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  1. Inspection routine/Damage waiver

    I always walk around the vehicle thoroughly with the customer and make notes, sometimes pictures. They do sign and acknowledge the damage and also what tint and shades they choose. I do worry about the stuff I miss and notice later. So far, no trouble. lol
  2. Places to tint

    I noticed you said that you need to get better. So are you still learning the tint trade? You may want to hold off on renting a commercial location to practice as I think most will require you to get insurance, then pay utilities on top of the rent. Not sure you would be able to sustain yourself if you are still learning. I've seen people like on craigslist who rent out extra garages but not sure if they will be ok with you working on cars inside.
  3. 2018 Prius Prime Rear window

    Yeah my first one I failed twice! Then I read a post here that said someone anchors down the middle. No need to shrink the middle area just the humps on the left and right. Don't worry about getting it to where the whole window lays flat. It won't happen as the film will keep popping up. Just get a good shrink in there and should be good to lay
  4. Bubbles on defroster

    I say sideways!!!!! I have poked the before on the defrost line as a last resort and sometimes use just a tad heat on the inside.
  5. Streaks Behind Brake Light

    Yup I always tint over them unless customer says not too. But if I do have to clean stuff like that or tight areas the slim foot wrapped in a thin micro fiber works for me.
  6. Bubbles on defroster

    Yup steel wool those things first. If for some reason you get a few that still pop up, I always squeegee side ways along the defroster lines. I feel like that air that is trapped in there is best removed by going side ways and not downwards like with a bull dozer. It tends to bunch up the air pockets and is PITA to get rid off.
  7. Window Tinting Gift Cards

    We use the gift cards from Square. I think you can customize them but we just bought the colored blank ones and placed our logo on it with a sticker.
  8. Tinting with gloves

    I don't touch the tint. Use a technique that allows you to carry it to the window without touching the tint side.
  9. Misting the air for cleaner work ?

    For the most part I didn't see much of a difference.
  10. Misting the air for cleaner work ?

    Used to do it to certain times of the year we would see more floating contaminants.
  11. Remove old flaking tint.

    I did one the other day and at that point had to pull out the razor blades. The tinting over it then removing sounds interesting if it works.
  12. Learning from dvd

    I bought those DVDs way over a decade ago and I learned a lot from them. I just didn't know anybody used DVDs anymore lol
  13. Smart cardz are my new fav
  14. Windshield tinting

    Most windshields on any car and stock windows have 70% VLT or lighter. It has been that way for a long time not just on the new Range Rovers.
  15. Windshield tinting

    I just looked it up and all I find is information about the new tint law being for medical exemptions only. I also tinted two cops windshield's a few months ago and they knew or thought it wasn't legal lol. I need look into it more or find the new Vehicle Codes somewhere. I'll let you know what I find but I still believe that doing a whole windshield is illegal in CA. But so far this is what I found on a website (not official though): Many states allow different window tint percentages due to certain medical conditions. Assembly Bill No. 1303 (source) has been approved in September 2017, allowing California drivers to apply for medical exceptions for tinting film. Previously you could technically get medical exemptions for sunscreening devices on front side windows, but any such devices were illegal to use during nighttime. Under new California window tint laws persons with medical conditions requiring shielding from UV rays can install clear, colorless and transparent material on any window.