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  1. just thought of that I have but I usually spray paint mine so I don't get my stuff mixed up with other tinters Awesome. I'll try that. Was gonna scrub or sand it off but wasn't sure if it was a good idea lol. Thanks!
  2. We use the silver spray master bottles too. They seem to last a very long time. They only issue I come across is when you get a new one and the writing on the outside begins to flake off. For a while I was getting the white/blue chips on my hand and some would end up in my tint jobs. Eventually it would stop. Ever have this problem?
  3. Every time I refill my bottles I pour some plain water in there first, shake it up real good then dump it out. I feel like if I do this then I don't have to do a major maintenance cleaning very often on my bottles which is usually me pouring warm water and alcohol in there. There is a thread on this somewhere. I recall reading it
  4. We use razor blades for sides most of the time. Scrubbies for the rear and sprayaway glass cleaner
  5. Honestly I'm not too sure about that. Mine is only slightly angled so perhaps its not a major issue. Plus I try to keep the shop as clean as possible, squeegee my peel boards and expose the film for the least amount of time as possible. I like them angled for trimming purposes.
  6. We did one a while back with zero issues at all. We got another one in a few weeks afterwards and after we finished the car, we turned it on and it kept say "key not detected". Luckily the customer dropped it off and came for it later. It got better and better after a while as it dried out (we used fans, compressed air & vacuum blowers to assist). Was almost 100% when I gave it back to the customer. Turned over the car to them and didn't hear anything back so I assumed it was good to go!
  7. Looks like a nice design. Personally though I like my peel boards angled.
  8. Been searching the internet and even the Global Window Film's website and still cannot find the answer. Can anyone tell me how long they have been around? I know it's been a while as I have used it on a few installs over 15 years ago.