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  1. Yup! When I used to work out of my garage or first opened the shop I was a hot mess always looking for stuff. You need to reduce your steps. I wasted so much time. Get a tool belt for starters. We also use a mobile tray or cart. Coming up with a process that is good for you takes time, trial and error. I'm not going to list every step I do but I always start off cleaning the exterior of the car and then deep cleaning the interior. That's just so I'm doing all those things in one swoop. Then develop your own process. Good luck
  2. CaliTINT

    Best advertise for business

    Some may disagree or hate Yelp but Yelp brings in most of our new customers. We used to not pay for advertising on yelp but when we started paying for ads our phone would ring off he hook and our inboxes full. Google is a great source as well.
  3. CaliTINT

    Brand New Shop Coming Soon!

    Very unique!
  4. CaliTINT

    Man "held at gunpoint by police over tint"

    This would have never happened if the guy just complied. I feel that he was baiting them and he definitely got the reaction he wanted. The cop that pulled the firearm did so prematurely IMO and over reacted too quickly.
  5. CaliTINT

    Scratches in adhesive

    I use Global and never notice this happening. I assume you are using a white hard card? I switched a while back to the Platinum Smart Card and it works well for me. Then I use Mactac for windshields.
  6. I've done a Nova a few years back. I don't remember the year it was. but yeah no border. I just told the customer that I can't get an exact fit and they were ok with it and happy with the job,.
  7. CaliTINT

    2018 4Runner BG shrink & panel removal

    Dang! I did one the other day and didn't even think about bottom loading it 😂😂😂😂
  8. CaliTINT

    Changing our film line up

    We switched to Global and love it. Only downfall as it just doesn't have that name brand recognition like some other films. So the very few customers that do ask what film we carry, end up going somewhere else. But I love the film and the price is right
  9. CaliTINT

    Ceramic tint, waste of time?

    Yup find a different shop! It's definitely worth it.
  10. CaliTINT

    Injuries while tinting

    I sliced about 5 finger tips between both hands while trying to remove a third brake light. Slide my hands across the edge and it cut my hands. I still had to do the job and a few more cars that day all bandaged up
  11. CaliTINT

    Micro scratches

    Low-angle haze from carbon or ceramic tint I would assume. If it is, that's something you would have to live with. Maybe someone owned it for a few days and got it tinted?
  12. CaliTINT

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    Yes I do use the yellow Go Doctor on windshields too. But I use a yellow turbo on the sides of the windshield after
  13. CaliTINT

    Best Squeegee To Clean

    I assume you mean your cleaning right before you do an install right? When I first started I was trained to use the Unger. I ditched it simply because it has metal and potential for scratches car parts. I also use the yellow turbo for the sides of large windows and for small windows. I have tested out a few others and have chosen the Yellow Go Doctor as my g to cleaning squeegee.
  14. CaliTINT

    Window Film Brand to Sell?

    Global and Express Window films have been great in my experience as well
  15. CaliTINT

    New tinting business, how to gain clients?

    Social media? Do you have an ad budget? Probably the fastest way would be Groupon. But personally I'm not a fan of Groupon for this business