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  1. CaliTINT

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    I been good bro! Just tinting my @ss off and living the dream lol!
  2. CaliTINT

    Paper towels

    They are expensive at $8 for a 50 pack but they are reusable. They are really tough also. I would use them to clean seals, etc. by sticking an old squeegee like a contour, ez reach, etc and jam in in there and it usually wouldn't tear through the towel every easily. Not sure where else you can get them
  3. CaliTINT

    Window wind guards remove em or leave em

    I always ask the customer. I did a car the other week with them and the customer said they are easy to remove and pulled them off themselves. Other customers said they were difficult or had DS Tape. In that case I work around them but hate them haha
  4. CaliTINT

    Tint Slime

    I believe they come in 2 other smaller sizes so you don't need to buy a whole gallon.
  5. CaliTINT

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    SUP BRO!
  6. CaliTINT

    Tint Slime

    I tried green, now on orange. Not sure which I like better.
  7. JEEP Wrangler Global QDP Ceramic 5% over factory privacy glass; 33% front (trying to avoid po po) and 80% windshield
  8. CaliTINT

    Lighting do you use cordless lights????

    Hardly use lighting inside to check or before installs. I do sometimes use a cordless light on the rear side windows or some quarter windows that have thick borders so I can see tint placement. That way I know I have enough tint all around. You know sometimes you squeegee and the tint moves then you have a gap? Yeah that's why I do it
  9. CaliTINT

    Paper towels

    I stopped using paper towels pretty much. I used to use the blue shop towels. Switched to these thick white towels (IDK what they are called) but they were reuseable for a few cars. Found them through Johnson's. I found that they were leaving too much contamination or breaking up. I switched to using micro fiber glass towels (tight weave, low pile) and I am not looking back. Haven't had any contamination issues since then . I was using paper towels to wipe my squeegee by the way
  10. CaliTINT

    New to the tint world.

    I second Global QDP
  11. CaliTINT

    Global film

    I haven't been using it for too long but so far so good! Great film at a great price point. It does take a bit of time to get used to as far as shrinking depending on which film you are used to using
  12. CaliTINT

    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    True, that is something I always do myself
  13. CaliTINT

    Wiping squeegee after each stroke

    I used to wipe 100% of the time. Maybe now 50% of them time and I don't notice any difference. Usually I tend to wipe more if the car is dirtier/older, of if I feel that I may have picked up some trash during a particular squeegee stroke.
  14. CaliTINT

    New Shop on the Block; MIA

    Did you already find a location? -I'll tell you one thing is to keep your shop clean, organized, and professional looking. Many of our customers that visit shops looking for quotes choose us simply because ours is and some of the others are not. -Choose a good film to offer -Get the most out of free advertising on social media and the internet: Instagram, yelp, bing, google, facebook, etc. Make sure you have enough capital to start-up and for the next several months for rent, utilities, insurance etc.
  15. CaliTINT

    Green turbo

    I've tried almost every color turbo or similar squeegee and they all suck IMO. Nothing beats the yellow