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  1. CaliTINT

    Green turbo

    I've tried almost every color turbo or similar squeegee and they all suck IMO. Nothing beats the yellow
  2. CaliTINT

    Best way to remove film?

    To me every removal is different depending on the age of film, and the film itself. I typically bag and steam every back window (sometimes bag side ones too). Sometimes I don't need to bag, sometimes I don't need to steam. But I just do it as a precaution because you never really know what you are going to get until you start. Worst is when the film breaks into little pieces or the whole window is covered in adhesive even after bagging and steaming. I did recently learn a new trick (not sure if anyone has done this). I bagged a window and left it out in the sun. Removed the tint with steam but there was still adhesive all over the window. So I decided to try something new. I then sprayed tint off all over half of the window and re-bagged it and put it back in the sun. I gave it about 5 minutes, pulled off the bag and all the adhesive was pretty much liquified and wiped right off. No tough scrubbing was needed but I scrubbed it anyway to make sure it was all gone. The other half of the window I sprayed tint off and scrubbed as normal. It was PITA so to me that showed me that the trick worked.
  3. CaliTINT

    Exterior windshield protection products

    I wish someone would come up with a film that last longer! Maybe self-healing like ppf?
  4. CaliTINT

    insurance rate doubled this year anyone else?

    Late response but I have great rates with SF. I saved by switching to them and no doubled rates as of this year
  5. CaliTINT

    Aluminum Glass Stand

    Nice! Was about to rebuild mine but may just order one of these!
  6. CaliTINT

    Blade disposal

    I use the olfa one as well. For square blades I just take an old jar and pop a slot on top of the lid like a piggy bank.
  7. CaliTINT

    Florida does it again!

    Wow. I make it a point never to place anything (tools, boxes, etc.) on the paint except towels. I see guys place their spray bottles on top of cars paint all the time and it makes me cringe.
  8. Nothing available online that I know of. But Express has sent me literature with the latest marketing materials including shirts, flags, banners, wall/pop displays, etc. Ask them to send you some lit.
  9. CaliTINT

    Exterior windshield protection products

    Yes I appreciate their honesty. The scratches weren't super bad in the beginning. Its also that the film is getting cloudy and whitish and hard to see out of. I tried polishing a small section and it looked better. I'm gonna strip it off my windshield on reapply it and also put a ceramic coating over it to see if it improves the longevity. Was thinking of just offering this to Wrangler owners like myself since these vehicles are really easy to install on, use less film, and are very susceptible to rock damage.
  10. CaliTINT

    Exterior windshield protection products

    I wanted to do the same. They cost too much and don't last long. I bought a training roll and it was expensive! Put it on my Jeep and less than a year later it looks like shit! Talked to a company at SEMA and when I asked them how long the product would last he said about one year. That's not gonna cut it
  11. CaliTINT


    Depends. I normally do. But I did 2 sunroofs yesterday that required no shrink. They were on the new F150
  12. CaliTINT

    BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    I was using the 5" Blue Max blade. Used to use the Orange Crush but went back to BM. Then recently started using the Go Doctor but insert the yellow blade for cleaning
  13. CaliTINT

    BG Cleaning - Pull or Push squeegee

    I prefer to pull. I feel like I have more control of where the water goes. But I'm gonna try pushing on my next one and see what happens.
  14. Interesting. Never heard of this. I only use sprayaway for scrubbing the back window and cleaning seals and surrounding areas on the side windows.