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  1. insurance rate doubled with 0 claims ever??

    I switched to State Farm recently and saved a pretty good chunk of change.
  2. Windshield sizes

    I stock 30" also. Have done quite a few smaller windshields.
  3. Great color, no haze that I notice!
  4. Peelboard Size

    Agreed, if you can fit it get this size. That's what we use and it fits everything you mentioned plus 2 side windows side by side for faster trimming and peeling.
  5. Half peel question?? Top load

    I usually leave 3-4 \inches of liner on the bottom.
  6. Online training videos VS Physical training

    Both. Watch videos to get an understanding and visualize the concepts, paired with lots of reading/research, etc. Then get physical training so when you start, you hit the ground running.
  7. Back window on the new Honda hatchback.

    Gotcha, I will search again and ask my glass guys if they are able to get their hand on any. Thanks! Cool, thanks! I'll look again and also ask the glass guys for an update.
  8. Back window on the new Honda hatchback.

    I tried. I asked several local glass companies and they said an aftermarket glass was not available at the time (dealer only). I checked websites to order from the dealer and online and prices were $600+ and some also said not available to the public. I even checked a few junkyards. So are you telling me that there is an aftermarket glass available now? Did you buy one? Where? Last time I checked was maybe 3-4 months ago with no luck.
  9. Cut without adding extra

    That the way I was trained as well before Tintdude also. Saw the sharpie method on a video and I no longer do those cuts on a car
  10. Beveled blue max blade

    Same here. I started with Blue Max, tried Orange Crush and went back to Blue Max.
  11. Back window on the new Honda hatchback.

    There was a video of a guy who did this without removing anything. I tried his method and failed 3 times. My 4th attempt I decided to try and shrink it almost like normal on the glass. I was able to successfully shrink the film while it was underneath the bottom spoiler. I just put my tac line way lower very close to the spoiler and also taped up the spoiler to protect it. I did have to use a liner to draw a pattern at first. Not sure if I'm just going to take it apart next time or what lol
  12. Tesla Model 3 Window Trim Scratches

    Luckily I read someones previous post about how they are easily damaged. I put masking tape on them and I did accidentally bump the door. Thankfully the taped protected it.
  13. Yelp

    Kinda like on UBER!
  14. Help burnt plastic molding on mazda 3 2018 ?

    Yes I learned from experience myself that pretty much most Mazdas burn easy. So I always use a hard card to protect the vehicle while heating.