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  1. CaliTINT

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    Yes I do use the yellow Go Doctor on windshields too. But I use a yellow turbo on the sides of the windshield after
  2. CaliTINT

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    I assume you mean your cleaning right before you do an install right? When I first started I was trained to use the Unger. I ditched it simply because it has metal and potential for scratches car parts. I also use the yellow turbo for the sides of large windows and for small windows. I have tested out a few others and have chosen the Yellow Go Doctor as my g to cleaning squeegee.
  3. CaliTINT

    Window Film Brand to Sell?

    Global and Express Window films have been great in my experience as well
  4. CaliTINT

    New tinting business, how to gain clients?

    Social media? Do you have an ad budget? Probably the fastest way would be Groupon. But personally I'm not a fan of Groupon for this business
  5. Slip tape does work to an extent as far as protecting the tint but its much harder to correct a crease or blemish with it. Personally I have like 20 easy reach tools in my inventory and like others said, sand them down until they get a deep gouge and then toss em.
  6. CaliTINT

    Real world performance on Huper C40

    I have 80 percent installed on my windshield. I think it will make a difference but I wouldn't be so worried about measuring temp in your car. Just the real world feeling and performance. To me its totally worth it. If you have the funds for the increased performance, by all means I say do it
  7. CaliTINT

    Real world performance on Huper C40

    Here is my personal experience that I'd like to share. I installed "ceramic" tint on my vehicle as well. At first I thought "wow this stuff doesn't really work as good as I thought it would". I was still feeling a good amount of heat. Then one day my friend was picking me up and I jumped out of my car and into their car and I then I "felt" the difference. They had some regular dyed film. Don't base it all off that temperature gauge that you are using but with real world experience of how it "feels". My car does have the windshield done as well. I think its worth it even though its still allowing a lot of sunlight in. What ceramic does for me is really get rid of that burning, tingling, stinging, and uncomfortable feeling the sun gives when you are in your car. My second vehicle has regular film on the rear, ceramic on the front and nothing on the windshield. I feel the difference between both of my vehicles. eventually I will be installing ceramic on the rears and windshield.
  8. CaliTINT


    Yeah Global, I use it. Solid film and Express is a great distributor.
  9. CaliTINT

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    I been good bro! Just tinting my @ss off and living the dream lol!
  10. CaliTINT

    Paper towels

    They are expensive at $8 for a 50 pack but they are reusable. They are really tough also. I would use them to clean seals, etc. by sticking an old squeegee like a contour, ez reach, etc and jam in in there and it usually wouldn't tear through the towel every easily. Not sure where else you can get them
  11. CaliTINT

    Window wind guards remove em or leave em

    I always ask the customer. I did a car the other week with them and the customer said they are easy to remove and pulled them off themselves. Other customers said they were difficult or had DS Tape. In that case I work around them but hate them haha
  12. CaliTINT

    Tint Slime

    I believe they come in 2 other smaller sizes so you don't need to buy a whole gallon.
  13. CaliTINT

    Quality tintz is back !!!!!

    SUP BRO!
  14. CaliTINT

    Tint Slime

    I tried green, now on orange. Not sure which I like better.
  15. JEEP Wrangler Global QDP Ceramic 5% over factory privacy glass; 33% front (trying to avoid po po) and 80% windshield