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  1. We offer dyed and hybrid and use hybrid as the upsell. Works great as most customers will purchase the hybrid over the dyed when I tell them it performs better. As far as shrinking, handling, and installation it's always been my belief and/or I was told (or read) that hybrid (and other metalized films) were harder to shrink and easier to ghost. But my experience sometimes tells me otherwise. I find myself having a harder time shrinking dyed films vs hybrid films on some cars. I think the dyed films I'm using might be possibly thinner which might be a reason? And sometimes I feel like dyed films crease easier.
  2. I love finding weapons in customer's cars.
  3. I just did my first one last month. Didn't know what I was getting into when the customer asked for a phone quote. I looked it up and quoted him. He did tell me it was the extended version but my dumb @ss under quoted him anyway. When it got here I was like DAM! I only did the back. It was easy to do but I would be happy with 4-450 for just the back next time
  4. DITTO. For the most part I no longer cut on the sides. Silver or gold sharpies rock!!!!
  5. We get about 40-50% of our new business from YELP. Its has done wonders for our shop. So no way is it a waste of breath. At least not for me an in my market.
  6. That's funny, I use Johnson and nobody in my area has ever heard of it. But 80% of my customers never really ask what brand film I'm using anyway. Perhaps that's because Johnson is from the LA area. Anyway, I'm wanting to switch films myself because I want something more reliable and well known but not one of the top brands, something in the middle. I've sampled Johnson ceramic and I too don't really care for it. I'd get a sample of it first if I were you because any ceramic film is an expensive line-up to add. You don't want to order an inventory of film and end up not liking it. I also started using SolarFX, mostly their Vintage series as my economy film.
  7. I agree. General Liability and Garage Keepers
  8. Did you respond to his review? Come up with a classic response that is still professional but that your yelp users can enjoy.
  9. We currently use cut/folded cardboard boxes made like large folders. Have one for each VLT and for each line of film. Works great for now!
  10. Thanks tintmieister, I really appreciate the info. I'll give the car a shot next time. On another note, you said you use Suntek? So I have used and been using other films like Solargard, Johnson, and most recently SolarFX. Been thinking about using Suntek but have read a few say it has issues with scratching, low angle haze (on some films), etc. What is your experience with it and do you recommend it? I just received the go to be a dealer from them. Thanks in advance!
  11. I use The Claw. Its a little pricier at around $100 but think after going through so many different lights it seems to be my best one so far. Also I like that its cordless