 Submissions

    BMW i8 w/ Llumar CTX Window Tint plus Llumar AIR 80 on the windshield!
  21. Llumar vs F1 pricing and performance question

    Llumar ATC is the same film as Classic and Llumar ATR is the same film as Comfort. Llumar CTX is the first generation Formula One Pinnacle. The current Formula One Pinnacle is the second generation. The main difference between these two is Pinnacle will have a touch more heat rejection and all Formula One films will have a transferable warranty. There is no current film called ATX. 3M Color Stable is a Carbon film which is an upgrade if you are looking at Llumar ATC or ATR. Llumar CTX or Formula One Pinnacle are Ceramic films that would be an upgrade from 3M CS blocking more heat.
  22. Taillight/headlight tint

    Haven't tried it yet, but same specs as Luxe and Luxe is as easy as it gets.
  23. Taillight/headlight tint

    They do wholesale, which is a decent drop in price.